In an interview with Chen Wei, she said she was a romantic person who lived his life, always imagining a camera patting himself on the back. The interview immediately played a small situation, after the clapping and laughing: "I think, how so humorous, I am really too interesting people, this rhythm is great." 」

Interview last: Actors are easy to sad creatures! Interview Chen Wei: I'm quite M' and need someone to wake up.

Life is fun, I'm too humorous.

Chen Wei's world, at a glance on IG, is like an aquarium, small, colorful, full of fantasy, you are a little elusive. There is a fish in it, she is very happy in her own world.

She says she's a romantic who always imagines a camera patting her on the back.

It's like once, she wanted to take off a college T, and when she took it off, she saw her mother go into the bathroom. Then she kept going, but she got stuck. Chen said, hands raised cross, imitate the posture when undressing, look very funny. "Then I heard my mom come out of the bathroom and I said, "I'm trapped in the world of College T!" 』」

Chen Qi imitation, the voice is very flat, after the performance began to laugh and knock on the table: "I think, how so humorous, I am really too interesting people, this rhythm is great." 」

Days are dramas, and with a shot in the back, you can live a good sense of humor.

Chen's keen perception of life is also reflected in the community. I told her that I liked her unit at IG very much, and it was called 陳 old man talking about objects. Talk about the daily life, extended thinking, there are cats, there is a home. Ask her if she seems to have paused for a while and is she thinking about rewriting it recently?

A post shared@exploreryu Yu Chen on March

She thought for a moment about recently sharing a vinyl record. Chen Wei is a person who does what he does, he devotes himself to it, studies vinyl records, and he does a lot of homework. She said that the vinyl record with a magnifying glass, one track is different depths, the audio track engraved on it. And the needle is a hard thing, every time you listen to it, are hurting the vinyl record: "When you want to listen to it, you are going to hurt it. 」

At the end of the interview that day, I asked Chen Wei, what does your world look like?

"There's music and cats, with idiots, funny little things. Pointing out of the window, she said, "There are big windows, the weather is fine, there is sunshine." 」

It was very similar to the afternoon of the interview, and it was like Chen Wei.

Search for Chen Wei, the keyword is

Speaking of Chen Wei, if you want to use keywords to describe, I think it may be these three:

Chivalrous girl.

Chen Qi has a chivalrous woman's spirit.

She was called old Chen, also said that he was old, probably because when she was a child was always taken by her mother to chat with friends, she also likes to listen to her mother and aunts chat. Contact with the world of the elderly early, rather than playing with children, over time, next to the same age friends are few.

"When high school was the smallest group, I didn't have it at all. To the university is also, there are good friends around, but will not stick together every day. She believes that friends are built on mutual appreciation.

If there is such a concept, from high school to college will not worry about a person eating without accompanied, I said with a smile. She returned to ah, the relationship between friends is mutual trust, hero sorry hero: "So that old cheng, may be a sense of rivers and lakes, a certain kind of morality, a certain kind of rules." 」

When she said this, I imagined that she was carrying a sword behind her back, and that her robe was in the wind and she felt very handsome.


Chen Also play games, play legend duel, but she said she is a bit out of time, now many people do not play. Since becoming an actress, playing video and games has taken her completely out of the actor mode, rather than watching TV.

From playing video games, she can also understand the truth.

"Acting is a team game, not a one-man game, so why do I play legend duels?" When everyone fights, the actor can not stand alone, at any time follow the situation of partners, is the actor must strive to have the ability: "the sooner you know when to enter the scene, where the advantages are weak, so that the acting as a whole is good." 」

Looking for/not looking for answers?

Chen shared a recent look at the Japanese drama White Tower, talking about power relations, talking about human nature. She says she likes one of the classic sayings best, and a word can be pondered for a long time:

"Doctors are human, too, and we are not God. 」

The same lines are uttered by interest-oriented doctors, and the ideal-oriented doctors say different goals: one is rejection, one is persuasion.

"A lot of times we want to speak very well, as if it were soft. But it can be used maliciously, exactly the same. Just like our sense of justice, in fact, our sense of justice is very easy to be incited. She nodded thoughtfully.

Regarding human nature, Chen Qi has endless inquiries, such as the pursuit of interests, personality changes how to face? Is this good or bad? I asked her if she had found the answer after all the roles. She shook her head, not yet.

Or maybe there's no answer at all.