Winter is difficult to sleep, cold hands and feet?Before the cold wave comes, women's fans share with you the practice of keeping them warm!From the diet to body massage, it is also a step closer to its own close relationship.(Sibling with the same place: Warm heart over warm winters!Six of your warm-warming myths!)

Year after year, when the cold snap comes, you want to be happy to celebrate the festival, and what can you do with the cold-cold method that you can use to enjoy yourself in a cold air and warm air?What kind of food should be eaten to increase temperature resistance and cold?

When the weather is cold and you want to look out for a fashionable appearance, you can actually use a few body parts: your hands and feet and your neck!

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The bottom of the feet is a collection of peripheral nerves, which are also in the eyes of Chinese medicine, "he said," like the second heart of the human body."In the winter of winter, the girl should wear stockings to keep the feet warm, so that the cold weather will not flow into the body, and the bed should wear slippers in the morning and not directly touch the cold floor.If you want to wear skirts and show beautiful and beautiful gestures, of course you can, then you can have a number of stockings, and you don't have to use too much clothes to make yourself look like a bear, because the heat of your foot is like a heat.

neck is also very important
the neck.
neck is the head and body of the head, and the neck is exposed to the neck, causing the blood vessel to shrink and cause headaches. The blood will not be smooth.In the back, the "wind pond" that is near the neck of the brain is cold and often the main cause of the cold. So when the temperature drops, many scarves can make it easy to resist cold and winter, yo!

afraid!Winter is a big time to eat.

In the winter, the body tends to ingest more heat, and it can warm up and warm in the right way through proper selection.

Don't need fear of getting fat! Japan's research suggests that more positive food should be taken in the winter to lift and keep the body warm.Like red and black fruits, red radishes, onions, pumpkin and grapes, the fermented tea, such as black tea, oolong tea, is more suitable for drinking in winter than green tea.

hot pot has always been a favorite of everyone, and people with cold hands and feet can eat a meal of a warm supplement like soup, sesame oil, chicken, and so on.In the goat's meat stove, the ginger duck and the duck pot have to pay attention to the health status and health status. When they have chronic diseases or are suffering from the flu, they will worsen their condition. Therefore, they should consult their doctors and understand the physical condition of the Chinese medicine practitioners.

womany's sweet tips:

1. Use heating packs, heaters and electric blankets, please pay special attention to safety!Do not attach to the same part for too long to cause low temperature scald.
2. In the winter, the hot water feet can be used to make a lot of use of hot water.You can even add an old ginger slice or a wine, yo!
3. The heat of the feet is hot, so long as the feet are hot, it will be half warm!Warm around the neck with a scarf and a simple trick to let the whole body warm up!