Interview with actor Chen Wei. After joining the cast in 2015, Chen's name began to get the public's attention faster than he thought. "It's all lucky, too much for people who do better than me, " she explains with great force. 」

Want to do good plays, want to become more famous, she says, and the process inevitably hurts people: "But I think the more you are recognized, the more you give strength to those around you, the more you tell them that they're really not worse than you." Really not. 」

You have heard Chen Wei, may be in the "love sandstorm" character straight to the straight AlsoShan, may be "our distance from evil" as the victim's family, still embrace the ideal Of Li Dazhi. Privately, someone called her old Chen, some people say she is the sister of Baro Meng, to a certain extent, reflects Chen's character, some of the ancient spirit of strange, the actor has a great enthusiasm.

He joined the cast in 2015 and began performing the first planting theater in 2016, four years on the cast, and Chen Qi ran fast. With acting to catch the public's attention, but she said very hard, "Everything is lucky, better than my acting people, too much too much." 」

In this interview, Chen Wei from the upcoming new play "If love, come back" began to talk about a couple who have been married for six years, in the relationship is tight to the extreme, the hero crossed into another parallel time and space, where the wife has become a friend's girlfriend. So he had to mend the regret sorry, in order to smoothly return to the original time and space.

Playing a girl who lives only in the second time and space, Chen said, she has some ancient spirit, some elusive, some parts, quite like the occasional self.

What if I'm the one who's the most failed?

Crossing time and space to repair regret, I asked Chen Wei has the opportunity to want to want to cross. She said decisively that she would not use it: "Because I am afraid of other time and space I am better than I am now." 」

"If love, come again" there is a section she was particularly impressed, is the hero comforts the will of the small Xi, said that the parallel universe exists, you make a choice, you will produce thousands of you, as long as not the most failed one is good. Chen Qi is very firm, "at least I do not see other time and space of me, will feel good." I like this time and space very much. 」

Another reason not to use is regret.

A good climb comb of past interpersonal relationships, Chen Wei mused for a moment: "Whether it is a friend, or the other half, after regret, will know more about how to protect the people around them now." 」

Think back in the past in the feelings, there have been hurtpeople. For example, when the other half loves himself wholeheartedly, she says to the other half, no one can bear such love. After thinking, Chen said the other side is nothing, no control, no check-in, just wholehearted love, she can not afford.

Sorry, said hurtful words, in the eyes of others seem to be a very good thing, can not cherish. Chen said this is human nature, after that love affair, she saw their own weaknesses, and did not want to force change. But the regret in this relationship, make yourself softer, next time may let oneself love each other a little more.

That's why You don't want a time machine. I have regrets, I am afraid of failure, it's okay. After telling the story, like putting down the stone on his shoulder for a while, Chen's tone was very light.

So if there's a chance you won't cross? I confirmed it again.

"Yes, it's spicy. She spoke with great success, and smiled at herself as she finished.

I want to be caught, too.

"If love, come back" xiaoXi, like wrapped in a thick shell, a lot of things will want to carry up themselves: for example, Mingming has eaten hamburgers to eat do not want to eat, but still in order to find parents recipes, operating hamburger carts. When the depression, always want to shoulder their own sorrow, is a person who will want to protect themselves. (Recommended reading: You don't need to be strong all the time: five ways to face vulnerability)

I asked her, would she want to be able to protect people? She shook her head and said she would prefer someone to catch herself, especially after becoming an actor: "Because I think actors are neurotic, it's important to have our people catch us when we're sending out a distress call." 」

There are many forms of catch, such as seeing negative evaluation of the moment of melancholy burst, some one is willing to spend time on their own body, eat a meal, see a play, and, for example, when the moment to deny themselves, need a vicious words to wake themselves up, pain directly: "I seem to be full of M." Then haha two sentences, full of gas.

She felt lucky that there were many people around her who could go on with her. But it's not easy to bring the soft piece out and tell others they need comfort, they need to hug. Look at the role played by Chen Wei, also Shan, Dazhi, Xiao Xiyu also have not easily shed tears to show weakness of the strong. Weakness, is necessary to practice. (Recommended reading: Psychologists talk about intimacy: strong independence, does not mean refusing to rely on and show weakness)

"The development of a trait of being strong at first is self-esteem, because I am also a self-esteem blowout. She grew up seemingly not to express her sadness or grievance by "crying" because she didn't want to make people feel like they needed to be taken care of. Later, the heart of the small hedgehog more fat, found that strong in the community is very good use, not cause others trouble, and someone else.

But it was chen who really started tearing down the heavy shell, and Chen remembers being in college. Because something happened at home, let the strong collapse of the moment, that moment, very idol drama.

"I was very impressed that time, I want to take the key to open the door of the community, but the door of the community is broken, so you Joe's angle can open." At that time I just opened, opened, opened, can't open. She stood sideways, holding the air key in her hand, and couldn't get in: "Then I stopped over there and I cried, wondering why I couldn't even do this, why it wasn't going well." 」

Another time, is "our distance from evil", can not catch up with everyone's anxiety so that she can not adapt, and parents said trouble, parents back to her "then keep up with everyone ah!" "Then you're going to refuel!" Unlike the expected comfort, she bowed her head and began to wipe tears. Parents were frightened, holding Chen Wei began to comfort.

Chen Wei speaks, likes to play on one side, very engaged. It always felt that she had created a big bubble in this space, and then let the others into her world, crying with her, laughing together.

"Not everyone can immediately adjust to your frequency, and may accidentally ignore your emotions at first." But I think after practicing a few times, the other person will be quite easy to detect how you are now. 」

"I think the more people I can analyze your own objects, the happier it is," she said. 」

There are so many actors better than me, and I know I have luck.

After graduating from the drama department and entering the plant theater in 2015, Chen said he had mistakenly hit him. But whether it is stage play or TV drama, like the original intention of the performance is the same, are in the study of people, the study of emotions, the study of human nature.

Chen Wei is very happy, her eyes of the world, everything is fun, everything romantic fresh, and can always draw some truth from it. Like a while to be interested in the Olympic shooting category, began to watch a lot of archery, air pistol film. The competition time is very short, the test in addition to the technical, but also psychological quality, so in the training of players also pay attention to the training of psychological quality.

Why, she asked, is no one in the field of acting thinking about it? Performance also needs psychological quality ah, "I think it is super easy to be an actor sad." Chen said, "The more scenes you shoot, the more realistic you feel."

"Why aren't we like the world?" You know if you do well in that game, it's worth a thousand times. I think it's exactly the same logic. As soon as an actor gets a good role, your world will be very different. 」

Fame grows as fast as vines, and it's too late to be ready, interviews and reports follow, Chen Looks down at the table, mutters, all this beyond his imagination, feel not healthy. There's nothing behind it, I think there's the pressure that comes with it. She looked up and explained, "There are too many actors who are better than me, really." And I read the drama department, and the talented people in my class grabbed him. I really know that sometimes it's luck. 」

Luck makes it easy, strength makes it better. Sitting in front of my eyes, Chen Qi, is only using their own methods to interpret the world they see. The original intention of acting is to hope that everyone can get the healing power, in this process, she also hope to become more and more well-known, receive more good drama.

"But in the process, what if I'm going to be a good person to get a good play?" She throws a question to herself, does she know better how to pander to others? Know how to make others like yourself? This feels good or bad, and the bad is that it can hurt others.

Chen Wei interview, talking about the deeper topic, always like to stare out of the window, throw questions, I often feel that in her alone, will also ask themselves. Silence for a long time: "My later answer is, as long as there is a person, she is very serious in the job, it is possible in other people's world is bad?" Because you keep climbing up, it's inevitable to step on someone else's body. Then she sighed as a relief: "But I think the more you are recognized, the more you give the people around you the strength to tell them that they are really no worse than you." Really not. 」

"Living will inevitably hurt others, but you can still think about the distance from good." 」

Interview next: listen to vinyl, hit the electric, speak moral! There's an old name called Chen Wei.