Today, Chen and Zhong Chenghu announced the end of their relationship on Facebook and IG, respectively, and the two will become close friends and work partners of their lives. 16 years of romantic relationship, the end of peace is also meek, like the ordinary love life of two people, and we see that love can exist in a different way, between friends, family, or even more eternal than a lover.

Fine water will flow, ordinary will be eternal, we often think that such love will be long.

On May 7, 2019, the relationship between the singer and the guitarist ended, with Zhong Chenghu and Chen Yuzhen both dressed in black, easily pictured, and writing on Facebook and IG about the 16-year-old love summary: "Know your love, be an adult." Together, the two made the best summary of each other's love run in eight words. Turn eight words around, behind the "love you, let me know more about myself."

For 16 years, Zhong Chenghu and Chen Yuzhen loved very ordinary, like a piece of rice-white cloth, like a soup-flavored noodles. Days are really plain life, you write songs, I play the piano, you buy vegetables, I cook, become even paparazzi have given up chasing a pair, family-like partner. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" has a kind of love, called Chen Yuzhen and Zhong Chenghu)

Some people say, love long-distance running has no end, how pity. But what is the end point? Is it a real pity? Deep love, learn to give strength in love also become a better self, is not a "positive fruit"? Through this relationship, there is an opportunity to feel love and being loved, and thus to form a richer self, where is the pity? It's not a pity at all.

In 2002, they met as teenagers, a "guitarist" as a proof of romantic love between the two young, but also hand in hand through the confusion and confusion, in the feeling of confusion, good risk with each other, time a piece of painting each other and love shape, they look at each other in love, but also look back at themselves, Learn about the power of love and being loved in each other's eyes.

Impression has been very deep, in an interview saw Zhong Chenghu to Chen Yuzhen revealed: "You do not have to follow who's expectations of the godchild, you should play the artist's talent and mission." Their love is to maintain respect for the other side, so that the other side has the opportunity to become their most ideal, the best look.

In 2005, Zhong Chenghu won the Golden Song Award, Chen Yuzhen than anyone was excited to tears, that is I see you, but also hope that the world to see you look forward to. And Zhong Chenghu on the stage to address, finally said: "Finally thank the talented and full of dreams of Chen Yuzhen." 」

They are not only lovers, but also confidants. They saw each other's glowing moments, but also hate to let everyone see, so she sang, he accompanied, he won the prize, she was excited, so all the way to snuggled, with each other, the love into daily life. (Recommended reading: Interview with Chen Yuzhen: Don't be a flat label, to be a three-dimensional person)

In 2019, they decided to break up peacefully, and the couple's joint statement read: "Every relationship will go to the next stage, some of them are married, and more than two years ago, our relationship chose a better stage for each other and upgraded to a better friendship." Even if is no longer a lover, the future is forever close friends and the most tacit partners, as each other's eternal support, bless each other, never lose each other. 」

Many fans posted a message out of the moment, have left a message to express "good wishes", "good pity, always thought you will walk on the red carpet" and other feelings. Although not able to go hand in hand to get married this step, Chen Yuzhen and Zhong Chenghu let us see, although not with the attitude of the lover, but love also has the same state, continue to exist between friends, family, will not disappear, or even more eternity than the lover.

Love is really like this, I really love you, but also really from our love, grow into a better self. If it wasn't for you, I didn't know that my lover was such a thing to believe. Finally, we do not have solidarity, but good thanks, you let me have a friend who knows each other.

They loved, no regrets, no pity, no loss. Looking at Chen Yuzhen and Zhong Chenghu's joint speech, I told myself that the future should also believe this way. Know the love, is the real adult.

The two shared the content:

Successful relationship has many possibilities, know that our feelings are not the public attention, nor the focus of the news, feelings in addition to each other, do not need to account to anyone, but in order not to let rumors replace the real, we choose to inform you that there is peace in the world love.

Every relationship will go to the next stage, some people are married, more than two years ago, our feelings chose each other feel better stage, upgrade to a better friendship. Even if is no longer a lover, the future is forever close friends and the most tacit partners, as each other's eternal support, bless each other, never lose each other.

18 years, instead of making us doubt love, let us be more willing to love and be loved, know that love, is the adult.

Photo: Zhong Chenghu Facebook