"The boy is more ambitious, and the person in charge of the task will give him a good job. "Oh? The customer said yes? Sure enough, it's not the same as a girl's horse. These kinds of sexist sexists that sound uncomfortable really happen in our workplace. As companies such as Facebook, Google and McKinsey compete to offer staff courses to address gender discrimination, companies are competing to address the issue of gender discrimination. Anson Mei, a U.S. businessman in Taiwan, has also teamed up with women's fans to start a gender course.

Women's fans have been introducing an inter-strategy column in July 2018 to bring to life the D-And-I, multi-integration policies of businesses from all over the world, on issues such as unconscious bias, workplace discrimination, and racial and gender diversity. On April 23, 2019, we partnered with US firm ON Semiconductor Taiwan to open an in-house workshop.

At Anson's Diversity Week, a woman-obsessed columnist and psychologist, Epipene, brings to Anson's partner a d-and-I workshop: "Cognitive Prejudice? Why do we always have a different heart and words? 」

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If you're me: Think from a different angle

Have you ever thought of such a thought, or ever heard of it?

"Girls are more careful, pour tea and water to sort out the documents are doing very well. 」

"The boy is more ambitious, and the person in charge of the task will give him a good job. 」

"Oh?" The customer said yes? Sure enough, it's not the same as a girl's horse. 」

"Isn't there a wife in the house?" Men are going to work hard outside. 」

These stereotypes, perhaps, may be familiar to some.

Have we been unconscious in the past between our D.amp;I strategies? True equality, not inclusion but integration, speaks of the rarely noticed, implicit prejudices in everyday life - unconc biases, language and behaviour that emerge from prejudice, i.e. discrimination in the workplace. For example, the social stereotype is that a woman is to take care of the family, so once a woman becomes pregnant, she thinks she will shift her focus from work to the family, affecting the company's production. So supervisors will reduce the number of jobs for working mothers, or even the reluctance to give jobs to working mothers.

Stereotypes exist on any topic, whether it's gender, race, family composition, relationship status, physical condition. When stereotypes are linked to values such as evaluation, such as: women are more attentive and boys are ambitious, and job opportunities are assigned differently. Discrimination is a power struggle based on stereotypes and prejudice.

The first step in dealing with workplace discrimination is the existence of stereotypes/biases. Psychologist Abe invited Ansonmy's partners to experience the gender situation between men and women through ring exercises.

Men/women sitting in the outer ring act as social norms, teachers, schools, peers, parents, and give instructions to women/men (students) in the inner circle, for example: When boys don't cry / When girls to be careful a little" by the outer circle of each person under instructions, the inner circle of the person as the recipient at this time quietdown, to ponder the acceptance of the request when the mood, limb will do the reaction. In particular, we found that most women are sensitive to gender issues.

Photo by AnsonMei

Photo by AnsonMei

Create change, starting with the small details of the workplace

In fact, in the past, Anson-meis has also been active in promoting d and I within the enterprise, including policy promotion, education and training, talent training, as one of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States, it is bound to pay attention to the diversity of employees, and therefore they launched the likes of DIANA Program, Young Program and other D The program is designed to create an atmosphere and environment that makes employees feel comfortable in response to the coming of a diverse era. Walking into Theon-Meis's Taiwan branch, there is also a multi-integration corridor inside, to see how much they value D.Amp;I.

Do you also look forward to creating a multi-integrated workplace environment? Welcome to contact with women fans, together for gender equality in the workplace to do their part!

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