Following Pixar's announcement of 12 Constellation animated character sits, Disney also launched the Princess Series' 12 Constellation series for characters!

Our childhood, have fancied that they can become a fairy tale princess, meet a lover and live a happy life. Now Disney officially announces the 12 Constellation representatives directly, let's see if it's the same person you think of!

"Nothing is more important than being yourself. 」

- "Ocean Edge"

Disney cartoons, in addition to giving countless teenage girls hope and dream, but also often for the main character to add more anthropomorphic, realistic character traits, so that the audience can be more emplaced with the strength. We can project ourselves on a princess and let him take us on a gorgeous adventure that meets the illusions that cannot be realized in real life.

And as you get older, you understand that reality is not as dreamy as fairy tales. But that's fine, because you're already willing to be the princess waiting for the prince to save, and you'll be your own queen. And on the way to becoming Queen, you can see the power to go on from the role of princess you used to love. (Recommended reading: God-like Taro: Quiz you have what kind of Disney princess soul? ) )

Share disney's recently announced 12 constellations of princess representative characters, together from the "Prince and Princess from the happy days from then on" the perfect ending frame, with the princess character representative as an endpoint, see their own life has a vision, but also see their own now have a beautiful.

Aquarius on behalf of princess: Mona/Ocean Edge

Photo: Ocean's Edge

Mona in Ocean's Edge is the first of the princesses from Oceania. Perhaps because of the relationship that surrounds nature, rather than being pampered in the castle, she is snob, does not play cards according to the cards, does not feel that she is a "princess", just like the different aquarius, you do not care about the social provisions "girls should want" you only care" I want it myself, and you expect to define your life by your own strength and to live a different princess look.

Pisces on Behalf: Ariel/The Little Mermaid

Photo : The Little Mermaid poster

In "The Little Mermaid", in order to pursue true love at any cost of TheRiel, in fact, the bone is a moth fire story, but also a romantic story. Romance in The courage of Elle's determination for true love, romance in the dedication to love. In many constellations, Pisces you are also a romantic representative, you often love very hard, do not hope to love, but also do not forget, can not love their own people, can not love others. Give your little advice, is to hope that you learn to be romantic to themselves, but also to love yourself!

Aries on behalf of princess: Magnolia/Flower Magnolia

Photo : "Flower Magnolia"

Magnolia's personality in "Flower Magnolia" is straightforward and refreshing, and is bound to be more close to the characteristics of the constellation of fire, while in the constellation of fire, the most suitable for the vitality and courage of the peony. Although you are sometimes impulsive, but impulse behind the hidden full of care and sense of justice, is with the Magnolia father from the army's allusion as a thorough. Look forward to you with such strength and strength, continue to strive for their own ideals and life!

Taurus on behalf of princess: Merida/The Legend of Courage

Photo : "Brave Legends"

Pragmatic Taurus, rarely live in the princess's beautiful pink bubble, than imagination, Taurus you are better at direct initiative, and "Brave Legend" in order to get rid of the fate of the traditional princess, struggling for freedom of Melida. But although you are good at their own idealactive attack, in the emotional is to take a relatively passive posture, habits first hide their true voice, waiting for a real understanding of your people appear.

Gemini on behalf of princess: Aurora/Sleeping Beauty

Photo : Sleeping Beauty

Remember the Sleeping Beauty O'Laura who touched the spindle for curiosity and put himself in a long sleep? Although Gemini and Sleeping Beauty have a curiosity of "wild fire, spring breeze and life", but compared to sleeping beauty curiosity let oneself in trouble, Gemini curiosity can often make themselves a new source of knowledge among friends, as long as proper use, Gemini curiosity will not kill the cat, is able to promote their own motivation to learn Oh!

Cancer on behalf of princess: Le Pe/Wonder Land

Photo : "Wonder's Edge"

Despite learning that the witch who raised her own is not her biological mother, LePe in "Wonder land" still has an indelible emotional link to the witch. This and love of the characteristics of the Cancer, home to Cancer has a strong attraction, as long as cancer is identified as family or close people, Cancer will be extremely careful care of the treatment, go out will always miss the family, just like Le Pei always hope to return to his biological parents around the same!

Leo on behalf of princess: Belle/Beauty and the Beast

Photo : Beauty and the Beast

It may not be visible from the outside, but the sense of leadership in Belle's body in Beauty and the Beast has long since flowed out of his every move. Leo's king style can be very convergent, can also be very outgoing, can put energy freely put you, often give people a reliable, trustworthy sense of trust. Just as Belle may seem weak, it is actually the source of power in the hearts of wild animals.

Virgo on behalf of the Princess: Snow White/Snow White

Photo : Snow White

In the princessbelong to the literary jingxian school of snow, has the same delicate mind as virgo, to the people around things are also quite friendly, but also simple as Virgo, easy because too credulous to others lead to injury. Although your kind, optimistic personality can heal your inner wounds, be careful not to let yourself cycle through the injury cycle and hurt your positive energy. (Recommended reading: Why can Snow White make friends with small animals?) ) )

Libra on behalf of the Princess: Sendora/Sindhu Qiyuan

Photo : "Fairy Odd Edge"

Libra, who likes to make friends with many friends, has the same social influence as Sindorella, who can win the attention of the ball, and you can easily stand out among the crowd with your personal charm and be a natural social king. But at the same time you are also a romantic for love to go to the soup fire, emotional lying easy because of a moment of intoxication and fall into it, give you a little advice is, before realizing that they are about to be blinded by love, try to observe, talk with friends, do not let the feeling sits above reason!

Scorpio on behalf of princess: Tiana/The Frog Prince

Photo : The Frog Prince

Scorpio is most often regarded as the external cold inner heat, mouth is the wrong-hearted representative, is just like Tiana in "The Frog Prince", there is a sense of mystery to let people explore the exact. Scorpio you are used to arming yourself, do not easily let outsiders see through your mind, but as long as a remove the heart, you can find that you actually have a hot heart, has been waiting to spend all the attention in the love of people.

Sagittarius on behalf of the Princess: Jasmine/Aladdin

Photo : Aladdin

Nature does not love to be constrained, the pursuit of freedom of Sagittarius characteristics, and "Aladdin" always want to escape from the palace of the Princess Jasmine, the straight Sagittarius as long as there are any emotions will emerge in the face can not hide, like lively, happy personality can not hide. Such sincere you, is the eyes of others can become a good friend, a good partner of the first candidate. Bless you for the rest of your life with passion!

Capricorn on behalf of the Princess: Baojia Conti/Wonderland in the Wind

Photo : "Strange Edge in the Wind"

Like to work according to the order, rational and occasionally give people a little serious feeling of Capricorn, in fact, in the difficult situation is more determined, but also particularly able to suffer. With the reason known as Bao Jiaconti has the same attitude towards life, in the feelings are not easy to lose reason, even quarrel with the partner is rarely noisy, accustomed to using rational communication to solve problems. But sometimes may be too rational you also occasionally let yourself relax, a little "off the rails" to enjoy the fun of life!

Whatever the future holds, what you have experienced in the past will be a constant nutrient for progress. We can from the process of imitating and loving Disney princesses, we can slowly understand their unique, with the characters to grow together, and then live into the real world queen. Bless you, can hold the dream of the vision and dream, walk steadily on the road to become their own.