"Our Distance from Evil" airs in Episode VI, and the unheralded director, Should-Cong, breaks into the kindergarten to promote a sensational social news. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia and the whole family was in disquiet and fear. Sister should be happy to ask: "If he has cancer, will it be better?" You may not understand what a mental illness is, but as a family member, it is to see you in pain and pain, before going out to face society and willing to work together.

My brother, he, seems weird.

"Our Distance from Evil" is an indiscriminate killing that opens up a variety of social issues. In addition to exploring judicial justice and human nature, it goes deeper into various family relations.

There is a perfect fiance, have their own career, the nature of outgoing and cheerful should seem to go to the victory group of life, but God at this time threw to her a shock bomb: your brother, he is very bad, must pick him up "home".

From the beginning of the move into the house, Si Yue began to notice his strangeness. He filled the windows of his room with newspapers, never-stop, fantasized about listening devices, and even took a knife, suspecting that his roommate, Li Dazhi, was someone to spy on him.

"He's just under a lot of pressure. Si Yue tried to comfort Dazhi, but his voice trembled, more like comforting himself.

Until the news media broadcast should si Cong broke into the community kindergarten, "narrow holding" children all night, causing parents and nearby residents panic, should be in a hurry to rush to the police station, and then bear the pain to send his brother to the hospital for psychiatric treatment. She began to find herself having to face up to the problem: "We don't seem to care about our brother" or "what happened to him, we don't seem to know."

In fact, there is not only one "psychopath" in our family.

Should Si Cong's diagnosis of a diagnosis, thinking disorder, commonly known as schizophrenia, should be the family into the low tide of despair. That's when we began to pay more attention to their particular family situation: Si Yue and Si Cong had a half-sister". As the problem festered, the aunt spoke the most, complaining to her father about the state of the family, pointing out that she "can't take care of a mentally ill patient" and trying to protect the existing peace.

As viewers, we can't help projecting that the problem of this home should be an extension from this stepmother. But i don't know, should be dad at this time brought a more shocking news.

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Should dad revealed that should be the family is not the first "nervous", as early as his mother's generation, the family backyard is locked in a mad aunt. He had seen her running around in a snoist, but knew it was the secret of the whole family and no one wanted to talk about it.

This story brings out Taiwan's "home" field is often hidden in nature. Home is closed and repressed, home ugly can not be raised, the dark side of the family, can not be shared, lack of discussion, lack of the possibility of being solved. The ugliness of the family has been locked in the house, for generations to draw the entire family of people.

Lin Yijun, a psychiatrist in the play, reminds that mental illness does have the potential for family genetics. The trauma of the family is not seen, unwilling to communicate, the previous generation to escape things, locked up the mad woman, her crazy gene, inherited to the body of should be siCong.

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And we can soon find that the stepmother "auntie" is not the cause of harm to the children, she is just a care for the father after half a life of ordinary woman, she has her concerns about the ordinary thing. So, she always willing to undertake the transformation and burden of this family, because there is love.

Her appearance suggests one thing: blood is not the focus of "complete one home". In the whole play constantly vaguely revealed "who wants to be the murderer's parents", "who wants to be the mentally ill brothers and sisters" of the public fear of the heart - the back of the hate, attributed to blood-spit, want to cut relationship with the blood relatives "different" - this with the family is not related to the "aunt", but may be one of the members of the family to support the disease.

Crazy aunt will be crazy virus to the whole family, do not face, is a bet, bet to see which generation of people are ready to attack again?

However, we know that the inheritance is not necessarily crazy "virus", but the wound that is not seen. Blood lineage said that should not be an excuse, pathological irresistible factors, this is only let us run away from the trauma of powerlessness.

From the hallucinations of Should Cong, gradually crooked appearance, you can see how he can bear the whole family has been hidden scars: don't escape, I am very painful, this family is willing to love me?

"If it's cancer, wouldn't it be better?" 」

But if this injury is buried deep, how difficult is it to face it again?

"Wouldn't it be better if he had cancer?" The question of despair is what is mental illness? To accept it is so difficult, life seems to fall into a deep black hole at once. In the face of stepmother's doubts, the difficulties of caring for his mentally ill brother, the perception of the family of a man in a future marriage, too many checkpoints have hit the family, the father at this moment unable to cope with a heart attack;

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After being told the news of his father's hospitalization, like a sudden return to "humanity", he tried to spit out only words: "How bad is he, I'm going to see him." Like a child, straight words, soft and heartbreaking.

The camera turns to the hospital bed and we see their father and son holding each other's hands and saying we're going to get better together.

This scene seems to imply that "sickness" is the same. Heart disease or mental disorders are both diseases that need to be treated. But the stigma of the society for mental illness makes the road to recovery seem long.

"If it's cancer, wouldn't it be better?" This sentence is actually in despair, but also with hope. That is, I know you're sick, I may not know what it is, but I see your pain, my heart is also very painful. As family members, we have nothing until we understand knowledge, but we have love.

We can continue to find that should be happy to say this sentence, not because she is unwilling to face her brother's illness, but she is afraid that the community is not willing to accept such a home. Many times this is the case, before we accept the break-up of our families, we are dealing with the social vision outside our homes. This social habit divides "problem family" and "normal family" and divides you and me - you are not normal, I am normal.

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"Are you willing to accept my family?" As she prepared to move on to the next stage of her life, she asked her fiance timidly. And Kaizi was handsome at this time told her, "Your brother, is my brother." Let us see the soon-to-be-formed marriage family, the love of two people, how can support the strength of the existing family, lighting up a light in the play.

Of course, this is only a start, their family will not be smooth from now on, we can even predict what marriage difficulties should be faced; Just, most importantly, they never give up on each other.

Yes, it's not a good situation, but we still see their whole family gather at their dad's bedside to eat and form a circle. It's a few ways out of the family that the show constantly insinuates and wants to offer to this society - we acknowledge the disease, we accept it all, and then face treatment together.

My brother has schizophrenia, but he is my brother. Either way, we will work together before we get out of the house.