Nineteen years ago, the death of Rose teenager Ye Yong-yin sparked discussion of gender issues in Taiwan, and in 2004 Taiwan amended the Gender Equality Education Act to the Gender Equality Education Act. Today, many people still think that "gender education" is a sexual orientation of children. Let's reread the story of Ye Yongxuan and understand the greater gender education behind the events that are indifferent to campus.

On April 20, 2000, a boy in Gaoshu State, Pingdong, was found lying in a pool of blood in a school toilet. After being rushed to the hospital, he died - and then his name, perhaps everyone remembers: Ye Yongyu, people gave him a very beautiful name, called "Rose Boy." The fall of the rose teenager, the rise of the discussion of gender temperament in Taiwan, and how gender education can do better.

On 16 December 2000, the Ministry of Education renamed the Gender Equality Education Commission the Gender Equality Education Commission, and the original gender education policy was gradually revised to gender-diversity education. In 2004, the Gender Equality Education Act was amended to the Gender Equality Education Act.

Pictures:"What's Different and How" Documentary - Ye Yong-Yuan

Pushing Ye Yongyu to death is a gender stereotype.

Ye Yongyu grew up like, and people think that "boys should do" is not the same. When other boys play outside and discuss the latest video games, he likes to talk about cooking, he likes to sing, and in school classes, he's excited when it comes to food and beverage.

According to the Quarterly Journal of Gender Equality Education, the teacher's description of Ye Yong-yin, all said that he had a delicate heart, like to chat with the teacher, but also very observer. Found that Teacher A is not feeling well, bought papaya milk to supplement the teacher's blood sugar; even the B teacher's family did not find out that they dyed their hair, Ye Yongxuan found, but also happy to share the hairstyle how to make a better look.

Ye Yongyu's mother once talked about her son's intimate behavior in the documentary: "He would say, "Mommy how do you work so late, you hurry to take a bath, I can cook vegetables fried and cooked" He said, "You are very tired", every day to help me massage. 」

- "What's Different and How" Documentary - Ye Yong-Ying

Yet his delicate qualities make him the target of peer attack.

Threats, intimidation, demands "test the boy's body" Ye Yongxuan in the country every day by classmates bullying, although Ye mother repeatedly asked the school to solve the bullying problem, the school has not made big moves. This makes Ye Yongyu must find male friends to accompany himself, or use the toilet ten minutes before class, to avoid being asked by classmates to take off their pants to "test".

On April 20, 2000, Ye Yong-yin also raised his hand ten minutes before class and asked to go to the toilet, but after class was found lying on the ground by his classmates, sending first aid to the hospital was invalid and died the next day. On September 12, 2006, the Kaohsiung Branch of the Taiwan High Court concluded an appeal that showed that Mr. Ye died of a slippery ground, a fall and a head hit the ground, and that the university was responsible for the school's sanitary environment.

Ye Yongyu's death, perhaps slip and fall, and such a result, from countless school violence formed by the cause? If he wasn't bullied because of his gender, wouldn't he have to rush to the toilet ten minutes before class? Don't you need to be on campus, always holding fear?

Beyond the binary spectrum

The whole incident occurred not only because of campus health and environmental problems, but behind the larger, campus indifference to gender education. What makes Ye Yong-ye die is our stereotype of gender and the absence of gender education on campus.

Together with the impact of the 1996 case, Taiwan changed the Gender Equality Education Act to the Gender Equality Education Act in 2004 and added to the text:

"No one is treated differently because of their biological sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender identity." 」

At that time, education for the imagination of gender, still stay in the "gender" rough division: the world only boys and girls, boys must be masculine, strong, women must be gentle, but human. Looking for reports around 2000, we can still find that the media is all about Ye Yong-yin being bullied because of his "feminine tendencies". But what does "feminine" and "masculine" look like? In addition to the binary spectrum of men and women, there should be more color, positive, negative sex temperament, not the "abnormal" phenomenon of his population. (Recommended reading:"Physiological Sex" and "Gender Identity", have you ever heard of the gender spectrum?) ) )

After the revision of the Law on Gender Equality Education, the people of Taiwan began to face up to the problem of gender-based violence and began to call for attention to multiple gender temperaments, even sexual orientation and gender identity. The Ministry of Education also launched the New Campus Campaign: Anti-Gender Violence at the time.

Gender education on campus is to construct basic protection networks

Gender education on campus is about building students' basic understanding of gender, and women's fan columnist Jeffrey once said the importance of gender education in school in the re-study of Gender Equality Education: Don't Have the Next Peng Wanru and Ye Yongyu:

"The process by which a child gets along with his or her peers at school is a process of learning and socializing. However, the mainstream society to carry out "gender socialization" is based on heterosexual valueasated in the past, children in such a learning environment to grow up, did not force teachers to intervene, many people "automatically learn to disguise", hide their gender temperament in line with the mainstream social values. 」

Yan Zhengfang, a professor in the Department of Medicine at Kaohsiung Medical University, mentioned in the 2015-2017 Ministry of Science and Technology Research Program that 56.4% of the 500 men aged 20-25 who were bisexual and bisexual in Taiwan had been verbally and physically abused because of their gender temperament and sexual orientation.

The importance of gender education is to allow students to respect everyone's gender temperament, sexual orientation, gender identity, and to jump out of the "boys/girls should be" gender thinking, to recognize their own actions ( such as "dead Gay gun", "mother-in-law", "man's mother", take off pants) is bullying, not a joke. This creates equality, and children are free to explore their own campus environment.

In 1994, two students from North One Girl, Lin Qinghui and Shi Jiya, committed suicide after leaving a note in a hotel saying that "the nature of social survival is not for us"; From Ye Yongxuan to Yanjiang State high school students, are due to gender temperament / sexual orientation is different, under social pressure led to the school as the first child to produce links with society place, gender education is to provide the most basic protection network, is to let children know that "not the same" is not wrong, the biological sex of men and women, should not limit you / others to become who they want, should not prevent you / others to love who, not to decide whether you / others have the right to exist. (Recommended reading: What's wrong with sex education in Taiwan? Su Yuling interview: Taiwan's progress, can not be driven by tragedy alone )

Pictures:"What's Different and How" Documentary - Ye Yong-Yuan

Mother Ye wrote a letter in person before the 2018 marriage referendum, which read:

"Some people say that gay education cannot be taught too early, but early teaching of gay education can make students realize that there are not only men and women in the world, there are third and more genders, we will know that comrades are not wrong." Not comrades should support and encourage comrades to fight for their human rights and living space. Don't have comrades around us, but kill him alive. 」

Gender education, can establish a free and equal campus environment, catch the next rose young girl, so that students can respect the differences and differences between each other. We look forward to the excitement that sparking the death of Rose's teenager in 2000, and we look forward to its continued impact in building a gender-equal society. (Recommended reading: After the referendum: What we need to do is not change the millions of people, but communicate with two or three people around us)