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Always stay in your familiar environment and let you miss out on the fun things you've missed?If you look at the world with a specific perspective, does it make you miss out on the opportunities?

In a series of forest areas in Africa, hippo causes human death far more than other animals.

Before leaving for Kenya, I read from the book that the adult male, although weighs more than 7,000 pounds, has run very fast.In a huge dental bed, the vast canine teeth and toothies are the most powerful assets of the world.Rivers are highly-located animals, ranging from two to 150.

In the Tsavo National Park in Kenya, a hippo is standing alone at a shallow water, 40 feet away from a group of heats.Unlike the public, the grey-colored pink skin is lit up, and the neckline is pink and pink, and it looks like a white, white, white, white, and white skin.

I stood in front of the hippo group and posing as a friend for me.Others travelling through the hot sand continue to trek.When we turned and left, the hideaway from the hideout hit a big yawing and show huge teeth -- that was a declaration of war.

I quickly snatted my camera and stuck it in my face and looked through the lens.Under the pangar-shaped nose of a riverhorse asphalt, the enlarged and aggressive form of the throat, the bigger and bigger the throat, the more he is.I have not looked at the eyes of the river with eyes and eyes, and the attitude of the people is firm. It seems like, " You are bold!"

My heart is hairy.

The hippo continues to call several long and persistent calls, but our team continues to move forward.At this point, the big thing came straight towards us.

Go!" Our leader, Makau, called.The

groups run around.But I didn't move, and I wanted to get the last picture.
thick legs of the "
" of the "Rivers" of the river have jumped, and the water is splattered everywhere.I looked at the approach, and I clicked twice.At this time, a guard stood in front of me, clinging to the cheek and pulling the trigger.I've never heard the sound of a gun, but I don't want to hear that sound any more.

In front of the guards, the hippo is stopped, and the string of beads is dripping from the skin of the mammal.Several long-strings of water droplets are pegged to the lower jaw of the water, and the summer rainstorm appears to flow from the canopy.The hippo is still standing there, staying in the eye and watching us.I looked back and looked at it, and I felt ashamed for being infuriating.

I'm going to walk away with someone else.On the other hand, I was walking in a scared silence, and I was thinking, "What do you mean by this strange feeling of danger?"I think it should be a kind of understanding that "nothing can go into the tiger's den" and "not gain the tiger's".

I always think that I am a "good girl" and follow the rules and not take unnecessary risks.And yet, as I went through the big sand in the park, I began to wonder: What else was there to take a risk in my life?

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