Kristen Stewart's on-screen image is ever-changing, from twilight to neutral, always on the road, telling us that women can also express themselves through neutral fashion.

"If you didn't like me before, you probably wouldn't like me now because I'm hosting SNL, and I'm really gay, friend." That's what she said to Trump.

Speaking of unisex fashion, the models who wore suits in the late 1960s, the street moments of Kristen Stewart in ripped jeans and skateboarding shoes, and the way she wore Chanel on the red carpet.

Neutral fashion crosses the line between men's and women's, blurring the boundaries and breaking the male/female binary divide, allowing wearers to opt for a more diverse Gender Exercise, or, on a softer level, allowing the wearer to do a little bit of his or her own way back.

The whole of the sexuality is so grey. I'm just trying to acknowledge to that fluidity, that greyness, who always s always. But maybe only only now right we allowed to start talking about it.

The concept of gender is not really black or white, I just try to recognize the kind of gender fluidity, gray area that has always existed. It is only in this age that we can speak up about our exports.

Kristen Stewart, The Guardian, 2017

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Neutral fashion does not necessarily have a relationship with queer and gay, although the two are closely related in their personal gender expression, but the "liberation" of gender-neutral fashion in addition to non-heterosexuals, let non-heterosexuals in clothes to link the cool community, neutral fashion for anyone also have "liberation" and "liberating" "Power-hungry" roles, such as the 19th-century feminist who fought for women's voting rights, and Coco Chanel, who designed sailors' suits and trousers.

Neutral Fashion
Generation X is a generation that brings gender-neutral fashion sonto-in,, unlike the baby boomers, who generally disobey institutions and traditions, and who were born in the U.S. and Canada in the 1950s and 1960s (this year of birth was made in the U.S. Douglas Coupland's novel ,"Generation X: The Story of A Speedy Culture" is defined, and more broadly, Generation X refers to people born before the end of the Cold War, and is the initiator of many subcultures, such as Punk. In 1968, the U.S. department stores were no longer divided into men's and women's departments, but replaced them with a gender-neutral division, which lasted only a year, but was enough to reflect on why the department stores that were brought with them by our parents as children never had a gender-duality.

Kristen Stewart's neutrality and flow, on the other hand, is that the costume sands across the "gender" of "gender" - a pair of high heels and skirts, as well as a small Tomboy who loves to wear pants, and sometimes even a very short hair mix of women's wear and make-up, to form a David Bowie and Annie Lennox are the same as the male and female; her flow, also in "Sex," starts dating women after ending her relationship with actor Robert Pattison, prompting a lot of talk in the mass media about her sexual orientation. When everyone wants an answer, she says, "Even if you're bisexual, it doesn't mean you're confused." It's not confusing at all, it's for me. 」

Gender-fluid actress

Tilda Swinton is the most famous neutral figure in the U.S. acting industry, having played Virginia Woolf in the film of the same name, "Orlando," walking the red carpet or facing the public. Later, Kristen Stewart, whose public image changed from "Twilight" to the same person today, played the role of the weak Bella into a variety of gay characters, as with her personal image, every day become more breakthrough, It has even become a political statement in pop culture that is deeply cool.

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From Twilight girl to neutral image

If you dyn't lik me, you're're're'r probably not go to go to lik me now, cos i'm hosting SNL and i'm lik, so gay, dude.
If you didn't like me before, you probably wouldn't like me now because I'm hosting SNL, and I'm really gay, friend.

What Kristen Stewart Says to Donald Trump on SNL, February 2017

Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella in the Twilight series, is probably a traditional fine-natured beauty, and if Hollywood always sells a full-pack movie, Stewart Kristen is also a perfect package: Long hair floating, with actor Robert Pattinson in the play outside the love... She plays the heroine of the romantic film, as if she had Bella's name written on her body, while Stewart Kristen herself is silent and we don't even know what color she is, remembering that she is a beauty living in a modern fairy tale, an actress who fits the girl's appearance.

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It wasn't until she ended a fairy-tale screen romance in 2012 and became Chanel's spokesperson in 2013, cutting off her long hair and her many faces -- wild, neutral, bisexual -- that she really came to light, freeing herself from the shadow of Twilight.

In commercials, her image is completely different from Chanel's past, as she is not a Keira Knightley-like English rose, nor a Diane Kruger-like blonde European. In the 2017 Gabrielle perfume ad, she ran handsomely with a newborn baby, short hair and light makeup, in contrast to the image of Chanel Lily-Rose Depp, the chanel spokesperson of the same period.

In another Chanel makeup ad, she plays the so-called Tomboy, and apparently, Chanel knows that her neutral style is more appealing to consumers than she is, but also more like herself.

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What does neutral fashion mean to women?

Since the emergence of YSL smoking clothes in 1966, women's dresscode and how women break free of certain single-item constraints, how to use gender-neutral clothing to make themselves more powerful and confident, are the eternal topic. In the United States in 1968, during a No More Miss America demonstration, female demonstrators dropped their breasts in a trash can (they had wanted to burn them). In 2013, American filmmaker Lina Esco launched Operation Free Nipples to counter the double standards suffered by men and women. Now, more women do not want to wear steel wire bust, there are more neutral busts on the market, and some people choose not to put their breasts out. There are high heels, skirts that are required at work, two kinds of school uniforms that boys and girls are required to wear at school, and so on... We have seen that some binary dress codes still exist and that more people are saying no to them.

In addition to her daily love of femininity, she also wants to retain her style on public occasions such as the red carpet, such as cutting a Chanel white T-shirt to the length of her waist with scissors, or taking off her high heels at the Cannes venue to make herself comfortable and silent to the Cannes Film Festival. Women are not allowed to wear flat shoes" sub-rules protest.

It took me a long time to realize that i was a girl a girl a teenager. At that point, I never really believed it. I looked up a boy for a long time. I feel lik a woman. When I was a teenager, I spent a lot of time realizing that I was a girl, and at that time, I was a little hard to believe, I always looked like a little boy. Now, I finally feel like a woman.

Kristen Stewart, The London Sunday Times

Kristen Stewart's gender identity is female, but for her, being a woman doesn't have to be long-haired, she loves to wear skirts, she loves make-up, she's a girl, and she's got a lot of sex expression. Being a woman doesn't necessarily like a man, or a traditional look that men, industry, elders like and are satisfied with.

In real life, Kristen Stewart's most worn-out jeans are paired with skateboardshoes, while the silver locks are never cut off, and sometimes she's a shaved head, and her neutral appeal is even stronger as her hair gets shorter.

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She turns the Grunge style into a personal routine, while Grunge wears second-hand clothing that is gender-neutral/neutral, emphasizing loose-fitting tailoring and removing elements that highlight the figure, and interestingly, the rise of grunge style is due to the desire to sing the anti-punk style: Punk is anti-capitalist, anti-pop, and by wearing a dress to make a stand." Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart can't keep a low profile, and her casual low-key outfits are also being reported, but it's hard to deny that her casual and neutral charm is self-inflicted.

Breaking through the framework and performing more "roles"

Before she became "Kristen Stewart Today," she had already played cool roles such as Joan Jett in "The Runaways" (2010), when she still hadn't gotten out of the Twilight series, but was filming commercial blockbusters and playing vampire girlfriend Bella. And her unlikely potential fluidity has come to the fore. Joan Jett, the guitarist for the 1960s women's rock band The Runaways, is known for her neutral band-like masculinity, while Joan Jett remains active in rock and roll, and her remake of Crimson and Clover is known as a lesbian love song and a former teammate, Cherie C. The story of urrie's one-night run is still a good word for fans to forget.

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In the 2010 film, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning played Cherie Currie, who also portrayed their affair, in which Kristen Stewart was extremely hard and "Butch" were previously portrayed on screen. Different.

In fact, after the Twilight film series, Kristen Stewart kept experimenting with various characters to break through the existing character shadow, a move that kept her acting career from "being red but not being appreciated." "Camp X-Ray", which she took on in 2014, is an indie film about a female soldier who plays a true "In A Man's World", and the film explores the Middle Easterners who were investigated and detained after 9/11 in the United States, and she plays Amy as a guard of the group.

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And in the 2018 film Lizzie, she and Chloe Sevigny repeat the shocking axe killing, with the story of two women conspiring to root out the hero, as metaphorically bringing down the long-standing patriarchy's repression and abuse of wives and women in general. The lesbian story line in the play makes the film another cool cult movie.

Also worth mentioning is the 2019 release of "Charlie's Angels" featuring Kristen Stewart. This familiar film and television series has been adhered to a formula: the three heroines must be a blond white person with two different hair color women, and the three-choice corner, also reflects some of the social aesthetic.

In the 1976 first season of ABC TELEVISION, the blonde lead actress was played by Farrah Fawcett, a 70s sex icon whose long blonde hair and sunshine were very popular.

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The 2000 film version, made up of Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu, represents three types of women men desire: blonde, red-faced and Asian face.

Nineteen years later, the blonde in the Iron Triangle, who was replaced by Stewart Kristen, an openly bisexual, character-middle-of-the-way, unsweetened actress in Hollywood's classic film and television series, meant a new generation of women who wanted to be, and desired. No longer feminine blonds? The definition of sexiness, which turns out to be more than Sarah Cossey, Kristen Stewart's neutral beauty, may be the new sexy.

She's been on the road.

In Kristen Stewart's acting career, there are a number of music videos. Coincidentally, the road, the drive, the escape, became the subject of several of her works. In 2012, she began her comeback in the movie "On The Road." The film made her no longer just a cult of young people, but more seriously taken by the industry.

Q: Are conversation with people who are are fans of this book radically from different from the fuse the fans of the fans of the Twilight franchise? Are the fans of this book (the original On The Road) very different from the fans of the Twilight series?

Kristen Stewart: I don't get to have a very lotaed conversation with Twilight fans. It's really rare. (...) But, I find it a lot of people i talk to, and most journalists that i sit with, are huge huge On the Road fans (...) The sa's is there's a lot to feel in twilight, and that's usually my experience, a's a's a' ththose fans. You just feel it. But with on the road, there's a lot to talk about.
Usually I don't have in-depth conversations with Twilight fans, very little. However, I have found that many of the people or journalists I speak to are people who have a strong interest and love for On The Road. It's probably that "Twilight" is a personal feeling many times, and communication with fans is based on that feeling. But What On The Road brings is a different kind of conversation.

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In the Ride'em all down music video of Rolling Stones, she drives a blue car alone, in a daily neutral outfit, performs a speeding road game, feels free, swings her body with the music, and feels like she's not dancing for the audience, but for herself, and she's comfortable with her.

She later performed in Interpol's If You Really Love Noting music video, this time with her hair turned into a skinhead, a suit jacket, strong eye make-up and high heels that officially unfolded. Similarly, her unmanageable doing what she wants to do in the clip, and kissing people around, is reminiscent of the increasingly fluid gender expression in front of the media, her different sexual charm, and her unabashed ness to sexual orientation.

If, since Thelma And Louise, 1991, women's road movie codes have been symbols of psychological and operational escape, free from stereotypes, then witness Kristen Stewart has been transforming on the road, becoming more comfortable and confident each time. This neutral and unruly her, should really be freed from the packaging of commercial movies, gender stereotypes.