The weather is getting colder, but baby you know some things that seem to achieve heating effects, including such intuitive things as drinking a cup of hot tea and wearing a dark-color coat, may be less than you might imagine, which will give you a lasting, steady warmth; next womany will unlock six heating puzzles for everyone! Of course, some may make you feel a little confused, but think about, those we repeatedly, want to take this warm behavior, in fact, often just take a surface warmth. Hope this year, you can have a warm from the beginning to the foot of the happy winter! (Extended reading:"Joint planning" Do you really know the knitted clothes you wear? )

Myth One: Drinking can make your body warm

Cold days, whether people like to yell to drink and sing, and even many people think that more drinking will make the body become not afraid of cold, alcohol is the best heating tools? Alcohol does accelerate blood vessel dilation, promote blood circulation, and make the normally icy limbs warmer by the flow of blood. But note that this warmth is short-lived, because when alcohol warms you, it also accelerates your body's loss of heat. If you drink too much, you risk a sudden temperature drop, and the body's resistance to the cold will get worse, and it's more likely to cause loss of temperature. So the next time it's a little sip, don't think crazy booze will help you warm up. (also take a look: a cup of different winter Christmas warm-heart hot wine )

Myth Two: Cold weather makes us feel cold

every winter, Tibetan monks conduct a rare form of meditation called inner-fire Meditation (G-tummo), which is designed to elevate and control our "inner energy", thereby increasing the core temperature of the body to maintain normal body temperature. Researchers at the National University of Singapore have found that more than just Tibetan monks are now taking this form of meditation, and even Westerners are following up with them, using the breathing techniques of g-tummo to warm their bodies. One technique requires very high concentration , imagining a flame at the bottom of the spine, and then breathing and letting that flame into every inch of the body. In 2009, a Dutch man in a similar meditation form, wearing only a short sleeve shorts and sandals, on the summit of the snow-capped peaks of Africa-Chilli Mazaro Summit (Mountain Kilimanjaro), and returned peacefully. Of course, such examples are few, but if you seriously believe that you are warm, a firm heart may really drive you cold. ( Extended reading: Tea meditation, five steps to purify your mind impurities )

Myth Three: The only external weather that affects your body temperature

We know it's not good to be ignored or marginalized. Researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada found that the frequency of contact with the population really affects the health of the body directly, as when we say that a hot face is attached to someone's cold butt, our body temperature does come down with the indifference of others. ( extended reading: Are you, let me Feel lonely )

Another study was to divide the respondents into two teams and ask them to recall situations in which they had been made to feel fit and out of place in the past. The researchers then asked the respondents to predict the temperature in the room, and they found that those who shared social isolation would say lower temperatures, and those who shared it with the group would feel warmer indoors. Another study, which uses virtual three-person interactive video games and deliberately makes participants feel neglected, usually expresses the need for a little more warm food and drink after the game. So loneliness really makes the body feel cold; If you feel that a person at home heating will make the electricity bill too fast, invite friends or other family to sit in your home, there is a warm companion!

Myth Four: Drinking hot drinks will keep your body warm.

When we drink hot drinks, the sensory receiver located on the nerves of the tongue, especially the TRPV1 (which can be activated by injurious heat stimulation, capsaicin, and hydrogen ions), is passed on to the body's message that "there is something warm to come in" to prepare the body for sweating. "Drinking too much hot drinks, especially those with a perm, actually triggers our body's cooling mechanism, which is less likely to be warmer than we expected," said Peter McNaughton, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge. "But it's not a suggestion to drink cold drinks in the winter, because too much cold drinks will cause" cold drink syndrome "and cause visceral fat hoarding. The best way is not in the hot drinks are also very fast to drink, and so the temperature moderate after slowly sipping, so as to achieve the body and limbs are warm effect Oh! ( extended reading: "Selfish happiness recipe" garlic red jujube chicken soup, do not need a reason for their own )

Myth Five: Cold weather is easy to catch cold

According to a study published by the U.S. Department of Health and Public service, there are no experiments to show that colds can be easily obtained when the body is exposed to low temperatures. Instead, most people who have a cold in winter usually stay indoors longer than they do outdoors. Also because the indoor person is more, the virus is easier to borrow by the airborne particle son to infect. This means that, in fact, most of the people have latent infection of the cold may be, only because the low temperature of the immune system to reduce the resistance, so that germs more easily encroach on the site, but there is no direct correlation between the two. Whether it is winter or not, as long as the more people contact, the chance of getting a cold will be greater. ( extended reading: "Myth Terminator" Vitamin C can prevent colds?) )

Myth VI: Winter wear dark color clothing more warm

Black clothes are usually more susceptible to heat, and white clothes are easier to dissipate, so we all think it's cool to wear light-colored clothes in summer. But the same theory may not be what you think it is when it comes to winter situations. In fact, the reflection of the white function, can also apply to the body heat above; it means that while white is relatively slow to absorb black, it also has a slower heat dissipation, while black clothing absorbs heat quickly, but as soon as it is under the shadow, it will quickly swing away. So wear white clothes or coats, in fact, more than wearing a dark department will make you feel warm oh!

This winter, let the whole body warm up!

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