You always laugh and say nothing, pretend that you are not sad, hypnotize their own "pretend for a long time one day will come true"?

For the heart hurt you, select five healing books, through the writing and finishing of words, we see that previous generations have had the same experience, we find ourselves not alone, we once again from the book to get forward the power, and gradually believe that the world still has light, we must let the light in.

Heartbroken voice who has heard, no one can escape.

It is often said that it will hurt to grow up. But the wound is bleeding you, in fact, curious whether those people have experienced really unbearable pain, and there are too many ways to heal the pain, but do not get rid of the "face the problem" of the core concept. This time we will see the same heartbroken experience from the experience of previous generations, face up to the problems and actively try to solve them. The text is a feather, seemingly light but can really soothe the wound, for the heartbreak of your book selection, make a cup of tea together, and healing text swallow belly, from the body to grow the strength to cheer up again.

For the women's plight, choose a black box: the true confession of a victim of sexual violence

The heartbreak of the victims of sexual violence is the glass bottles of debris strewn across the ground, with a transparent gesture, while reflecting the truth and the hurt.
Black Box: The True Confessions of Victims of Sexual Violence

"Black Box: The True Confessions of Victims of Sexual Violence"

If gender is not a limitation, why are you treated with uncomfortable speech and limb in a male-filled workplace? Women's rights may be moving forward, but not enough, and even if the truth is heartbreaking, you're trying to push for change before gender is really equal.

"Black Box: The True Confessions of Victims of Sexual Violence" was written by Ito Shiwei, a Japanese journalist who had been sexually abused by his predecessors in the workplace, and the book shows the unfriendly treatment of victims of sexual violence in Japan's social environment, as well as the shortcomings of the legal and social system. This is the beginning of japan's first public talk of #MeToo, and you can become part of the #MeToo asia by reading The Black Box. (Recommended reading: Japanese #MeToo First Shot, Ito: I resisted, but he asked me to leave my underwear as a memorial)

For you who yearn for intimacy but are afraid of action, choose a book, Childhood Emotional Neglect: Why We Always Desire Intimacy, but Also Unbearable

Force yourself to do things you don't want to do, and stop doing things you shouldn't do. This is a typical dilemma faced by people who are emotionally neglected.
Childhood Emotional Neglect: Why We Always Desire Intimacy, but Also Unbearable

Childhood Emotional Neglect: Why We Always Desire Intimacy but Unbearable

Do you believe that a large part of what you are like now comes from childhood experience? The famous psychologist Freud has proposed that "this self, the super me" three stages of growth, in which "this self" is the basic personality trait sin-form of every human being, "self" is after education, social norms, we gradually develop the values and personal mentality. And "Childhood Emotional Neglect: Why We Always Desire Intimacy, but It's Unbearable" is a book that discusses "in the process of forming the "self", if "Ben and I" are not well transformed." By looking back at our childhood experiences, we can learn more about ourselves now. Where we come from, why we have these ideas, why we have such reactions, will also become clear. (Recommended reading: Four exercises to set your inner child free: Your good, no one to tell you)

Childhood Emotional Neglect: Why We Always Desire Intimacy but Unbearable, by Dr. Jones in Clinical Psychology. Weber wrote, hope that through systematic finishing, easy-going text, so that readers understand themselves. We spend almost a lifetime with ourselves, but do we really know ourselves? Why do we feel afraid while longing for a stable relationship? Why do we feel that showing our own vulnerable side is an expression of guilt and shame? Recommend to you who want to know more about yourself, read Childhood Emotional Neglect: Why We Always Desire Intimacy but Unbearable.

For you to be infinitely tired of life, choose a book, "A Place Deeper Than the Fog"

Put down the illusion of the bright clothes and angry horse, go back to nothing, see how many themselves, can see how many worlds.
" A Deeper Place Than the Fog"

"A Deeper Place Than the Fog"

This book, for you to live in the foggy age.

How much convenience technology brings us, but also how much fun it can take away. The time to hitchhike and hitchhiker has been cut by at least half; Modern people live in a sense of fast time in life, we rush, will one day rush to forget why they rushed?

Writer Zhang Huixuan has been brewing for six years, this time still using refined words to point directly at the pain in our hearts. When everyone is anxious to get the answer and rush eschews their position, you can slow down and take a closer look at yourself, still shining in the thick fog. Maybe you'll find yourself so tired of the world because you don't have a chance to see the beauty of the world. (Recommended reading:"Late night youth meets Socrates" Tired of generations need not success, but understanding)

For you to stand the failure, choose a book, The Power of Failure.

Learning from failure sounds like a cliche. But in the end, you'll find that, for some bland and far-reaching reason, the inability to learn from mistakes has always been one of the biggest obstacles in the human process.
The Power of Failure

The Power of Failure

Because you do not pay attention, you accidentally planted the name of the customer brand into his card, you have been thinking all day how you can make such a low-level mistake, can not stand this failure, you may even feel that they may not be suitable for this line. Do you want to go back to your hometown and find a stable job? Still thinking about changing the world? It's hard not to be changed by the world, forget it.

Failure is a soy sauce stain on a white cloth that you can't ignore but you can't ignore. And "The Power of Failure" is to use dozens of domestic and foreign failure experience to tell you that failure is not shameful, and then how senior people can make mistakes, the focus is whether we can be honest with failure, feel the power of failure, from failure to build a road to success. (Recommended reading: Read The Power of Failure: When you are willing to face failure, you can grow rapidly)

For you who have been wounded but still long for happiness, choose a book on happiness

It is often said that they always miss happiness. For free happiness, this is true, because free happiness does not exist.
On Happiness

On Happiness

What does happiness look like? Happiness is just asking a hundred people, there are a hundred different looks. The same bread, for hungry three days of street friends is happy, for the rich who eat the mountain rare seafood is thin. The title of "On Happiness", seems to take happiness as a study, you may think that the book will sum up a formula for successful creation of happiness, but in fact, from the historical classics and the author around the characters of the actual case, we can appreciate the happiness of others at just a distance, and further ponder their own possible happiness.

The French philosopher Alain, who was active in the 19th and 20th centuries, recorded his essay series in "On Happiness", through Alain's clear philosophical thinking, with easy-to-understand quotations, we saw the different possibilities of happiness, and gradually began to rise from heartbreak, and gained the courage to pursue his own happiness. (Recommended reading: Dear Mom and Dad, perhaps the happiness in our eyes is different from what you think)

In order to grow more, pain is an inevitable experience, want to cry on cry, tears dry, lick the wound, hold the power of words forward. You know life can not, there is no way to go back, the past experience to learn, put the strength to keep, good to meet the next stage of their own.

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