Can Playboy create a new cool image when it shoots Issa Miller's bunny costume, representing magazines that were originally aimed at heterosexual men?

Perhaps the readers of women's fans have not read or want to read Playboy magazine, which is also normal, those monthly playmates (Playmate of the Month), on the cover of the pose, unnecessarily naked, the target reader is not a woman, but a man. When it comes to Playboy, we all frown, and in 1963, the famous feminist Gloria Steinem entered the Playboy Club in New York as a cover-up( "The Playboy Club" and became a rabbit inside the club, delivering wine to male customers, and sending them to the autumn waves. Write down the experience.

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Playboy magazine and related businesses, starting with male Gaze and Objectify women, reflect the stereotypes of gender expression in society over the years. And with cultural climate change, change is inevitable, whether it's national laws, local lying magazines, any kind of media or even personal thinking and expression, and we and they can't stop at the days when Playboy started. That may be why Playboy has changed.

Marilyn Monroe, Sweetheart of the Month

Playboy's founding issue was launched in September 1953, when its founder, Hugh. Marston. Hefner bought a picture of Marilyn Monroe's calendar and put it on the cover of Playboy, becoming the sweetheart of the month. Yes, in Hollywood in the 1950s, there was actually Cory Ciaping, but Playboy was positioned as a male magazine, certainly choosing the sex symbols of Hollywood, all over America, the provocative, full-bodied Marilyn Monroe, Who was full of men's desires, and Cordy Schapelle as a woman in the other part of the spectrum.

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In Hollywood and america in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe's frontwashes were unmatched. In fact, in Hollywood before the 1950s, women's image on the big screen was more than meat bullets, such as the fiery early 1930s Katharine Hepburn, tall, wearing pants, with an independent and direct personality, and a neutral woman who crossed traditional boundaries. Even before Katharine Hepburn appeared, Marlene Dietrich,who was openly bisexual, was bisexual. This kind of woman, Playboy, chose Marilyn Monroe, because Marilyn Monroe satisfied male gaze, she was a good sexual object; Katharine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich, attracting not only men, but also women, but also representing women's autonomy, but also broke the "women can only be sexual objects" boundaries, they are satisfied with female and male gaze, even cool gaze. Playboy has set itself up as a magazine serving male sexual fantasies from the moment it was first launched.

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Rabbit costumes, obeying women's uniforms

In the world of Playboy, a woman who is not a "woman" and a woman who appears in a magazine will be called a Playmate, who takes nude photos and posts them on a cross-page, attaching a Playmate Sheet with her birthday, a three-ring number, The way to get her to burn (Turn-ons) and things that make her lose her appetite (Turn-offs). It's like we walk edgto store and buy a fully-documented, unnamed sex doll, except that playmates are real people. The playmate's thinking and name don't matter, it's about whether she can put sex on the paper. Sex, all of which is designed around sex.

Ten years after the magazine's launch, in 1963, a woman who plays a sexual object on paper was brought into the real world by Playboy, and at the Playboy Club in New York, the women employed were called "Bunny." Rabbits are well-behaved, innocent, fully obedient and petite to men. The rabbit's duties include receiving at the club gate, or handing over a drink on site and laughing with guests (a man of color).

To become a rabbit, you need some scrutiny, in addition to a very "basic" figure review of Playboy, but also to undergo rigorous training, including reciting 143 alcohol brands, as well as posture training, to meet some of the rabbit's form requirements - Bunny Bunny Rabbit Stand, Bunny Perch Rabbit in place, Bunny Dip rabbit knee-length wearing three-inch high heels, satin high-fork swimsuit, nylon stockings, hairy hand buckle and wearing rabbit ears, but also a manner of thousands, in the club as a rabbit, is really step by step for the camp, and patronized men, of course, feel their power high. The Playboy Group, on the other hand, uses women's bodies to earn large sums of money from male guests.

All this, like the way a woman is what a man wants, but there are still countless young women flocking to the club to become Playboy's bunny waiter, earning an average of $200 a week, which may be a good condition. Feminist Gloria Steneim infiltrated the club in 1953 in an experimental form and reinvented heridentity, the pseudonym Marie, as one of the rabbits, and wrote the article A Bunny's Tale.

Dressed in the most flamboyant dress she could find, she took a fake past to the Playboy Club for an interview. According to A Bunny's Tale, which she wrote for Show magazine, the club's ecology has strict restrictions on women's bodies (rabbit uniforms are custom-made and women need to undergo blood tests after an interview). There are also occasional indecent assaults (although the club stipulates that guests should not touch rabbits) and competition between women (occasional thefts).

To describe Playboy at the time, it was probably a speculator who "captured and solidified popular and traditional gender stereotypes" and made a big profit on selling erotic publications and alcohol and nightlife.

The rabbit dress invented by Playboy is used to control the female body, the uniform of the character, in the sexual level, but also represents the M inside s/M, is manipulated, directed, responsibility is obedience (male).

Playboy's Transformation: Markets and Climate

In the late 1960s, women in American society could no longer afford to do the damage to women by Playboy, and in 1968, a group of feminists staged a large demonstration, publicly throwing Playboy paper into a trash can and chanting No More Miss America, who thought Playboy and beauty pageants were The patriarchy should be separated into Madonna and Whore, but the two female characters are designed for one purpose - to satisfy the gaze of men, and their desire to be both a good wife and a woman as a sexual object. At the same time, Playboy has consolidated the role of male as a sexual aggressor, masculinity, male here, will never be a playmate wearing rabbit clothes, but only a money to buy wine, enjoy the role of eye candy. Men and women are also subject to this gender stereotype and established gender temperament. (Recommended reading: Who did Miss World entertain: beauty pageants, just a collective sex? ) )

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If you've seen the film The Queen of Laws, you'll feel this climate of women's anger. The daughter of Ruth Ginsberg, America's first female judge, grew up in the late 1960s, in a climate of feminist figures like Gloria Steinem's, in which a male man verbally harasses Ginsberg's daughter, she doesn't Fearful counter-attack, the mother on the side to see the daughter and their own differences, shocked, the mother realized that a new generation of women is no longer silent submissive object, which is also the importance of the socio-cultural climate.

In addition to climate, Playboy faced competition from Penthouse magazine in the 1970s, and and information became more popular, and fewer people needed to buy Playboy.

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In 1982, Playboy was run by Hugh Hefner's daughter, Christie Hefner, who turned the magazine's approach to social issues such as freedom of speech, gay rights, and research and defense on AIDS. And in 2016, Playboy announced that it would no longer publish nude photos of models. However, a country ruled by a woman does not necessarily consider the well-being and rights of the female people, and the management of a woman in Playboy does not mean that it will become very feminist and feminist. (Recommended reading: Bunny is not out!) Should we be happy that Playboy doesn't publish nude photos of women? ) )

Although Christie Hefner is a well-known political left-winger, she and her father's views on women's rights are much the same. Her father, who had a very mixed response after Gloria Steinem's undercover article was published, appeared to appreciate the other side's proposal to "remove medical control of women's bodies" and wrote a note in private (made public by his secretary in the 1970s):

What I'm interested in is the high ly irrational, emotional, kookie (sic) trend-going hass has hastaken... So chicks are are our natural enemy. It is time to do battle with them.
What interests me is that they are extremely irrational, emotional and stupid in their ways of doing things. It's time to fight them.

Hugh Hefner, who called himself a "hero of sexual liberation" in the 1960s, often said he supported feminism, but he and his emancipation manifesto seemed eternally contradictory. His daughter, Christie, was asked what he thought of the image of women in Playboy in a 1979 Interview with the New York Times:

Q. Have you ever opened up a Playboy and have upset the way a woman was sportrayed?

When you open Playboy, is there a moment when you're upset about the image of women you're creating?

Miss Hefner: No. There are magazines around the run pictures of women tied up and in chains. But tha 180 degrees from Playboy's approach to sexuality.

No. Many magazines tie women up for photos, but Playboy's portrayal of sex is a completely different way.

The moment a sex cooler wears a rabbit costume

At the end of 2018, Ezra Miller, the actor who starred in Monsters and The Crime of Glyndez, appeared in a playboy-specific bunny dress and appeared in magazines, his native gender and male body, and his status as a "gender-cooled" man, directly with the rabbit outfit. The meaning of the women's playmate collides, with Ezra reshaping what "female" is, while redefining the rabbit dress as gender-neutral, and his constant public display of his gender-fluid temperament, this time the Playboy image is not as good as it used to be in "consolidating gender stereotypes" and "materializing women."

Queer theory that our gender, identity is not predetermined, men and women will appear in the current pattern of this era, is some chance coincidence, almost random a result. So gender can be fluid and can be discussed.
- Excerpt 01 Philosophy's Explanation of Queer

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What does Ezra Miller's presence mean?

Physiological men, finally not just a playboy, a masculine role, Playboy recognized the possibility of gender flow, let Ezra's chest full of chest hair instead of those full chest, let Ezra's feet wear those high heels, the wind shows their feminine side. Readers are no longer limited to men who want to gaze at women's bodies, and readers can be gender-neutral, gender-mobile or gay.

In fact, high heels that have long been associated with femininity were a must-have portrait of a nation's king in 17th-century Europe, such as Louis XIV. This is also in line with the queer theory, gender and identity presentation method, is a socialized finished product, with the changes of the times, each era for men and women placed symbols (skirts, pants, high heels and other clothing) is not the same, so gender is absolutely mobile, how to express, there is no set of established standards.

Summary: Catch up with the trend, the nature of change?

How did a super-brand magazine, which started with male gaze and materialized femininity, become what it looks like today, including a cool perspective (and even an online version of the LGBT-plus category), size-a-size women, black models, and the concept of allowing gender mobility?

In the magazine's decades since its inception, readers probably know that the standard of beauty is not only Marilyn Monroe, do not want to see Marilyn Monroe; A tough playboy in a suit.

Playboy, which has always boasted of his support for liberalism, certainly needs to live with the "political correctness" of the present. We can't be sure whether Playboy is changing from within reflecting on itself, or whether it is forced by real market factors and the climate.

If the business is a game, then always play, must be necessary to cooperate with the climate adjustment strategy, in order to continue, but this is always a game. And as a woman's re-enactment, we may remember that while the media operates, we can make good use of the climate and advance certain concepts and ideas.