Breast cancer is the number one cancer in women worldwide, and it is also the most commonly detected and treated cancer. Breast health care, you need not only beauty, but also health.

According to statistics, more than 95% of breast tumors are detected by women themselves, so regular self-examination is important! It is recommended to get into the habit of regular self-examination from the age of 20, the general breast self-massage is not actually to accurately judge cancer, but to learn how to find out how to change breasts, the best time for testing is within a week of the month, because at this time the Hermon cycle, so that breast tissue is softest, small tumors are easy to touch out;

Change your eating habits and exercise more

The incidence of breast cancer, in addition to family diseases make physical inheritance, high-calorie high-fat eating habits, obesity, as well as endocrine disorders and feelings, parasympathy nerve self-discipline and other issues, also accounted for a large factor, therefore, to self-check with diet, lifestyle synchronous adjustment, coupled with moderate exercise, the thorough implementation of the "prevention is better than treatment" concept, I believe will certainly minimize the threat of breast cancer.

Breast self-examination procedure

Step 1 look

  • The hands naturally droop, looking in the mirror at both sides of the breast, size, height and low whether the same. However, it is also possible that breasts are not born on either side, but if there is a sudden change, pay special attention.
  • Check the skin on the surface of the breast for dents, irregular orange peels, redness, peeling, or ulcers.
  • Put your hands around your waist or hold them high and double-check them again.

Step 2 touch

  • Put one hand behind the head, one hand fingers together, to index finger, middle finger, ring finger 3 finger abdominal pressure check.
  • The outer part of the breast is from the lower part of the collarbone on both sides, to the middle line of the sternum to the lower edge of the ribs, and the position under the armpits.
  • The breast area is started, in the direction of the clock, from the inside out to do a circle massage to determine if there is a breast or underarm lymphoma.
  • Check the other side again in the same way.

Step 3 Lie down

  • When lying flat on the head without a pillow, when examining the left breast, place a small pillow under the left shoulder, place your left hand behind your head, and check your right hand in the same way as you stand.
  • Check the other side again in the same way.
  • Don't forget to check under the arm, put your arms up, use the finger belly pressure to have or without lymph nodes swelling.

Step 4 squeeze

  • Gently squeeze with your thumb and forefinger to see if there is abnormal secretion logistics out.
  • In addition to lactation, it is generally not normal to produce secretions, if there is a need to go to the hospital for examination.
  • In particular, there are blood-like secretions, or transparent one-sided breast secretions, and combined with the touchable hard lumps, indicating a high risk of malignancy.

Wearing underwear is healthy and beautiful

Modern women generally wear steel ring underwear, in order to achieve a high concentration of breast effect, but if the size of the wrong choice or wearing the wrong way, in addition to all day uncomfortable, but also will lead to breast compression and pain problems, long-term may cause poor posture, or the formation of fat, breast, chest enlargement, so that it can be seen that the choice of underwear and wearing can not be ignored. Xiangziyuan international boutique underwear said that the choice of underwear is the basis of the united States chest, generally speaking, small breasts can choose the thickness of thin, one-piece molded style;

  1. The shoulder strap hangs over the shoulder after it passes through the arm. Lean forward slightly about 45 degrees and put your chest into the cup. Keep the forward position buckled.
  2. The left hand from the left chest down to the upper tototi, the right hand into the left cup will be the lower edge, back and underarm fat into the cup. The other side is the same.
  3. Stand straight to adjust the tightness of the shoulder strap, about the width of a finger.
  4. Make sure that the chest fits the arc of the edge of the cup and aligns with the tip of the cup. The back buckle position is not high.

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