How much courage does it take to decide to have a child in this society?

If giving birth to life is a big bet in an environment that discriminates against mental illness, or homosexuals, then do I want to bet?

Ding Meimei lost her preterm birth, the baby tragically died, her pregnancy anxiety may be because she has long been full of hesitation: Is this society suitable for this child? As a mother, she just wants to protect her children, to see him grow up healthy and happy. But she found herself likely not to be able to do so.

Since the taiwan drama "The Distance Between Us and Evil" began, the plot is extremely in line with Taiwan's major social cases in recent years, poking and poking the public pain point, telling you that the wound is still there, we do not make a good time. In the constant dialectics between the victim and the perpetrator, exposing the complicit structure of the media network, the plot goes to Episode 8, and we follow the main character group gradually to see the pattern of this society - it is selfish, ugly, sad, it is not good. However, they also find themselves unable to change such a situation, and accidentally get into trouble.

The trickier part is that the event doesn't stop at the moment of the event, and more often than not, it's within the family.

I'm a mother, I just want to make sure my child is happy.

Song Chopin, the "fairy couple" who has long been regarded as a warm horn, suddenly got into a fight in these two episodes because Chopin found out he was pregnant.

Originally lived a quiet and happy top guest life, home is only two people in the world. They say they don't have children, perhaps because they are psychiatrists and social workers, standing at the forefront of social events, constantly dialectically among the treatment of patients - how much can I help them? How can I save him from more harm? But they eventually found that it was difficult to reintegrate into the community after they had a good patient in their hands and left the hospital.

Even as highly knowledgeable people with relatively large abilities that can drive change, they still cannot overcome the evils of human nature.

"I am afraid of my children, born in a society where all being sick. Her husband, Lin Yijun, was a little lost, telling Qiao Ping.

They see too clearly, giving birth is like a gamble, gambling to see how "normal" he can be? Normal enough not to have to suffer any harm? Because of this society, there are distinct standards for "normal" and "abnormal". Once you fall into the "abnormal" trench, you will never turn over the day.

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In addition to the newborn, we also see another heartbroken family facing the death of a young child.

Since her pregnancy, because her husband, Wang Amnesty, is a human rights lawyer who defends the perpetrators of the serious case, she has come under enormous pressure from the Internet and the real world: "Be careful that your daughter will die in the park one day." Her phone rang with threatening messages that never stopped, constantly challenging how she could support the family.

Still, tragedy happened.

Mei Mei went out one day to meet the then "kidnapping" her daughter's mental disorder patient should be sance, she fell in a panic, resulting in the baby in the abdomen premature. Later, the baby failed to survive the life challenge and died of vulnerability.

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Early in the face of this fully tube-covered, dying child, the couple hesitated to sign the DNR consent form for a long time. Or go back to earlier times, when Mei Mei was pregnant, she might have hesitated for the birth of her life.

Is this society fit for his survival? Is it the best thing for him to keep him alive? Will he be really happy?

From the embryo in the womb, began to have a heartbeat, there is a sense of the five organs, to become a complete life. Next, he will be born into this world, he will have feelings, relationships, a mother from pregnancy to the birth of a baby, so close to a life from scratch, before the birth of love, her heart may be full of fear.

Mei Mei from the pregnancy began to fall into an anxious life, to her loss of preterm birth, behind the test that she is not so sure that this life will be happy.

As a mother, she just wants to protect her children, she wants to see him grow up purely happy.

But she found herself likely not to be able to do so.

It takes courage to meet a life.

From this play, we see that in a family, to meet a new life, or send away a life, will not be just the family's business. It will always be hopelessly linked to this society, closely affecting each other.

We often say that home is a safe haven, we build a house thinking of solid building materials, to give everyone who comes home a peace of mind protection.

Home may be strong and safe, but out of this door, we can't make sure that every family member is not harmed by this society.

So, whether it is Song Qiaoping or Ding Meimei husband and wife, they understand that to let a child give birth, is a very brave thing. Especially when they see that society is in turmoil, where people's anger and sadness go nowhere, and they hurt each other. They'll hesitate, because they can't bear it, and they're not sure.

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However, we see that the plot does not stop there; Chopin, who was not planning to have children, gradually feels the power of the next generation to give birth to his niece.

Remember the Song sisters table dinner scene, Song Qiaoan observed Song Qiaoping's diet began to be acidophilist, as when he was pregnant: "Thank you for allowing me to talk about TianYan again." Joanne to Chopin said that she thought of her own year spregnant, that look forward to the simple and happy new life, yes I had so much to look forward to your arrival, but also quietly healed the pain of losing the child.

Song Qiaoping for the newborn, had hesitation, but she said, let me give birth to this child, give birth to life takes courage, she may never be sure that she is ready or not, but I hope to establish such a relationship.

Perhaps the desire of being a mother is that she knows that the world is not beautiful, but she wants to experience it all with her children, and looks forward to finding a better way to face these problems together through the establishment of this new relationship.

This may also be the meaning of family, we are afraid of the whole huge environment, but eager to be able to through the continuation of blood relations, with this new life, together to see the world, and then because of love can be more active, to flip something.

It is so intimate, there is love and hope, the arrival of a new life, collage into a living home.

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Back in Taiwan in recent years, from several indiscriminate killings, cyber bullying cases to marriage referendums, we have experienced a battle for the surrounding living environment, the current state of the world. However, in this sandwich, we also see a few warm lights, starting from one "home" to light up.

Remember that night? In the fall of 2018, the night of Taiwan's gender referendum, we waited until the early hours of the night, tired but not looking. However, the result is like a bayonet, through our desired heart, blood flow out, and then by the air cold frozen, even tears are useless.

We feel that the conservative forces stand still, the goodwill is misused, and the world hates. In despair, however, we also quietly find that many people have managed to persuade their parents to go into their families as a result of the referendum on returning home.

Because love is the same. Those parents also practice, working with their children to change the possibilities of this society. Love is concern, willing to understand each other, love letus us from home to find the opportunity to be born again.

We know that facing the world will be scarred, but return to the beginning of people's families, why want to have children? Perhaps it's an expectation that this member will bring more life opportunities, or a surprise.

All the home, intimate kinship, thus established.