In the long-suffering Gaza corridor, it is not easy to live, how to raise children? A Gaza woman, for the sake of the common troubles of these mothers, has invented a child-care app to help women and children in the midst of war.

Have you ever thought about how to build an educational environment in a war-torn place? Today in Gaza, there is a good example.

Gaza is between Israel and the Arab world, where the fighting has raged for years and is now under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian government. Women here often encounter a difficulty: they do not know how to raise children, and they have difficulty in obtaining relevant information.

"Before the founding of Israel, most of the land in Israel was now occupied by Palestinians," according to the Critical Review Network. In 1947, the United Nations introduced a "partition plan" that divided the West Bank and Gaza to Israel, while the Palestinians owned two unbordered plots of land in the West Bank and Gaza. In 1967, Israel launched the Six-Day War, seizing large tracts of Palestinian land and then encroaching on Palestinian land through the creation of settlements in Gaza and the West Bank. Today, Palestinians still live in the West Bank and Gaza respectively, but their size has been significantly reduced compared with before. (Extended reading: 4th hospital in Gaza attack, doctors despair: we can't help anyone)

Because of the war-torn nature of Gaza, mothers in the area often struggle to find resources for child-rearing. According to The Independent, nour al-Khodary, a Gaza nil mother, hopes to use the app "Momy Helper" to improve the problems faced by women in the region - helping Gaza and Arab women to raise their children smoothly and giving them the power to support them.

"Everyone is shred here in Gaza. We don't have peace inside ourselves. Each day we are following in the news: what will happen next, who will be killed, which building will be hit? The kids pay for this: the mother, the father, the family are all under pressure."
"In Gaza, everyone is under a lot of pressure. You can only get the message every day: What's going on? Who's going to be killed? Which building is going to be destroyed? Mom and Dad's whole family is under pressure and it's a price the child has to pay. 」

The way you operate Momy Helper is simple. Once you're in the app, you can get parenting knowledge with a button, or you can contact a trained counseling specialist.

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Khodary hopes to establish a link between mother and professional psychology counseling and parenting consultants.

"You can't't-let can't't't't go to a professional in-our culture - you family and your husband will not support it. People call you crazy, they blame the women for not able able to cope. It's a taboo. You end up sunk in depression, who you take out on your kids. But with the app you can have have discreet and confidential support."
"You can't easily find professional assistance; your family and husband don't support you in seeking outside help. People will say you're crazy, you may be ashamed, depressed, and then throw your emotions at your child. Now, this app gives you support that is both rigorous and confidential. 」

What if I don't have a cell phone? Partnerwith with NGOs to provide resources

At the moment, Khodary says, only people who can afford a cell phone can use Momy Helper. Although the app doesn't fully address all the problems women face, she hopes it will be one way to solve the problem. In 2018, Momy Helper conducted a pilot operation in partnership with oxfam (OXFAm) to provide free resources to women who can't afford it.

"Sometimes mothers just need one to hear them. We can't't-professional therapy, but-the-consultant s try to give them support on how can can better better their with with issues."
"Sometimes these mothers just want someone to make them speak out. We can't provide professional treatment, but at least we can support them and let them know what they can do to deal with difficult situations. 」

In addition to parenting, Momy Helper focuses on other women's issues, listing the abuse women may suffer and who they can seek help with.

A local advocacy group says incidents of gender-based and domestic violence are on the rise in The Gaza region. According to the United Nations , more than half of the women in Gaza have experienced violence in their homes , while nearly 80 % of them have been treated in a spirited lying . Khodary hopes that Momy Helper will accompany these women through pain and grief.

"My first dream is i can every sat sat in arab world need s the support that's the support momy Helper can offer."
"My first dream was to use Momy Helper to serve women in the Arab world in need. 」

In the midst of the war, dot hope for the flames

Gaza is often the region bearing the brunt of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This group of Gaza women, struggling to survive as the war spreads, hoping to feed their families on Momy Helper. It's Khodary's dream, it's the dream of women, and the parenting app is more than just a parenting guide, it gives people the opportunity to have countless children who survived the war.

What we see is how these characters, eager to make a difference, try to reach their hearts step by step and hope in the war.

In 2015, a Gaza nun, Majd Mashharawi, used ashes as building materials to produce bricks that would give those displaced by the war the possibility of rebuilding their homes. "If you want something to happen, you can make it possible." At the time, Mashharawi said. "As long as you believe, nothing is impossible. (Same play: Gaza Girl rebuilds the city with ashes: I want to prove to people that girls make a difference)