Peach, is the symbol of the color of warm girls, may also be many people do not dare to wear the color in daily life, but this year, you can subvert the peach-red imagination!

After Pantone announced its 2019 color coral orange, London fashion data analytics company Edited also unveiled three 2019 fashion fads, and this week, if you want to, take you back to peach from psychology and share with you five outfits!

Peach, is the symbol of the color of warm girls, may also be many people do not dare to wear the color in daily life, but this year, you can subvert the peach-red imagination! Kayla Marci, an analyst at Edited, a London-based fashion data analytics firm, told foreign media", Who Wear, that fashion colors for 2019 include peach, apricot and yellow.

This trend coincides with the previously announced 2019 representative color "Coral Orange", which is also dynamic, well-matched and full of spirit. This week, if you want to take you from the psychological to the outside, relearn the psychological meaning of the peach-red color with five ways to dress up. In the past, we may think that peach is too bright, in clothing is not good matching, but this year's "bright color system" trend will take us step by step to find that the peach original can also be very good to control!

Color Psychology: Peach, is a symbol of generous enthusiasm

According to the definition of color psychology, pink stands for romance, red for momentum, and pink for vitality. Compared with the romance and tenderness of pink, peach is more generous and warm, but at the same time not as strong and authoritative as red. Peach red you, is the circle of friends in the social carry ingress, you like to make friends from all directions, through the eyes of friends to see the wider world.

At the same time, you also with a gentle posture, eager for the attention of the people. You're not as aggressive as red, you don't want to get a lot of eye attention when you're out there, it makes you feel a little nervous. After observing the crowd and adapting to the environment, you will show your constant energy and enthusiasm, and use your most comfortable and comfortable way to ask the world for attention.

If you want to try peach wear: five styles recommended

Get the attention of the whole cafe if you want


Who says bright colors can only be matched with white? Simple large-sided pink shirt, with dark trousers, and shirt into the pants, in the clothing and pants with simple matching, more in the accessories to choose a flamboyant decoration, including large earrings, hard-cut sunglasses, style handbags, through accessories to show your strong personal style!

If you want, light up the daily life of office workers


In the daily life of an almost thorough commuter, if you want to change a little, you can't be without a pair of peach-pink trousers! Clearly a simple striped shirt, dark-colored bags and shoes, but with a pair of bright pink trousers, and then a long curly hair coiled together, you can immediately show vitality, lighting up the office's cool-toned atmosphere.

If you want, come to a party with friends.


How can you be less enthusiastic and energetic in a lively party? But you won't choose to wear a full-body peach-situ tuxedo, which will make you relatively inconvenient to walk and move. You choose to place the pink tie on the lower body, with a soft pale pink top and shoes of the same color, plus a bright red bag with a dragon's eye, just to show your vitality and not too strong. (Recommended reading: Song Yuan Huinai's impostor wearing up: high-waisted pants, knee-length coat, long dress)

If you want, show self-confidence in the workplace


When it comes to fighting/working, you don't give yourself a chance to be in the wind, and you certainly have to get the attention of the whole field, and it gives you confidence. A full peach suit with a cut-out and close-fitting look, paired with dark tops and simple-line jewelry, shows off your ability to work with confidence. Oh, don't forget to wear sunglasses when it's sunny. (Recommended reading: steady, stable, self!) Wearing skills to improve the good feeling of an interview)

If you want, low-key hidden light eyes


It is not easy to look forward to the holiday, you are prepared to use the most relaxed posture, with family and friends to eat a meal, good comfort to their week's hard work. You change into comfortable jeans, denim jacket, but still want to add a light color pairing, so you take out a less-used bright pink bag, want to relax with a bit of lively atmosphere. This dress suits you who want to keep a low profile and still have some eye-catching colors!

If you want to share pink psychology and practical wear with you this week, clothing is the first step to be able to show yourself, what kind of clothes you wear and your attitude and concern, to understand the 2019 trends, to wear self-characteristics, so that clothes in your world, never fade from fashion.

Next week, we will talk about apricot wear, interested in all kinds of colors of you, welcome to pay attention together!