Disney in Paris has announced that June 1 will be the Magical Pride Day, the first official LGBTQ-plus party announced by Disney. As a dream land for adults and children, Disneyland will realize another wish this year!

Disneyland, considered to be the creation of a dream, magical world, has always been a place where adults and children dream of going once. And this year, Disneyland Paris will have another wish, announcing that June 1 will be Magic Pride, Disney's first official LGBTQ-plus party.

Disney In Paris wrote on its official website:

Celebrating diversity and enjoying the best of your day on Magic Pride Day, a magical party will light up Disney In Paris on June 1, 2019! Come and experience the great Walt Disney Studios and celebrate the rainbow with pride!

Live your best life and shine with the joy of diversity at Magical Pride,addy party lighting up Disneyland paris on 1st June 2019.
Dress lik a dream, feel fabulous and walt Disney Studios Park like never before - loud, proud and alive with a ll the colours of the rainbow.

Photo: Disneyland Paris EN Twitter Screenshot

The LGBTQ-plus event will include parades, live dances, and Disney characters are likely to perform in rainbow costumes, which Disney hopes will attract LGBTQ-plus communities, family and friends to the event.

In fact, in the past, Disney has had unofficial LGBTQ-plus events, and since 1991, lgbtq people have been marching to Disney, attracting tens of thousands of visitors each year, but Disney has no obvious opposition to this. , or make a statement blocking (although there will still be tourist protests during the development period, with some people raising signs at the door saying "there are many gays in the park"). So this time Disney in Paris officially announced the holding of a gay event, can be said to be a sure of the support for LGBTQ-plus, as well as the practice of corporate pluralism and integration (Diversity and Inclusion) spirit.

Why is Disney's Rainbow Parade so significant?

Expand your imagination of home

As a "dream land" for adults and children to go throughout their lives, Disneyland has created a fantasy world and created a scene for families, where parents and children can enjoy playing in the park and encourage parents and children to dream. The Rainbow Parade at Disneyland actually expanded the definition of a family: a family that can dream and realize a dream is not limited to one father or mother, but a family can be two fathers or two mothers.

The transfer of brand value

Passing joy, brave dreaming, has always been the value of Disneyland, he is considered the happiest place in the world, but also committed to making everyone walking into the park smile, so at Disney, comrades can be generous with their partner kiss, hug, do not fear discrimination, is indeed created to make comrades can feel comfortable, A happy environment.

"Live your best life and shine with the joy of diversity "Enjoy your life, enjoy the joy of diversity", Disneyland as an influential enterprise, practice the enterprise's very important spirit of D' and I, he organized the official event, Expandthed the definition of parent-child relationship, also expanded the guest base to the LGBTQ-plus community, and perhaps soon we will be able to see not only Disney in Paris, but in amusement park areas in other countries, creating a public environment that makes LGBTQ plus happy!