The wings of a vermian angel, which every woman should have, regardless of body shape or color. On Sunday, in France, half a world away from Taiwan, women's groups held an "All-size-Catwalk event" in front of the Eiffel Tower, calling on thick-chip models to wear transparent pajamas and underwear and show off their confidence and beauty in the Tower Square. In addition to declaring that every woman has its own beauty, it also indirectly satirizes the social aesthetic judgment is still too single.

On April 28, 2019, just as the "Avengers" finale movie whirlwind swept through Taiwan, a whirlwind of activity to draw public attention to "Body Fit" swept through the Eiffel Tower in France.

The All-size-Catwalk event, hosted by Everyday Women, a French group that has long focused on women's issues, brought together models with more fleshy, large size scantily clad bodies and clear-fitting pyjamas and lingerie to sit on the catwalk in front of the Eiffel Tower to satirize the fashion industry. The lingerie industry's standards for beauty are too single.

On beauty and fashion, they want to say that the aesthetic concept of only a single value is too boring, and society should see more different body shapes have the beauty. (Recommended reading: The Pride of a Strong Girl: Aesthetic Standards, I Say It Myself)

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Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Beauty at any size, Sexy at any size.

In an interview, the event's convenor, Georgia Stein, explained that compared with the British and American regions, the French fashion industry's acceptance of the "physical diversity" of models is still not widespread, whether it is a promotion of a boutique or clothing brand, people can see models are thin, tall image, so Georgia Stein "to "the Body Self-Love as the main axis, launched the second All-size-Catwalk campaign, so that large size models have a platform to show body confidence, but also called on the fashion industry to choose models and "beautiful" selection should jump out of the single standard.

The concept of "body self-love" is proposed by writers Connie Sobczak and Deb Burgard, who have experienced eating disorders, and who advocate, from their personal experience, that people should embrace real body shapes, such as writing and activities, and reject compromises on the single aesthetic standards of society today. Such ideas and concepts have developed gradually with the network and have been prevalent in western countries in recent years.

According to AFP, Georgia Stein said her goal was to show the reality of most women, including orange peel tissue and stretch marks, through the campaign, which are natural physical features, not "disadvantages." And from the models holding the "Beauty at any size", "Sexy at any size" manifesto, it can also be seen that they want to convey the idea that "any body can be beautiful, sexy".

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Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Attitude sym:com., Western apparel industry

In early 2019, the American Fashion Designers Association publicly called for the fashion industry to show the diversity of women's bodies, such as hiring big-size models like Ashley Graham and Candice Huffine to take part in the catwalk to be more realistic. different body appearance. And internationally renowned designer Christine. Christian Siriano, Prabal Gurung, Michael. Michael Kors, who has been in New York Fashion Week 2017, has recognized that models should have different bodies.

Ashley Graham. Source: VOGUE UK

The concepts of body diversity and body self-love have been accepted and practiced by the garment industry more and more since they were put forward. Of course, we may still have some way to go from the goal of "every brand introducing a diverse model of body", but there is no denying that the attitude of the apparel industry is jumping off a single aesthetic standard and moving towards diversification.

We also expect that, in addition to the fashion industry, for example, the lingerie brand "Victoria's Secret", which will expose a large number of body sizes, will be able to incorporate physicaldthinking thinking into the model selection process, including body size, skin color, etc., can have a more realistic, diverse presentation. (Recommended reading:Free 100 photography: I'm tired of women only one way to look)

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The wings of the Vicmy Angel, every woman should have

Although the fashion industry gradually began to have a sense of physical diversity, but at this stage the standard of social beauty is still too single, generally believed that "slim, slender" can be called beautiful. All-size-Catwalk allows us to see the diversity and uniqueness of women's bodies, just like signs at events, and any size of body should be beautiful or sexy.

If you remember the model on Victoria's lingerie show, often wearing white wings, you should also know that it is the wing that every woman should have, not the patent of a slim model.

I hope one day we can see the wings of different colors and patterns, leading every woman to a more confident and comfortable life.