Whether you're single or not, with or without a motorhome, you'd rather love yourself than if you're pursuing "the ideal life in the eyes of others." Six independent women from head to toe love their own way, a person's life, you can use the way you like!

There is no other, great or beautiful story to compare, you come unique, but this society has been teaching you, your story to be like others or to be different from others, as if this live there is a fucking little meaning.

Zhang Hang

Hey, you're doing what you really want to do? How long have you not made yourself happy?

When everyone around you is surprised that you are still single, friends one by one marriage, wedding flowers lost to your hands, when family and relatives ask you when to change to a better job, when to buy a car, everyone around you expect you to do what they think "you will be happy", crazy to compare people around you, tell you to say This can be happy ah, "Oops so happy!" 」

You shake your head, shrug and smile, know with its pursuit of other people's ideal life, but also hope to love themselves, whether single or not, whether or not a motorhome.

Six independent women from head to toe love their own way, a person's life, you can use the way you like!

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Believe reading is the sexiest thing.

The people you met, the pathyou you've walked, the books you've read, the ones you've seen. Every word in the book nourishes every day you have. Independent woman, like to leave a book for themselves time, careful taste of life. Instead, pick out a few good books for yourself each month to nourish your mind:

Don't want to keep up with the world, just want to live well in time

In the era of accelerated pace, independent women do not slow, understand their own time zone, slow a little bit does not matter, such as spending an hour to eat a good meal, watch a second round of film, old but romantic. Then slowly in the carry-on manual, a record of the pace of life: a delicious restaurant, a good reading of the coffee shop, can visit the small shop
You believe that every little thing in your life is worth recording:

time, to invest in yourself

Independent woman life, know in each stage of life, how to care for themselves, but also know their own state. Don't follow the big brand ads, like to find their own really good use, but also suitable for their own. Believe in your true experience and take care of your skin with natural care products because it's worth it.

More emphasis on personal features than brands

Independent woman, do not care whether the body wearing whether the European and American style, Japanese, Korean, do not care whether the clothes from someone shouted out of the brand, you know the value of a dress is whether it can present personal characteristics, the most important thing is that they like it. You enjoy being your own good:

Take care of myself, I don't bother.

After menstruation, sultry weather, the privacy will always be wet and stuffy, a little itchy smell. Independent women most understand the changes in their bodies, to the body with the best, privacy is also. You say, take care of yourself, don't bother:

Six independent women love their own way, how the world changes, what outsiders say, will not hurt you, because you believe that can make themselves happy, always only their own.