In foreign workplaces such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and so on, the development of d'amp;I multi-integration (Diversity and integration) can help companies achieve social responsibility and economic benefits. In Taiwan, there are also companies that make D and I the root of their businesses and help employees to develop their self-worth, and they are The Taiwanese women's underwear brand Xiang Zhixuan.

Taiwan women's underwear brand XiangZiyuan, in 1983 by market vendors, to take care of women's unattended needs as the goal, and then from mid-cap to market sales, only for more contact with the first line of customers, directly listen to customer opinions and feedback.

As a local enterprise in Taiwan, Xiang Zhixuan pioneered the corporate culture, with diversity and inclusion as the root, from the individual development of employees, extended to the door of the multi-gender service, not only to let customers find themselves, the enterprise's employees also find self-worth in the work, I believe that the enterprise can be the second home of employees.

Because you believe in each other, so create a sense of belonging

Since five years ago, brand marketing and human resources director Cao Huixuan began to think, not just a job, XiangZiyuan can become a stage for employee development? Would employees want to deliver themselves to the business?

In order to build an environment in which employees can trust and make the business a second home, xiang zhixuan will pay special attention to his internal partners, especially the North Drift, in the HR department, and especially their family in Taipei. Also because of the sense of belonging created by the enterprise, so that an 84-year-old partner in the scene of a car accident, the first thought, notice is the director of human resources Cao Huixuan.

Want to pass the temperature on to customers and help them build confidence, provided they become that person. And XiangZhiyuan on the establishment of such an employee support network, so that employees can feel the strength, believe that they are worth, everyone has influence.

A safe workplace atmosphere

Holding the idea of trust and nourishing the individual, Xiang Shixuan attaches great importance to whether the voice of the individual is heard, and whether the team, whether to establish a safe atmosphere for employees to open their mouths? Can the thought of doing things bring a better experience to our customers?

So Xiang Zixuan shared two special-minded methods within the enterprise:

1. Think of a shift:

"Empty heart" is the very important spirit of XiangZixuan to create an enterprise atmosphere, XiangZhixuan understand the experience of the competent class is necessary, but should not just stay in the rule of thumb, back to the past age in the environment, conditions, can bring about changes are also different, so they especially encourage " Old Experience X New Element X Transposition Thinking", let the experience of the old partner combine the creativity and ability of the new partner to create every age, personality, values feel respected place.

2. Get things right:

Xiang Shixuan will "provide a customer happy experience" in the actions of employees. Take this action with the initiative, first not to talk about the numbers, but to pursue the right thing, Xiang Zixuan believes that "the first pursuit of doing things right, the number will certainly have performance."

And when employees have problems within the enterprise, XiangShizi makes good use of Line's one by one mechanism to encourage employees to tell the truth about the problem and to be able to receive and process it in real time.

Personal emotions are resolved to provide a good customer experience

Xiang Zhixuan attaches great importance to the growth of the business and life end, so after work to provide aesthetics, mind, service, management and other refresher courses, "their emotions also need to be understood, open positive and internal situation in order to face the guests." 」

Cao Huixuan, director of brand marketing and human resources, began to say that Asians are more subtle and afraid of emotional friction, and XiangShiyuan plans to establish such a pipeline so that employees can relieve their emotions. Only in this way can we provide a great customer experience.

From the example of Taiwan women's underwear brand Xiang Zixuan, we saw a "d-and-I strategy" that started with the main body of the employee and allowed the team to work together, and all this impact is not only in the enterprise, from the employee gradually affects the customer, the brand spirit is carried out.

Let everyone feel the value, let every opinion work, not limited by experience, age, religion, values, Taiwanese enterprises can also develop their own D.amp;I strategy, to help enterprises really pass on brand value and talent to play.