The South Korean idol group, BTS Bulletproof Junior, was named in The Age magazine's Top 100 This year, and earlier in 2018, he appeared on the cover of Time magazine with the following cover: Next Generation Leaders.

BTS can go to the world, perhaps superb dance skills, perhaps singing strength, but I believe that can let them go that far, and that insist on conveying the "love yourself" original intention.

On September 24, 2018, at UNICEF, seven teenagers walked up to the stage and said to the world, "No matter who you are, where you come from, no matter your color, your gender identity, speak for yourself!" Speak for yourself and you can find your name. 」

They are the South Korean idol group BTS Bulletproof Junior, which this year was named in Time magazine's Top 100 (TIME 100: The Most Influential People of 2019), and earlier, 2018 was featured on the cover of Next Generation Leaders.

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Arguably the world's most-watched Group of South Korean Idols, they have not only built up popularity in South Korea since 2013, but have gone international since the launch of their Love Youself album in 2017, with their work appearing on Billboard 200 in the US and the American Music Awards in 2018 "Most Popular Community Star Award".

Many people began to wonder what kind of group could attract the attention of generations of young people.


From hip-hop to the world, we're all looking for our own people.

In 2013, the Bullet Youth League, comprising Jin, Suga, j-hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook, was hoping to speak out for the younger generation. Bulletproof" has the intention of blocking bullet-like criticism and stereotypes, initially as a hip-hop group, and later in contact with more meta-forms of music, gradually transformed into idol groups.

Seven years after the debut, has been criticized for appearance, music style, image plagiarism, but the original intention of the bulletproof youth league remains unchanged, their songs have always been a straightforward description of the young generation's frustration scares and self-doubt, as well as the attacks and criticism of outsiders, how can we affirm ourselves, love themselves? Depicting sadness, self-denial, bulletproof troupes can give solace in music - even if it's hard, hold yourself and tell yourself that you're great and you deserve to be loved.

For example, the 2017 series "Love Yourself' with "Love Yourself" as its theme, Love Yoursself to 'Tear', "Love Yourself's 'Answer'," and the final chapter of "Love Yourself". 'Answer' is a song by Epiphany, singing the most critical sentence: I'm the one i had love (I am the one I love the most in the world)

In an interview with us magazine Entertainment Weekly, Member Suga was asked if it was difficult to talk about his pain/depression in the community after becoming a celebrity. He said: "People who have a platform to tell should talk more about these things, not just celebrities, if we can make it as easy to talk about depression as it is to talk about a cold, then depression becomes as much as a daily disorder, and can be accepted by the public." 」

"What's more, I think celebrities with more power should talk about these issues (mental health) and bring the issue to the fore. 」

Captain RM also explains why the Love Youself album was launched: "We don't want to tell people what to do and what not to do, because it's not what we want to convey, everyone has different looks, races, loved ones, backgrounds, but we can make a choice." So we think of "love", all from love themselves, accept themselves. 」

Photo: "LOVE_YOURSELF turn 'Tear' concept photo

I'll make mistakes, but I still want to hold myself

In a uNICEF speech, RM, the head of the Bullet Youth Team, impressed people with this passage:

"Maybe yesterday I made a mistake, but yesterday I am still me, today I, is with shortcomings and mistakes of me." Tomorrow I may be a little more intelligent, but that is still me. These shortcomings and mistakes made me, in life has become a shining star, I will love the present me, the past of me, and I look forward to being myself.

I'm Kim Nam-jun, I'm also THE RM of BTS, I'm an icon and an artist from a small city in South Korea. Like many people, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. I have a lot of faults and fear, but I still want to embrace myself as much as possible. I began to learn to love myself, little by little. 」

It's not easy to love ourselves, but we can follow in the footsteps of the Bullet-proof Youth League and slowly learn to embrace ourselves:

Love Yourself 'Her' - Outro: Her on Fear

Maybe I'm your truth or lie / Maybe it's your heaven or hell, pride or shame / I can't take off the mask / Because I'm not under the mask you know me

When you love others, i don't consciously hang up the mask and think about what he loves, and I am what. Later, you start to be afraid to take off the mask, for fear of the person under the mask, not the original self. In the song "Outro:Herr", btS throws fear of love directly, in which it describes the concerns and confusion smiles in the relationship.

Love Yourself turns 'Tear' - Fake Love on reality

For you to make a lie / erase self / become your doll

In the main song, Fake Love, BTS uses a magical background to metaphorize how we live in a false world by being covered up by social lyorce. In the end, they broke the box and re-faced themselves, though fragile and negative, who were real.

Love Yourself Knots 'Answer' - Epiphany on Epiphany

I'm the one i i d love

Epiphany epithet, in the long road, there are hurtand, always can not escape the doubt of the self, and finally they found that the world, the most loved people should be their own, as Captain RM said, we all have shortcomings, have made mistakes, but we all have to hold on to ourselves.

Bulletproof Youth League can go to the world, perhaps superb dance skills, perhaps singing strength, but believe that can let them go so far, and that insist on conveying the "love yourself" the original intention.