Write to you a family song sheet! Doing family matters for you is not only to clean up the environment, but also to create the ideal life of the necessary process, but also to heal tired soul. Psychologist Dr Kendall-Tackett once said: "When you do family work, keep your hands busy and relax your head. Recommended to give you four hours of uninterrupted classic Western songs, let you more clean up more energetic!

Rarely encountered the holiday, in addition to rely ingres to get up at noon, go out to hang out, you are also used to keep a short period of time to do their own housework. For you, Me Time defines not only the time you spend alone with yourself, but also the time of an ideal life. And doing household chores is the process of creating an ideal home, where you sweep the floor, wipe the table, clean the piles of clothes piled up on chairs, restore the room to the neat shape of a week ago, and throw away the accumulated pressure of the week with the garbage.

Then, you hold ready to clean, dry the sheets and clothes, slowly walked on the balcony, feel the early summer wind brushing through the face, feel the shoulders finally slowly relaxed down, feel the soul and air compatible staggered at the moment. You can finally feel in this big city head, there is a comfortable corner can put a tired soul. (Recommended Reading: Family Matters Are Easy: Three Tips for Doing Family Things With Ease)

You feel like doing household chores is healing, starting with dust cleaning, changing new sheets, and lighting a can of essential oil candles to build your ideal life. Dr Kendall-Tackett, author of "AWell Ordered Home" and a psychologist, points out that "doing household chores keeps your hands busy and relaxes your head." Keep your body busy, relax your mind, focus on the unfinished family at hand, and temporarily jump out of work, relationships, or other life-oriented problems.

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Prepare for you and listen to songs that are appropriate to listen to when doing household chores. The rhythmic energy song sheet, played continuously for four hours, from the rhythm and blues to the hot gold song, lets you get the full energy to clean up more vigorously and at ease! (Recommended reading: How to manage energy to build an ideal life?) Start by understanding yourself)

While you're listening to music and enjoying homework, the phone suddenly jumps out of the message notification and is a friend who hasn't been in touch for a while.

"Will it be free?" Do you want to go out and hang out? 」

"It's a coincidence, I've got something to go, let's go!" 」

At this moment, you want to be completely focused on building your ideal life, which belongs to you alone.

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