I believe that everyone will listen to friends and relatives talking about money management methods, but those methods are appropriate for them and may not be appropriate for you.The knowledge of financial management requires you to grope yourself to find out the secret of this knowledge.

Isn't it true that the people who want to get serious financial management are also on TV, and are they even more puzzled by the investment in wealth management that they look like as a savvy master photo?There is a saying that "you don't pay attention to wealth and you don't pay attention to you", but God knows how much of it is because of the example of asking for help without a door in the stock market.During the financial tsunami, victims of the linked bondage were protesting in the streets, as if they were still not far away.How to manage financial management will not become more and more chaotic. This is probably the question that everyone in the heart often cries out.

This book may be a little difficult for investors to get into the house.However, in order to clarify some of the information and find some analytical methods and principles, the "courage" of the "empty hand" has raised a lot of questions that merit serious consideration.(Extended reading: Did you have the courage to get hurt after the hated courage?)

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example, we often see some famous foreign investors yelling about certain stocks on the media, but the book's statistics tell you that the opinions expressed on the media and their private interests are often different. Many foreign investors yell at the stocks of a certain company and sell the shares in the stock market. They are stupid and stupid.Therefore, in the future, we will see that foreign investors report which stocks are very promising. Please don't just go crazy and buy it again!

The authors also cite a lot of examples to help us understand how we can not be confused by the surface of the information, but rather the deeper meaning of the information representative.For example, the central bank cut interest rates, often seen as a market lig, as capital becomes accommodative.But the book author has told you that the rate of interest rate cuts by the central bank is very small, and often proves that the economy is now in recession, and that it is time for the government to do something about it.

This book mentions that it is especially important for everyone to think about what the need for money management before investing in finance is to be unbewiled by the various new tricks of marketing, and to buy many things that they don't need.Although this is a common sense, it is hard not to be confused under the words of the word.The author directly writes his funds for more than half a year in a live deposit, telling the Taiwanese people not to even invest in his or her own investment, and to choose the time to stay calm and not to buy what they don't understand, and to keep their financial investments in a financial game.(Recommended reading: Five principles nurtured a golden view from childhood, nurtured the child's sense of responsibility )

Featured Summary:

  • When you can't determine the quotes, be conservative to
  • face financial products, please confirm your true financial needs
  • Don't blindly follow the master or reputation
  • don't become an investment hyperactive