If you have a house like this, it's going to disappear from the construction before it's built, and it's going to make people and ideas unconstrained in there, and it's going to be a place where it's going to be.The REC space lab that represents RECod, REConstruct, RECode (Record, Reconstruct, Recode) is the creative space that breaks any boundaries, moves people to the real platform, and moves them onto the real platform.

Refactoring of the old house's REC, the original buildings, and the near ruins seem to be claiming that the old memories of the house are also being hollowed out as guests of the old house, a building student who enters, does not want to be forceful, rewrites memories of the old house, and attempts to record and reappear different memories from an open, third party perspective.Thus, the "REC" space lab, named "Record", was born.

From August 2011 to August 2012, one space, one student, 30 experiments, and thousands of audience smarts with creative writers, will record the next rich story in a short span of a year.This time, Womany is heading south, hoping to take you along to witness the unique space experiment.

In a warm and comfortable afternoon, we and founder Samuel Chen of the REC, in a coffee shop, seem to be cool, and he has a kind of hard-to-be-spoken magic that he couldn't help but follow his words into his own story.

frame, see more possibilities active

" If you want to make a model, you might as well do a 1:1. If you want to develop, just go straight to create a space!"

The origins of this experiment came from Samuel's graduation topic during the construction of the Institute of Architecture, thinking that "architecture shouldn't be just a paper talk!"He has abandoned the traditional way of making models on paper, making models, hoping to create a "space" more proactively and directly implement all the strange ideas in the brain.

"Learning from the traditional school system and teacher protection is like being confined to the walls, and students often take their own pleasure in their own environment."As a result, Samuel, who is full of ideas, wants to put his students aside and throw themselves into the outside world in a more autonomous way, and to create and learn.

spite of the fact that the idea of "space" was created, the overall outline was not quite clear, and that it was not as good as having thought so much, so that Samuel went to find the right place, and that it was so amazing that he didn't expect to see such a beautiful story in the next year.

the project was delayed, the old house on the street in the city of Taipei was not immediately offered for sale. After hearing Samuel's bold proposal, the 50-year-old aunt was willing to delay the demolition of the house for a year, even if he hadn't done so, so that he could use the space to directly implement the idea of all the sky.

As a result, the REC space lab, with time limits and space field, was born in Samuel's hands.In a flexible and open state, a diverse group of people collide with the imagination of a rich spark in it.

The aging of the metamorphosis of the old house in the hands of Samuel has become a time-focused space lab.

Long-to-go and dialectal growth

REC, just one of the ways to try to throw a problem at society!As to the process of setting up the REC, Samuel said that it was as natural as it was to break the form of a traditional topic, raise money as a student, or set up a space laboratory like REC.

" In society, you have to do an exhibition, usually the sponsor is not a unit, it's an adult in a certain field, but art, why must I be oligarched?Why can't they have their own curators?For Samuel, the establishment of the REC is like a constant loss of problems to the outside world, and a way of growth in the context of society's mutual discourse.

However, in the early days of the REC space laboratory, which was not actually built with the experience of building the house, it was still a lot of problems when he was at the beginning of the REC space laboratory.In addition to dealing with the voices of concern and challenges, we have to try to absorb, digest, and make a clearer direction.When you see a variety of different kinds of builders, whether it is water, cement, or horticulture, they have more experience in building houses than they are, and they have learned to learn the lesson from their own. On the one hand, they learn to build confidence and try to make each other understand themselves in a more equal manner.

Experiments, that is, never

the first three months from conception to construction, the REC was agreed to be a program that lasts only one year, but the time limit allows Samuel to spend less on spending. It can be implemented in a simpler and more open manner, making REC an elastic creative platform that allows creators to extraptly make their own ideas and engage in direct interaction with the public.

Also, because of the time frame, Samuel has broken the structure of the past, and has shaped the REC as a kind of "mobile space." In each month, creators of various fields such as design, music, photography, art and so on, play a game of "experiment" with no cap in the field.Since it is an experiment, there is a cause for change, and the results of the experiment are unknown to Samuel, creators, or audiences.Between the creators and the audience in different fields, the various experimental factors are constantly colliding in the process, and there is a sparkle of sparks. Here, it seems that all the boundaries are blurred, and that all of them cannot be turned into possible.

Not only every month, but even solo exhibitions and activities themselves are like a kind of mobile experiment!For example, the REC and the orchestra organized an "Unparalleled Space Show" where members of the orchestra were dispersed in different spaces of REC. The audience was unable to watch all of the performers at once, and could only move freely in the music, observe each member, and make a close-up experience of each part of the music creation.In a painting exhibition held by the REC and the painter Wang Lang, the painter directly moved to REC, and in front of the audience, the artist's feelings or paintings, or paintings, perhaps, when you read the same painting a few minutes later, you will find that the painting has produced a slight change, and the people who look at the exhibition have different points and surprises.

REC × Afrisiya < Unparalleled Space Show: Staggered by members in different spaces, the "creation" itself,
music of the music itself, is not as seen as the usual audience.

The art is not dead, and the exhibition does not necessarily have to be static.In the REC × Trolls >, the
painter " is directly present in front of the audience to witness the birth of the art.

is just a story, talent is the main

" Although I do architecture, I don't want to talk about architecture, I don't want to talk about space, because architecture is just a box, and people in it are the most important!In the course of the conversation, it was not difficult to hear Samuel's attention to the human being, but when he wanted to talk about his own architectural philosophy, we found that in the process of our dialogue, we were almost talking about "people."

The viewer of the REC space lab was surprised to find that, as the founder of space, Samuel, while in the course of the tour, was mostly about current exhibitions and events, and only when he asked about the idea of building the REC's space and building ideas.Because of Samuel, the building is a state of movement." The exterior of the space is rigid, the form is rigid, and what people think about is the focus, and there is no need to over-interpret it.

It's a metaphor for film production, and architecture is like a scene of a story, and a person is the real main character.He only hitchhiking the film scene. The audience is an actor. Each actor has an autonomous right to development. It can selectively interact with the environment. The stories of people interacting with each other in space are the most important and worthwhile items to be recorded."The house has already been set up, it's just a container, and the container is supposed to be used.""

to have the next

Even though this is an experiment in the time of the countdown to the beginning of the birth, as the REC represents the meaning of the Record (RECord), what is recorded in the process is the most precious.

In August 2012, in a short period of one year, the REC, which just ended the one-year period, recorded 30 experiments in space. With the end of the program, Samuel said that it was a good thing to end up with a quick and quick end.

You are invited to various occasions to share Samuel for the creation of the REC story, and think that you have to go to the next step only." I don't want to, REC equals Chen Weigang.If only under the REC, there is no way to make progress, and there will be no progress." REC, for Samuel, plays an important role in life, and through the REC, he has grown up, but he must also be able to respond to growth, and not always talk about it.

REC, just talking about people interacting with the world, trying to ask questions, challenges, and a stalemate!This concept can be transformed into anything.Asked whether the future would want to extend the concept of REC across time, space, and human experimentation further? Samuel, as always, easily replied, " I don't know.Perhaps there may be more possibilities.But maybe it's better to do something cooler and better!Anyway, I still have 11 months to think about what to do next.We cannot help but smile.

Whether you look at the nature of the people's exchange in the context of a building, or the attitude of openness to anything, perhaps, this is Samuel.Breaking all the framework and limits, and using him to subvert the imagination and execution of the world, play a great life without boundaries.Perhaps this is the unique youth vitality of Taiwan, our generation, the next generation, and the next generation. In fact, creativity is boundless, brilliant, and we can have more confidence in ourselves!

builders who are bold and

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Text: Womany editorial/Chen son Chelsea Chen