"If women's rights are not addressed squarely, we will be caught in a vicious circle of violence and conflict. On March 29, 2019, Angelina Jolie spoke for the first time at the United Nations Security Conference in New York on the importance of women's rights and gender-based violence.

Angelina Jolie delivers her first speech on women's rights and the importance of women's political participation at the United Nations Council of Ministers in New York on March 29, 2019.

In fact, this is not the first time that Holly has spoken out on the issue of gender-based violence. In 2015, she attended the African Union summit, where she said sexual violence against women was widespread around the world and that women should be involved in designing their solutions. In 2018, she visited the Headquarters of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels to call for a common fight against sexual violence. (Same show: Angelina Jolie: The victim is not ashamed, shameful is the person who hurt you)

As an ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, she is committed to promoting the rights and interests of women and children. She has also continued to work with UNHCR for the past 18 years. In addition to her commitment to charity and caring for refugees, she has also continued to promote anti-sexual violence-related campaigns, such as the establishment of the Sexual Violence Prevention Initiative in her capacity as Special Envoy to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the call for an end to sexual violence in war zones.

Peace talks between the United States and the Taliban regime in Afghanistan are in place at the end of 2018, raising concerns among many women. Because, since 2001, when The Afghan army backed by U.S. forces toppled the Taliban, Afghan society has finally been given some freedom. Now, those freedoms may disappear again.

In her speech, she stressed the need to involve women in important decision-making processes, especially in war zones.

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"People affected by the problem should be responsible for the solution to the problem - if this principle is followed, then most of the world's negotiators, foreign ministers or diplomats should be women." 」
"If we went by the principle that those affected by a problem be tha be in charge in the determining the solution, the ma Jority of the world's peace pace, foreign ministers, and diplomats will be women."

Then, in the real social situation, women's difficulties in politics, self-evident. Abuse of power, gender discrimination and violence all put women in a vulnerable position.

She added that, although women accounted for more than half of the refugee population, particularly victims of gender-based violence during the war, they were still excluded from the peace process.

"No country, whether it is Afghanistan or any other corner of the world, can achieve peace and stability as long as it continues to give way to women's rights." If we do not give priority to women's rights and participation, and do not place them on other issues, we will be caught in a vicious circle of violence and conflict. 」
"There can be no peace and stability in Afghanistan or anywhere in the world that-the-world-at-the-sat-al-hasting sit-out-of-the-right women. Worse, still, we imp unity for crimes sssss and girls in conflict."
"As long as we can can to put almost every every every do s on the women's rights and the event, we will remain stuc ahead k in a cycle of violence and conflict."

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She believes that the United Nations was founded to resolve disputes by peaceful means. She says she is a patriot who loves the country she is in and wants to see the country prosper. She also believes that the United States is a part of the international community, and that if the nations of the world can work together on an equal footing, it is the way to reduce conflict.

"The joint efforts of the state on the road to equal rights are how we can reduce the risk of conflict. 」
"Countries working together on equal footing is how we reduce the risk of conflict.

"Focus on making the United Nations effective and closer to the lives of citizens, not abuse." 」
"It is all in our interest for the UN to make to make an effective, brought closer to the lives of citizens, and not ever ever, "she added."

"If a country believes that all men and women are born equal, but it cannot defend these principles for all, it cannot be true to its own beliefs." 」
"A country that believes t all men and women are born free and equal cannot be true to itself if itdosn't't't e principles for all people, wherever they live."

What do they do with the sexual violence they face?

Why do we have to pay attention to the sexual violence against women in other countries? In terms of distance, women in Afghanistan and women in India are far away from us; (Extended reading: Indian bus wheel violence case, prisoner defense lawyer: "Women are sex in men's eyes." ( ) ,

On November 25, 2018, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released statistics showing that in 2017, about 87,000 women were killed worldwide, of which approximately 500 00 people - 58 per cent of the total - were their partners or family members. That is, every hour, six women are killed by people they know.

Gender-based violence can occur both in public and non-public situations, as small as family, community, as large as institutional organizations, countries, cultural situations, are the scene of gender-based violence. - The province of the international gender-based violence prevention and control pointer, Zhang Jinli, Yan Yuru

Sexual violence does not stop only in a person or group of people. As long as the structure is still there, as long as sexual violence occurs in any corner of the world, the issue will never be resolved. (Recommended reading:"Sexual violence is not a women's issue, it's a human rights issue" "Vaginal monologue" women's rights fighter Eve's only speech excerpt on stage)

"I didn't realize how violent sex crimes were until I became victims. Even if I thought I knew, I didn't understand how destructive it would be. BlackBox: The True Confessionsof Victims of Sexual Violence, Ito Poem weaving

Why do we have to pay attention to the sexual violence against women in other countries? Because sexual violence in women, or the kinds of discriminatory shackles imposed on women, is not a personal problem, but a social structure. What is problematic is not only "violence" but also "gender-based violence".

Women's rights are part of human rights. If we condone and ignore, if we do not work together to face the situation, then gender-based violence will occur again and again.