Since she was 19 years old, British singer Adele has just celebrated her 31st birthday with her fans, and even after announcing the end of her marriage, Adele has not changed her humorous nature and posted in ig: "31 years old, god-to-kill!" The 30-year-old has taught me a lot, and I'm going through those feelings and doing everything I can to learn from it. What is the secret of Adele's ability to maintain self-confidence all the time? Through his eight open-minded quotations to share with you, life is nothing to pass!

There is a sound, suitable for the quiet listening at midnight alone, listen to her with a low-pitched tone, singing your own unknown inner words; Suitable for experiencing emotional ups and downs, you finally learn to listen to their own good time, listen to him with precise lyrics and thick voice, sing you gradually open, singing the world seems to have hope.

There is also a sound, above both. She's Adele, she sings your heartbreak, your open-mindedness, your inner words.

Adele opened the way with her debut album, "19," in 2008, and went from being a 19-year-old to a 31-year-old, from single to marriage, and now out of marriage to become a freer, richer soul. May 5, 2019, is her 31st birthday, and after Adele's birthday, share with you eight open-ended quotes she's brought to us in addition to music. (Recommended reading: from 19 to 25!) Adele looks back on growing up: Don't be afraid to hurt for love.

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"It I think, but i think you only only to love love when you fall in love again"

"It's easy to understand, but I still think you can learn how to love if you fall in love again." 」

Adele said in a 2015 interview with the Guardian that she believes "love" is the quickest and most useful way to learn about love. Although Adele confirmed last month that she had ended her relationship with her husband of eight years, we can learn from Adele's past statements that we will never lose our ability to love, and that we can only re-enter a relationship that will teach us how to love.

"There's only one of you, so why will you want to look like everyone else?"

"You're so unique, why would you want to look the same as everyone else?" 」

Adele is not typically recognized as "slim" in the pursuit of a thinner, better, higher and better, and was initially particularly "concerned" about her figure. But so what? "Why do you want to look the same as everyone else when you're so unique?" she said in an interview with Sirius XM. If there are a hundred kinds of people, then the definition of beauty will certainly not be only one, don't let appearance limit your possibilities!

"No matter what you look like, the key is to first of all be happy with yourself."

"No matter what you look like, the first and most important thing is to make yourself happy. 」

Compared with the eyes and criticism of others, to make yourself happy, is the most important thing you should care about. You have to understand that you can never please everyone, but you can completely please yourself, and only you know what you can do best to make yourself happy. So let go of your hold now and explore and pursue the things that make you feel happy.

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"Life is is so lot elyse when do't hoard your past."

"Life becomes much easier when you stop delving into the past. 」

As long as you are willing to look up and forward, sometimes life is not so difficult, put down the past is not satisfactory, but also the same as let go of their own, so that they have the ability and motivation to continue to move forward. In an interview with foreign media, ID, Adele points out what many people know, but not necessarily. Please believe that any improvement is from yourself, only if you go forward, will feel life much easier.

"I don't think sadness is always sals, it can be quite siann and joyful aswell. Times you have to get yourself to be sad in order to move forward."

"I don't think sadness is eternal destruction, it can also be uplifting and happy. Sometimes you have to make yourself sad to move on. 」

In the face of low tide, you may not have to rush to get rid of negative emotions, because it is not forever. Negative emotions are not bad, you have to let yourself accept it, only to see the pain, face loss, accept the negative, you can really come out, really gain strength to continue to move forward. (Recommended reading: What about loss of love, frustration, low tide?) Five Exercises to Embrace Negative Emotions)

"A lot of people of try to be brave and not shed a tear. Time when you know someone else feels as shitty as you do, or theals things in a certain way just like you do, it make you feel better about yourself."

"A lot of people show great courage and never let themselves shed a tear. But sometimes when you show weakness in due course, you know that other people feel as uncomfortable as you do, or that you'll handle things like you do, and you know yourself better. 」

As you get older, you may start arming yourself and not bevulnerable easily. But in fact, people have felt sad, need support, you can slowly learn from now on in front of the trust of the weak, let themselves occasionally relax, let others gently undertake you. Maybe you'll find that you know yourself better, or you'll find it self-inflicted because you're relaxed and you're more brave when you need to be strong.

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"The only person i'm afraid of is myself."

"The only person I fear is myself. 」

Adele has full confidence in herself, but at the same time she can keep soft, singing about the lows that many people have experienced in their feelings. How to balance self-confidence and pride is the homework, Adele does a good job, I believe you can too!

"I have never has been insecure, ever, about how i look, what I want to do with myself. My mum told me to only do do things for myself, not for others."

"I've never been disturbed by my appearance, or what I want to be like. My mother told me that it was always just about working for myself, not for others. 」

Adele has always lived in her own right, with the support and companionship of her mother. Now she also shares her mother's intelligence with her fans, walking through every level of her life with her fans, and still living happily in the middle of the difficulties. If you're feeling bad at the moment, Adele tells you in her reassuring voice: Don't worry, you'll never have to live for yourself.

Living in a fluorescent screen, a concert, every move to the world's attention Adele has been able to maintain happiness, from their own full understanding and self-confidence. He is not afraid of challenges, only fear of being unable to be himself because of restrictions.

Because to understand their own ability, because to see their own unique, because of the acceptance of all their good and bad, we can be more natural, without scruples to become the ideal of their own. May you live a life that only you can live with Adele's eight open-minded quotes.

Finally, share it with you with Skyfall, and even if the world collapses, you'll still stand still.

Let the skyfall
Let the world collapse.
When it crumbles
When it breaks down,
We will stand tall
We'll stand still
Face it all together
Face together