"Sad, want to talk to her boyfriend far away from home, but afraid of affecting his mood, or forget it." Unable to hug, not touch his body temperature, can only be turned over the night alone to miss. For long-distance lovers, it is difficult to see the previous side, how to maintain their relationship?

The video notice on her cell phone rang, and she hurriedly stopped to work and picked up the phone.

"Hey? What are you doing? At that end of the phone, a familiar voice came, like a warm current, straight into the atrium. This time, a little wronged, after hearing his concern, can not help but drop a few tears.

"Are you crying?" He asked.

"I miss you. She choked a little. would have been afraid of affecting him, not going to say.

"I'm sorry, I'm going to be back in a few months." He said apologetically. Hearing his apologies, she immediately regretted showing her vulnerability.

They hurt each other, but they can't help themse. Long-distance love, happiness and torture, they are still learning to adjust and face.

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Lovers in long-distance love mode, is it also like this, often feel unhappy? Every time i chat with a group of friends and hear about who is in a long-distance relationship, everyone will joke about him "hard work" or even cast a sympathetic eye.

Encounter setbacks, good to talk to him, but afraid he will worry, but also afraid of affecting his mood in a different place, or forget it; Or, it is not easy and far away from him talking on the phone, but because of some things quarrel, a previous meeting, a hug can and good, now only empty left cold message, these days did not move. (Same side plus: miss across the coast miss: long distance love, you are in the place is my distance)

Have you ever been or are in a long-distance relationship? Clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior offers 10 ways to give you some good advice about being trapped in a long-distance relationship. We went on to organize it into "three nos" and "seven to" and read it easier and easy to understand. Let's take a look!

3 "Don't Do" Things

After not seeing each other for a long time, you begin to burst into many previously unarisenfears, and you are afraid that your relationship will deteriorate due to geographical distance. You can try and avoid doing these three things to relieve your anxiety!

  1. Don't over-rely on technology: Many long-distance couples stay close lying to their other half through video or other communication software. But don't forget the power of something concrete - it may be a dress, a cup, a souvenir, all of which can be used as objects for you to miss each other, and a symbol of commitment.
  2. Don't over-plan a date: Meeting your partner always seems invaluable, so you'll take it too seriously and want to arrange a big date. For some, however, if you have to be so careful each time, it can create invisible pressures. In fact, you can spend time together, is a good time, dating trip does not have to be more exciting. The two men keep the pure meet-and-greets and relax in order to give each other breathing space.
  3. Don't stop your life: into a relationship, there is sweet happiness, there is no shortage of sacrifice. Talking about long-distance relationships, you may not care about other people around your life, or you may feel the need to develop personal interests and try something you want to do because you think about each other. Don't cut yourself from the world, don't spend time with your other half, you should have your own life. And there's an added benefit to doing so - you'll feel like time is running faster and you'll be thinking about it.

7 "To Do" Things

Next, share with you what you can do more actively and maintain a long-distance relationship.

  1. Looking positively at this relationship and time: Couples who fall in love from a distance may see this pattern as a stumbling block. In fact, to put it another way, disadvantage can also be an advantage, you can try to see each other when you can't grow and thrive, become a better person.
  2. Confirm the feelings of both sides: When your long-distance relationship is seen as a short-lived mode of coexistence, the pressure is less because you have the same goals and are willing to overcome difficulties together, rather than feeling hopeless. However, if one of them actually prefers a long-distance approach, you two don't have the same vision.
  3. Schedule contact time: Imagine, in the middle of the day, what time, can you calm down, and he spent a private and no time pressure to talk? You two, whose schedule is more flexible? Who should contact on the initiative? Do you like to fix your chat time, or should you go with it? Confirm each other's timing and make it easier to maintain contact.
  4. Heavy-weight, non-weight communication: Interestingly, long-distance lovers may be more satisfied with their communication than the average couple. You know that time to communicate with each other is valuable, so don't waste your lips on irrelevant arguments. You, who are at a distance with the other half, may not be able to communicate with him a lot, but you can re-quality (quality) without weight, but more ink is improving the quality of each other's conversations.
  5. Share everyday chores: After a quality-filled conversation, you can, of course, say something "boring" to the other person if you have more power. For example, who did you have lunch with today? What are you going to do in the evening? Which classmate or colleague always makes you mad? Sharing these daily and inner words of life can bring him farther away to your life.
  6. Put your heart in your heart: You can't see the other person, you can't hear the other person's voice all the time, you may start to wonder: what is he doing now? Who did he go out with? Long-distance lovers are more likely than the average couple to worry about their partner's infidelity. If you want to call him, you call; if you want to send a message to him, you'll pass it. But remember that you're not "checking" because when you treat your other half with a questioning attitude, it makes the other half feel uncomfortable and feel untrustworthy.
  7. Suggest a relationship of trust: Trust the other person and let the other person trust you. Whether it's a long-distance relationship or not, the most important thing in an emotional relationship is "trust". When you agree to call at some point, does he often make an appointment? Or is he frequently postponing your date because of all sorts of things? Does he remember what's most important to you? Did he always be absent-minded when he got along? All the accumulated factors can affect your sense of trust. Of course, when asking for the other person, remember to see if you are a person to trust the other person.

Relationships need to be practiced, no matter how far they go.

Once upon a time, long-distance love became a bitter love? Love is supposed to be happy, and there is no shortage of heartache along the way, because you must walk through a lot of quenching together. You will know that you and his efforts are built on caring and loving to each other.

With more geographical barriers over a distance, you may experience a lot of anxiety. In fact, in this case, you have more opportunities to get along with yourself, to know and understand yourself, to know what relationship model you are suitable for, how you should love, how you can have a future relationship.

Some people talk about close love, but also feel that the other side is far away from themselves, some people are in a long-distance love, the two people's hearts are still closely related.

No matter how far you are close, in fact, you may have long understood that when you are willing to enter a relationship, you open the path of practice. Practice running, repair, practice getting along with another person, practice loving each other while also remembering to take care of yourself, practice loss and possession.

Love will come / Love will come / Love will embrace you / Love will call your name - "Milk and Honey"

So, in the load sinking, you know how to let the two people in the relationship free. You finally learn to embrace him at the same time, but also happy to love themselves, love this relationship.