Animation big studio Pixar has announced 12 constellations of their respective animation characters, Scorpio why is the "brain sharp turn" in the worry? Why is Cancer a Dolly in "Under water" ? What are the associations between these animated characters and each constellation? For you to include and introduce 12 different characters in 12 different animations, let's see which character you are!

We all love to see animation and stories.

In addition to the long-known "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Sleeping Beauty" and other traditional fairy tales, we also like "Superman Special Forces", "Under water mobilization" such as animation stories, we see from animals, plants, small people have their own experience. In real life may not have the limits of instant change, animation helps us to practice the mind of hope. Through the surreal interpretation of animation, to meet the heroic dream that once buried deep in your heart, as well as the fantasy of the sky.

Animation studio Pixar recently unveiled 12 constellations of their respective animated characters on the official IG, giving the characters more links to the audience. Sharing with you the characters that make up the wonderful animation are embedded in the heart of the character, and perhaps you will find yourself as unique as the characters show, as unique and as compelling.

Aquarius: Wally/Wally

I don't want to just live, I want to live meaningfully.
- "Wally"

Photo: "Wally"

"Wally" is an animated work by Pixar Studios in 2008 that appears to tell the love story of an old robot, "Wally," falling in love with the modern robot Eve, but actually wanting to talk about "loneliness." When we fall into the loneliness and loneliness that no one understands, good danger and the existence of such a person / thing / thing, let us believe that we are worthy of love, worthy of understanding, so we from that loneliness quenched the ideal, did a great thing they did not think of can be accomplished. And what drives us is love and hope.

The aquarius, which is always considered strange and unusual, is in the same situation as Wally. Although the unique aquarius is difficult to understand, but in fact, how do you need most people's approval? You're just like Eve, you can see through every look you have, understand every other of your strings, and understand every idea you have.

Pisces representative: Mr. Nail Pants / Toy Story 3

Although I am strong, but sometimes I still need someone to hold my hand and tell me that everything will be fine.
- Toy Story 3

Photo : Toy Story 3

In Toy Story 3, a new character appears in "Mr. Nail Pants." He is a gentle and good-to-do hedgehog doll, low-pitched voice, always wearing green sling shorts he loves art and performance, but also has a rich artist's atmosphere, often exudes melancholy, small details of the characteristics. Although Mr. Nail pants in a joyous view of the "sentimental" character representative, but from his youthful vitality sling shorts, it is not difficult to see that he has his own childlike and romantic, only in daily life occasionally forgotten.

Pisces is a sensitive person, full of your own set of insights about the things around you, coupled with a love of romantic nature, you are prone to falling into a worrying situation. People say you drill the tip of a bull's horn, but you know you don't think too much because you care too much. At this time may wish to change a representative of "do yourself" clothing, let oneself from thinking too much of the frame to jump out, you know, in fact, want more, it is better to directly launch action!

Peony Representative: Miss Rhodes/Monster Power Company

A while's companionship, often can leave a lifetime of memories.
Monster Power Company

Photo: Monster Power Company

Miss Rhodes, who has a high level of working ability, was behind the smooth operation of Monster Power, ostensibly an executive at Monster Power, but also the head of the Children's Detection Authority. But with a high level of work ability, Miss Rhodes's temper is also a bit hot, very much for speed and effectiveness, but also because of this personality allows him to work in the future, to achieve the goal.

As a member of the Constellation of Fire, You have your own "easy to light" indeterminate bomb, especially unacceptable for emergencies that are not in the scheduled arrangement, because as long as things can not be controlled, Aries can not ensure the quality of work. You are very demanding of yourself, so you can do your best to achieve your goals at work. Through Miss Rhodes's story also want to give a little reminder, do not devote themselves to work but forget life, how to pursue efficiency at the same time to make themselves happy is still very important!

Taurus Representative: Little Tease/Wonder of Heaven

"Happiness, not long-lived, not big fish meat, not hold power. Happiness is the fulfillment of every tiny wish for life. When you want to eat have to eat, want to be loved when someone comes to love you. 」
- "Miracle steam outside the sky"

Photo : "Miracle skit"

"Miracle outside the sky" is an adventure story about the fantasy journey, dream ingested to South America, Mr. Carr and the innocent simple Luo, a combination of old and young make this journey add a lot of fun, in the journey they met the lovely loyal dog teasing, and with xiao Tease set out to embark on a dream-hunting trip.

In our life, have had such a friend, he attaches importance to friendship, when you need help in time to appear, willing to accompany you to face all difficulties. And Taurus you are having these qualities, you put friends as important, but also able to make friends with people, trustworthy existence. Whether you have received such thanks or not, you must believe in their own value and ability, can have you as a friend very lucky.

Gemini Representative: Hahidlin/The Bug Crisis

Butterflies can't see the color of their wings, but people know how beautiful they are;
- "The Bug Crisis"

Photo : Bug Crisis

Among the best animated works in recent years, the 1998 Pixar-Disney joint animation "The Bug Crisis" is not a recent work, but it still contains many interesting observations. Through the action of insects to defend their homes, we can understand the concrete realization of the "great solidarity force". An insect may be weak, but as long as we get together and move in the same direction, it may be more powerful than anyone can imagine. Among them, the optimistic and cheerful "Hakherin" is the group of pistachios, fat body also won the audience's favorite.

Twins in the group is often to drive the atmosphere, bring laughter to the people, but in addition to optimism, it is often said that the twins are elusive, fickle. What they don't know is that the twins enjoy the moment more than anyone else. Unpredictable? It's because you focus on the present and feel life with your heart. Fickle? It is because the times are changing, happy to live in the present you choose to follow the times change, between change and change play taste life.

Cancer Representative: Dolly/Underwater Mobilisation

Do you know what to do when your life is in a bottleneck? Just keep swimming!
- "Underwater Mobilization"

Photo: "Under water"

Although "The Underwater Mobilization" is a living story of the underwater world, it is also very similar to the real life of mankind. We will also feel the same fear, frustration, happiness, happiness and other emotions, but in any case, as long as we muster the courage to find their own set of survival rules in the world, take good care of themselves, good love, you can break through fear, grow into a better look.

Cancer you, like dolly in "The Underwater Mobilization" as optimistic, good to get along with, but also because such a cheerful personality let you in life often show big, forgetful,
But why not? You will still meet every challenge in your life with positive energy. At the same time, eager to achieve stability in the relationship, you will also use such optimism to wait and operate every relationship.

Leo representative: Lightning McQueen/Automotive Mobilisation

At the end of a few moments, I'll make a decision.
- "Automotive Mobilization"

Photo: "Automotive Mobilization"

If the car can talk and have emotion, it becomes a story like "The Car General Mobilization". A "car" as the main body of the story, telling the original cynicism, except for the car everything is not concerned about the protagonist "Lightning McQueen" after losing a race, arrived in a remote town, and in which to learn to master the self-energy, care for the people around him, slowly reduce sharpness, learn how to respect, and friendly with others.

The Leo, who loves to lead and master the whole scene, has the same personality as the lightning McQueen in "The Automotive Mobilization". Such "natural leader" character may also encounter interpersonal relationships and self-relationship bottlenecks in life, together from the history of lightning McQueen's growth, learning can be applied to their own mind. In addition to being a capable leader, a lion can also be a guide to everyone's emotions.

Virgo representative: Xiaomi/King of the Rats

The only predictable thing in life is that the world is hard to predict.
- "King of the Rat"

Photo : A photo of the King of the Rats

Take away the colored glasses of the mouse and walk into the kitchen scene constructed in the animation of "King of the Rats". Rat protagonist "Little Rice" with a keen sense of smell and superb cooking, to help the human protagonist "Little Forest" repeatedly create a dish, the two protagonists together to train cooking, together to the top chef road. Of course, in the process of collaboration, there are occasional disputes and conflicts, but also let the two protagonists understand the importance of each other, a cross-species friendship dream story.

Perhaps no one is better suited to represent the character with Xiaomi than you in Virgo. Xiaomi's "detail-oriented" and "step-by-step" personality are similar to those of Virgo's often considered "turtle hair" and "nitpicking". Virgo can't accept what it looks like in your eyes, and you'll do your best to remove these obstacles, but in the process of removing it, you may also ignore the feelings of others. From the "King of the Rat", the virgin can learn the thing is "the only thing that life can predict, is the world is difficult to predict." With careful posture, keep open-minded to meet more possibilities!

Libra: Merida/The Legend of Courage

As long as we have the courage, we can find that the master of fate, is in fact our own.
The Legend of Courage

Photo : "Brave Legends"

"Brave Legends" jumps out of the general fairy tale, the princess is always waiting for others to save the weak image. The main character, Princess Melida, doesn't want to be in the traditional frame and live a life she doesn't like. He wants to live the life of "Melida", not the "princess";

Melida's courage and intelligence are just as brave and optimistic as they are. Libra you often think, "Why can others, I can't?" You don't easily bow your head to the personality, let you challenge the limits of yourself again and again, and create results that you may not have expected. You have a drive for life, in the struggle for the ideal at the same time do not forget, take good care of the people around you, that will be you can be free to mind, focus on becoming their first step.

Capricorn Representative: Minibus/Dinosaur Home

If you don't experience fear, you don't really live.
-Dinosaurs In the Home

In pictures, "Dinosaurs Are the Home"

If a meteorite hadn't hit the earth and dinosaurs had been able to coexist with humans, what would it have been? The 2015 adventure animation "DinosaurS" is a story about the encounter, knowing, and keeping the dinosaur's main character, "Aro", and the original character "Baby". In that country full of unknown, weak meat strong food, the timid Arlo met the human minibus, two easily afraid children, transformed into brave face of difficulties of the "adult", but also with real life, our growth process is very close.

With the caution of Capricorn, you are sensitive and cautious, with a lot of mind but little to say. Also because you are not good at expressing emotional relations, your circle of friends is difficult to enter, close friends may not be many. But you still have a quest for yourself, still in a critical moment to jump out, in order to survive or ideal, and strive for their own struggle. Such Capricorns retain a childlike heart and are very focused on the target, much like the brave minibus in "DinosaurS Home."

Scorpio Representative: Worries / Brain Turn

Crying can make me stop and feel the setbacks and difficulties I encounter in my life.
- "Sharp Turn of the Brain"

Photo: "Sharp Turn of the Brain"

In "Brain Turn", the human brain is controlled by five emotions: happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, fear, and anger, and every decision and behavior of us is affected by these five emotions. The film's main character, Riley's brain has long been dominated by the master of the happy "Le Le", the story from the brain of the five emotions each produce a slightly out of control, let us see how to face their own different emotions, accept their own imperfections. (Recommended reading: To the heart of the child "brain sharp turn": growing up on the way we pick up all the way, all the way to discard)

Mysterious, often pessimistic view of things, Scorpio if into an animated character, that is absolutely not "worrying" is no longer. Scorpio usually does not easily reveal their emotions, even if feeling sad also used to suffocation in the heart, but from the "brain sharp turn", Scorpio you can see from it, every emotion has its existence of the need, the next time feel sad, if you can not digest, you can also try to see the heart of the heart, soothing the boredom.

Sagittarius: Cool IceMan/Superman Special Forces

Respect for life does not mean cowardice, and disregard for life does not mean strength.
- "Superman Special Attack Team"

Photo : "Superman Special Attack Team"

How powerful is Superman when he is no longer a person, but a family? "Superman Special Attack Team", each family member has the super-ability, but also in the critical moment to play their own ability to jointly fight crime, so that the power of Superman to play to a great. In addition to the Superman family, their friend "Cool Ice Man" also plays Rakuten, love of freedom in the film, with the Superman family to spend super-power to ensure the safety of the city. (Recommended reading:Superman Special Force s2: Housework, is the hero's mission)

Extremelove for freedom of Sagittarius, like the cool ice man general humor, cheerful, attention to friends. Although you are often misunderstood as "inappropriate" because of your playful personality, you will definitely do your best to help if your friends need it. Freedom-loving you also attach great importance to physical and mental freedom, unless you want, you will not let anyone limit your freedom, all the restrictions, because you want, so willing to bear.

While watching animated movies, we can jump out of the limit, find characters close to ourselves, and play to the full potential of the idea. But constellations are used only as a reference, and more importantly, we gain strength from our characters, or even stimulate inspiration, so that we can live to be more comfortable. Only in this article dedicated to the child's heart of you, take good care of your inner child, grow up at the same time still maintain a pure view of the world!