"Hahaha, laugh, good luck will come!" "Maybe it's because you're braver! Remember the classic line in Our Distance from Evil? Illustrator Paula Hsu Art shared the illustrated version of "We Are from Evil" characters on the community, perfectly portraying the characters in the play, and reliving the play together through illustrations and quotations.

The Taiwan social drama "The Distance Between Us and evil", which caused social discussion, ended on Sunday (4/21), with a profound and moving analysis of the indiscriminate killings, the death penalty controversy, the plight of the news media, and even the stigma of mental illness and the definition of "home".

Illustrator Paula Hsu Art shares the illustrated version of our "Our Distance from Evil" characters, which fully interpret the state and charm of each person in the play. Does this classic play feel lost after it's over? Let's reminisce about the distance between us and evil!

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Photo:Paula Hsu Art

Li's father, Li Mother, and Li Dazhi: The victim's family, still have the right to live?

Photo:Paula Hsu Art

"There's not a mom and dad all day, it's going to take 20 years to raise a murderer. -Mother Li

"Yes, my brother killed a lot of people, but my family and I didn't even qualify for life?" Li Dazhi

After his brother Li Xiaoming committed the movie theater murder, Li's family, as the victim's family, was chased by the media and public opinion: "What is the use of apology?" "Who taught you to kneel?" For many years, they were buried in the small village with a heavy sense of guilt. "Our Distance from Evil" makes us rethink in a different perspective: As the families of the perpetrators, must they atone for a lifetime? (Recommended reading: Actors are easy sad creatures!) Interview with Chen Wei: I am full of M, need people to wake up )

Look at events from a different perspective:

Song Qiao'an and Liu Zhaoguo: What about my son? Doesn't my son have a right to live?

Photo:Paula Hsu Art

"If you find the truth, you find the motive, there will be no next victim." Liu Zhaoguo

"I also sincerely believe that the best way to solve the injury is after-care and prevention" - Liu Zhaoguo

"Don't say I want to reform, I just want to go back to the original intention, what was the original intention of what we were doing news." Song Qiao'an

"I don't want to be the family of a victim for a lifetime" - Song Joan

Son Liu Tianyan was killed in an indiscriminate killing, Song Qiao'an and Liu Zhaoguo as the families of the victims, difficult to get out of the pain, marriage and parent-child relationship has been reduced to freezing point. In addition to the way the two men have dealt with the pain, or indulged, or to find a way to save themselves, we also saw the real plight of Taiwan's news media and thoughts about broadcasting social events.

With regard to the pain of the families of the victims:

Liao News: What exactly does God want us to learn?

Photo:Paula Hsu Art

"We are all good people, do not know why things will become like this, God want us to learn what?" Liao News

As Song Qiao'an's old comrade-in-arms, since she lost her son, Liao Newshi watched her from a humorous, bad-mouthed, but tender-hearted journalist, to cold-faced, armor-wearing, refusing anyone to enter the atrium's deputy director.

In the play, he always stands in a gentle angle, accompanying his old comrades in the face of all the pain.

Mei Mei and Wang Amnesty: What is a good person? What is a bad guy?

Photo:Paula Hsu Art

"He should die by killing people, but that does not mean that democracy and the rule of law should be accompanied by burial." -Wang Amnesty

"Protect your family before you are qualified to help others." " - Beauty

What exactly is a good person? What is a bad guy? Despite social inunderstanding and the family around him, Wang continued to vigorously defend the death penalty, and many of the questions he raised in the play evoked a re-examination of the significance of sentencing. At the same time, as the wife of a defense lawyer for death row inmates, Mei Mei also reflects a mother's fear of the future of her child, causing many people to share the feeling.

About what it looks like to be home:

Shouldy Cong and Should Ying Yue: Why me? They all say I'm sick.

Photo:Paula Hsu Art

"I'm going to be a good movie, the kind of good ending." - Should Si-Chung

"Can you treat me like a normal person?" Can the average person? - Should Si-Chung

"You should think about it, and you will be fine. - Should be happy

"Laugh, good luck will come!" - Should be happy

Speaking of the most impressive scene in the play, there is no better than should be si-chung after the onset of illness, to the family and should be happy to keep saying, "I'm sorry, I want to go home." How many people shed tears in this scene?

The brother-in-law truly depicts the change of mentality in the face of the illness between the patient and the patient's family members, and also reflects the stigma of the society towards the mentally ill. How far are we from stigmatizing the mentally ill after the play is over?

The play is over, the patient's life has not yet:

Liu Tianqing and Song Qiaoping and Lin Yijun: It's all because of courage!

Photo:Paula Hsu Art

"Maybe it's because you're braver!" - Song Qiaoping

"Why me?" asked Mr. Si. Why am I sick? Song Qiao ping patted him on the shoulder, said: "Maybe it is because you are more brave!" Song Qiaoping and Lin Yijun, a medical couple, take us back into the mentally ill situation in the play, and look at all the mental illness from a gentle perspective.

It is because we are so brave, so God giveus us more challenges, do not give up on themselves, one day, everything will be good:

Revisiting the classic quote of "Our Distance from Evil", during which the five weeks we follow edited the characters in tears, laughs, recovered, healed ourselves, and the play is over, but our thoughts and debates on the subject should continue.

What have you learned in this community's collective consultation class?