On World Reading Day, which book did you read today?

To the 25-year-old lost book list, the days swallowed, often feel that life has lost its way? Then escape to the book, may we all find in the book to take their own warmth.

To dear 25-year-old you:

Living in this generation, sometimes you feel floating, untouchable, unable to build. At 25, you feel like you've cleaned yourself up, you're going to face the society well, you're thinking about having dreams, you're going to be who you want to be if you work very hard.

Then you find that everything is too simple.

You feel like you run every day, the days are swallowing, you can't see the original life goals. You tell yourself, forget it, a day is a day, eat full and wear warm is not good?

At 25 years old, you may be carrying the wounds, on World Reading Day, recommend five books for 25-year-olds, to give you the hurt because of gender, generation, family, life, if the world is painful, let's run away from the book. (Recommended to read:"Jane's book list" to life card off you! Accept that life is good or bad, it is alive)

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About the Injury in Life: Choose 3 Philosophy

Start to take over their own unfamiliar work, clearly has repeatedly confirmed the document or error, after a scolding hand-busy remedy, you are too anxious to eat lunch and dinner, look up, it is 20:35. Shit, with friends to eat dinner, once again put him pigeons, forget, first make a phone call to apologize, just go home to do work.

On the bus home, you think, "yourself" where is it? Want to do everything well, want to make a fixed phone call home, want to regular exercise, want to talk to friends old, want to do a good job, but why is everything always not smooth?

"Choose 3 Philosophy: Focus on 3 Things, Solve the Dilemma of Work Life, And Fix Your Overload Life"

How about an unbalanced, non-overloaded life with only three things a day?

Everyone is talking about work life balance, looking forward to a perfect life model, is play and work, but when Facebook founder Mark. Zuckerber's sister, Landy. Zuckerber was asked: How do you strike a balance between work and family? She shook her head and said, "I can't do it." 」

You don't have to force yourself to balance! Divide the day into work, sleep, family, friends, exercise, choose three things every day, do it seriously, and over time, you can take into account tasks that you can't do at the same time.

It doesn't matter if you feel that your daily imbalance is seriously unbalanced.

About Family Injuries: Satyr Dialogue Practice

You always hesitate about returning home. Mingming thinking of family cooking, Mingming in the restaurant to eat, the next table mother and son interaction with envy, clearly in the work was criticized for the body without skin, the first thought is to hide home.

Mingming, but you don't want to hear the phrase "do so hard and simply quit to go home to find a job", "Leave home work don't complain", sometimes, parents give more "comfort" than the previous setback.

Satyr's Conversation Stakes: Understanding Your Inner Icebergs, Exploring Yourself, Linking Others in a Curious Posture

What should I do if my conversation with my family gets stuck?

One of the most influential psychologists of the twentieth century, Satyr, coined the term "iceberg", a metaphor for everyone being an iceberg, with only a small number of people being seen, and others lurking below the level, all of human beings, such as feelings, expectations, longings, and self.

Do we know ourselves first as we try to find a way to resolve our communication difficulties? Perhaps there is a heavy stone pressed on our hearts, difficult to move. Satyr's dialogue exercises are reconciliation with each other and with yourself. Dig under the horizontal surface and explore the inner depth. Through the context of the iceberg conversation, you can actually solve your communication problems.

About the injuries of generations: a place deeper than the fog

In this foggy generation, there are many questions and confusions.

After the marriage referendum, followed by the 2020 presidential election, followed by political and social issues, the society is still anxious to pursue the non-black and white, stand out. Standing in the direction, we attacked each other and scolded each other. What exactly is right and what is wrong? How far are we from evil and good?

"A Deeper Place Than the Fog"

To you in the fog generation, Zhang Huixuan writing, in the flag waving, snatching the voice of the year, we collectively lost the sense of direction, in the fog can not see five fingers. Perhaps, the fog will never go away, then we go into the fog, back to nothing, to see themselves, to see the world.

About Gender Injury: Taipei Dad, New York Mom

You always can't understand, remember last year's marriage referendum results came out, you clearly have psychological preparation, but still can't help but shed tears, thinking that in the 3.5 million people, there are more people, can not give comrades blessing, can not believe in life and equality.

About gender this matter, you really began to understand the time is in the country, when the students laugh another soft temperament of the classmate is "gay", you do not understand what it means, guess probably with shame, followed by a laugh, only know that boys should not twist pinch, should not cry, should not dress up. When you grow up, you begin to understand the situation of comrades, and you can't laugh. It turns out that we have all experienced gender injuries, whether it's the victim or the victim, and do we really know the story of comrades?

"Taipei Dad, Mom in New York"

Chen Junzhi, "Taipei Dad, New York Mom", wrote family relations from a gay point of view, and his father was the founder of Taiwan's first local brand engaged in color printing, opening seven chain stores at its peak, and then flying to the United States with both parents because of debt problems, leaving four children in Taiwan. In his book, Chen Junzhi also talks about his own from the perspective of gay eldest son, to gaze at their family history.

About the female injury: my injury

Think about your 25-year-old life and courage. No, it's always been a brave thing to be a woman.

Our daily battle sexistness, and every female role shift, from girltos to girls, from teenage girls to mothers.

"My Injury"

Ye Yang "My Injury", written to the girl who has been running hard, there is a young self, but also become a mother's own. After becoming pregnant in 2018, she decided to give birth when she learned that her baby had a birth problem with a chromosomal problem and may have Edward's disease. After the induction, she saw the beginning of a life to the end. Redefining every orgasm in life.

Life is really barren enough, but we have to keep going.

World Reading Day, a list of 25-year-olds' confused and anxious books. At 25, the wound may still continue to appear, but you'll be able to find your own softness in the book.