The annual female film festival comes again!10/12-10/21 officially starts running in the New Light of Taipei City.At the time of the 19-year-old women's film festival, womany also came to a small film festival, together with all of the women in the film that let us forget in the movies.

Bitter-Andrea Sachs

< movie: The Devil in Prada, 2006 > An Hesse, in the role of

Every day, the devil is tortured by the devil's boss, and he accepts all kinds of work and draconian demands, and he takes unreasonable training as a training ground.Perhaps our boss is not that bad, but the workload really makes us feel a bit bad."When the world is in a mess, it means that it wants to be promoted.""This is a line that makes a lot of other things in front of the big screen," he said.It is really great to work hard to get better and better, but it is also necessary to properly release the pressure!Use the newly bought cup for urine to give coffee to the owner, so that he can sneak up in the teawater.Every day you can make your dreams come closer and closer to yourself, come on, little girl!

Incidental prank- Mizar urinal cup / Poo-poo cup

Classical Young-Elizabeth Bennet

Kilanetli portrayal

it comes to the English classic, aside from the good tea, there is also a novel by Jane Austen.In the book, Kirilanetli is like the main character of the book, and no one can interpret the heroine of the heroine so well.Girls are both rational and sentimental, and their pupils are occasionally loving, but also flicker to make people fan-out.A smart girl doesn't always have a full score in love. In books, there are thousands of knowledge, and the fate of love can only be led by leaps and bounds.There is a strong sense of character in the outside, and the outside also has a good sense ofWear the happy little bird in front of the chest, so that the good men who know it can move forward.

A good quality of knowledge- Earl of Earl Library Tea odor

Happiness to report in- Serena Chen collar necklace

the traditional university professor-Katherine Watson

< Movie: smile of Mona Lisa, Julia Roberts as the

"Everyone likes to see the smile of Mona Lisa, but nobody knows if Mona Lisa is really happy.""Julia Roberts, a professor of art history, is very different from the old people who have the impression that they are based on the subject."At the time, everyone thought that the ultimate goal of women was to be a perfect housewife.But who says that most people's opinions are necessarily correct?The number of supporters is not the basis for the wrong, and it is not possible to lose the ability to think independently and to ignore the voices of the bottom of the heart.It is the only way that my own destiny is to be counted.In the front of the mind, she has inspired students to think about their own future.It is most gratifying to have a positive contribution to the student population.

Life is art- hummingbird Mona Lisa

Traditional and innovative sparks- mugthing-imitation porcelain

Eminent Food Artist-Julia

< movie: Delicious Relationship, 2009 > Melissa, portrayed as

Life can be a good place, and you can challenge it differently, and make another day.From the most basic egg, to the ambassador's wife, Julia, the learning process is no longer just a perfect wife, but an opportunity to complete her dream.She found herself in a cooking interest, changed herself, and influenced others around her.The good food is not only soothing the belly, it also makes the relationship between each other sweet.The most delicious relationship is, in fact, every second of the person who pays attention to the most.

Both cuisine and life require flavoring- Mr. QUALY Pepper and Mrs.

Make the chef more interesting- QUALY Peacock Chef-Pyo

Anya Smith (Anya Smith

< Movie: Rome Holidays, 195<~+:3> Audrey Hepburn as

The princess's life is always a good one, but a princess herself doesn't think so.Audrey Hepburn, who first tried to cry in Hollywood, became a classic in the beauty of the beauty and beauty of beauty.Outside the door, we always envy people's lives, but in fact, no one lives in perfection.Maybe we can't become who we want, but at least like Audrey Hepburn, find a princess, daughter, wife, employee, and enjoy a Roman holiday in the same day!

The Beautiful, Beautiful and Love Earth- 25TOGO Grand Star Environmental Bab-Audrey Hepburn

A Pearl of the Ball
A Good Eyes- Library Brass Candy earring

memorable sexy goddess-The movie: The Seven Year Itchy, 1955 > Marilyn Monroe's portrayal

Speaking of Marilyn Monroe, the first screen to break into my head is the classic piece of the skirt that is blown up by the wind.A woman who has a good face and a good figure is a good star, but she has a unique tree, but she still retains her pure spirit in spite of all the fangs she has.The conflict is incompatible with the charming elegance of the conflict, and it makes people feel that she is dumping her.The standard of beauty is not necessarily determined by the size of the extension platform. The degree of beauty of Monroe is also a beauty, and confidence is a sense of the nature.Take good care of yourself, let people and yourself become fans.

Take the beautiful recipes down- 25TOGO celebrity notebook-Marilyn Monroe Monroe

Make the body more attractive- 6126 Lindsay Lohan pink lace

How many women are memorable in the movie, and what kind of thing do they want to be?Some women are femininity, and some are femininity.Women can be in the workplace, and they can also be housewives who enjoy their children's lives.The image of a woman does not have a standard answer. It is the most important thing to like oneself.Because so many people are different, the beauty of a woman is like a hundred flowers bloom, and the colors are thousands.Women are many. Women make waves.

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To be an unforgetable woman in your

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