Before we raised "one word to say sexism" from readers, more than a thousand readers message response, we found that not only girls, in fact, boys are also deeply affected by discrimination, regardless of gender, size, experience, everyone can be harmed by discrimination, we have compiled three common types of discrimination, there are you have heard of discrimination? Let's share your feelings.

Discrimination is a sharp knife, someone is inadvertently scratched, someone is rudely attacked in the public, the injured place may heal in a day, but the scars left deeper and deeper than the wound to the heart.

Breaking down sexism is one of the gender issues that women fans want to change, and after women's fanship - gender power goes live, we decided to invite readers to join in the community to change and bring experience to life.

Facebook Original

We posted our first post on Facebook asking readers: What kind of sexism have you heard?

In less than a week, more than a thousand messages were received, and 700 more were shared by the community, and we saw from the messages that every discriminatory wound, whether unintentional, violent, unjustified, torn, was shocking.

We'll filter messages and share with you the following three most common discriminatory words:

Male Discrimination: What is the man who can't support a family?

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Taiwan discrimination: sow, dry he's right

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Survivor Discrimination: You didn't resist, boys, how do you know you're really not?

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