2019 Bibden Recommended Restaurant announced! One word, we see a lot of familiar Taiwanflavor. Taiwanese taste, is also the taste of home. We're also busy listing our recent must-visit lists, wondering who we're going to enjoy with. And perhaps, eat and love is very similar, we eat back to the familiar, home memory and love. Eating is sometimes missing.

The 2018 Michelin Edition came to Taiwan to publish the first Michelin Guide to Taipei, quietly spreading the food topic in the streets. "This restaurant I've been to yes!" "Let's go to this meat-burning next week!" "Taiwan's night market is really wonderful. Talking about eating always opens up our pleasure nerves, and because we share this thing, so that the people at the table can be inexplicably intimate.

The Taipei Michelin rating comes into its second year, and I'd like to talk specifically about Bib Gourmand's list. Bibiden emphasizes popular prices, averaging less than NT$1000, but presents an authentic and high-level food experience restaurant (note). In Taipei, Bibiden list from our daily chinese restaurant, winter want to come a bowl of hot beef noodle shop, to the night market staff a packet of halogen, cut bags, medicine stew ribs ., readily available happiness, endless food map.

2019 Bibiden Recommends, All The Delicious About "Home"

A quiet look at the Bibby list, in addition to the price of the people eye-catching, it is also because follow the "in the ground food" essence, a line is our familiar, home smell. This year's list of food keywords, goose meat, cut noodles, meat, think of these foods, not all from childhood memories, father to take you to the night market fixed to eat that stall, or mother at the table of hand dishes?

A city goose meat, old smoked goose

Photo Credit: Acheng Goose Powder

Photo Credit: Acheng Goose Powder

When I was a child, occasionally the family did not cook, the whole family went out to eat, often walked into the goose meat shop. There is always a quick frying smoke machine rumbling sound, the table is somewhat greasy, goose meat cutting plate on the table, parents will eat the best goose legs sandwiched into their own bowls, eat their own goose breast sauce. They say goose meat is good meat, usually less at home, eat more in the restaurant.

Located in tucheng Acheng goose meat, different from the general traditional goose meat restaurant, it has a spacious and bright modern dining environment, but the price is always people-friendly, so often the door if the city, a difficult to find. There are gourmet bloggers described, this goose meat taste is meticulous, juicy, smoky meat is particularly smooth into the taste.

Come to the goose meat shop, will certainly do more than a few cold mix, hot frying, and then bowl steam edgy oil rice, a few dishes with a pot of soup, it is very homely feeling. Heart also think of the next time to change their parents come, less noise, here more light, clean, together to reminisce about the taste of a plate of goose meat.

Search for delicious: 78 Clearwater Road, Tucheng City, Xinbei City
Reservations: (02) 8261-9747

Lady's shop, warm Taiwan cuisine home flavor

Photo Credit: Lady's Shop Powder

Photo Credit: Lady's Shop Powder

The lady's shop is located in Taipei City, and the wood-made retro-style architecture stands out. In front of the dining room courtyard hanging high red lanterns written "Taiwan cuisine, table, tea", like a warm inn to welcome travelers home, invite you to come in, eat a table of hot dishes, with a pot of good tea.

As you can imagine, the decoration of this restaurant is full of the atmosphere of the country home, the door of the Spring Festival Union a "good daughter long way", into the door like a daughter home, looking forward to the mother's craft. Good dishes include ancient early-taste roastmeat, hemp oil monkey head mushrooms, sasu gold needle flowers ... , but also to ride a pot of garlic-head chicken soup, look gorgeous menu, in fact, are familiar with Taiwanese soy sauce, garlic, vinegar and other simple flavoring.

But this simple, but more like the only can meet our taste buds of the cross-axis, catch this taste, just like really have the feeling of having dinner.

Visit Delicious: 97 Tianma East Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
Reservations: (02) 2874-1981

Selling Noodles, 80 Years Old Noodle Stand

Photo Credit : Selling Noodle Powder

Photo Credit : Selling Noodle Powder

It's been 80 years since the noodle shop was opened in the big rice straw, which is full of nostalgic culture. A bowl of simple Taiwanese oil noodles, cut a few small dishes, is our most ordinary small collection of citizens daily embodiment.

When we don't know what to eat, we'll go to the noodle stand. Your home alley, there will always be one or two familiar noodle stalls, they often haunt under the eucalyptus tree, or snuggled up next to the lively market; you sometimes wear slippers on the family sat down, a bowl of soup noodles, with a plate of hot green vegetables, three layers of meat with soy sauce paste, and dad's favorite cut large intestine.

Noodles are always the smell of oil flowers, like from then on sticking to you, that is your link to those simple family time, is your unique, the smell of Taiwan children.

Visit Delicious: 106 Anxi Street, Datong District, Taipei City
Reservations: (02) 2557-7087

When we eat, we feel love

The Bibiden recommendation list has become one of our guides for us to visit Taipei snacks. The heart that wants to find food is full of expectation and happiness. The difference is that these "home taste" in fact also quietly start our one place taste, we feel familiar, think of the feeling of home.

The memories of being with your family in the past give you special feelings about eating this and the food. So, when you visit familiar cuisine again, what you want to do is to bring back the familiar love by eating. Sometimes eat because of miss.

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

We're on a plane to slide through the Bibiden recommendation, or we'll be flipping through a Michelin guide every day, inviting people close to us, friends, partners, family, sharing or reminiscing about the expectation. Perhaps we miss not only a taste, but also food memory of familiarity and belonging. Eating with people is about getting him involved in your life full of temperature.

Yangyang sprinkled food list, you selected a few of this life must visit, perhaps important is not to expect how delicious it is, how amazing the ingredients, but those invited to eat partner process, you go to the restaurant on the road, to sit down around each other and laugh all kinds;

See this, it is better to share this food guide to your loved ones, tonight, let's eat together, because with you to eat, let me feel at home.