Have you ever heard of "dare to expose"? This year's Met Gala theme, "Camp: Notes on Fashion," features four male stars who draw attention to their flamboyant make-up, and what does it mean behind these stunning outfits?

The Oscars, known as the Fashion World, host Met Gala, a charity dinner at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, on May 7. Each year Met Gala topics successfully create discussion topics such as "China: Mirror Water Month" in 2015, "Hand-created x Machines: Fashion in the Age of Technology" in 2016, and "Heavenly Beauty: Fashion and Catholic Imagery" in 2018.

Dare to expose is a challenge to gender

This year's Met Gala theme, "Camp: Notes on Fashion," doesn't mean camping, it can be turned into "Dare", "Camp." In the women's fan author Chai's "Cool Not Cool" everyone has a desire for demons and incongruities in their hearts, the word Camp first appeared in the American thinker Susan Sontag's notes on Camp paper, indicating a deliberate exaggeration, Through the special aesthetics carved out by hand, the emphasis is on the wear ingested and performed by the Queer ethnic group, while Camp challenges gender dualism, mocking mainstream aesthetics in a witty and sarcastic way.

At this year's Met Gala dinner, we saw a stunningly daredevil aesthetic, using costumes to break through gender lines and perform diverse cool fashions. (Recommended reading: Breaking the Gender Framework for the 2019 Golden Globes Red Carpet: Why Boys Wear, Girls Don't Have Dresses)

Harry Styles Harry Staels

One of the members of One Direction, now Solo singer Harry Styles, became co-chair of this year's Met Gala, the first time he has been showing off his fashion on the Met Gala red carpet. He stood out in a black lace with pearl earrings, showing off her elegant personal style and femininity.

Photo:@The Met Gala Official

Harry Styles has been a vocal and vocal icon for the LGBT community throughout his younger generation, so you can often see him and fans on stage holding up rainbow flags and shouting "Happy Pride!" at his concerts.

He embraces diversity and refuses to label his sexuality, saying in an interview with The Sun: "I don't feel like I need a label, and I don't think it's necessary to make a special statement." He also embraces the multi-gender temperament, when a boy is happy to cry because he attends a Harry Styles concert, Harry Style points to the stage and says, "First of all, I want to say one thing, crying is very manly, showing vulnerability!" 」

I don't feel like I need a label, and I don't think it's necessary to make a special statement about it.

Harry Styles Harry Styles

Billy Porter Billy Porter

From the 2019 Golden Globes to the Oscars, Billy Porter, the leading actor in a musical and an African-American gay actor who won the Tony Award, once again wowed the entire field with flamboyant and flamboyant outfits, this time taking a big step forward in Egypt, letting six people walk the red carpet, wearing huge diamond rings in their hands, and raising their hands.

Photo:@The Met Gala Official

Billy Porter, arguably one of the icon figures who plays the culture of daredevils, also spoke about his thoughts on Camp in a Variety interview: "Camp stands for unruly, Camp is a deliberately exaggerated, magnificent image, and some people feel stupid, stupid, Ridiculous. Let's embrace these pent-up ideas and impulses. 」

Billy Porter, who also starred in a usunome drama based on queer culture, Pose, has repeatedly said in interviews that the story of the Queer community must be seen by the public, in any form, in anticipation of the future of the community's attention to the situation of Queer.

Ezra Miller Issa Miller and Michael Urie Mike Uri

Ezra Miller, who once posed as a bunny, put on a bold red lip look at Met Gala this year, teamed with a seven-eye make-up. Michael Urie, who once played a tongue-in-cheek assistant in the album Ugly Ugly, was dressed in a semi-dress and semi-suit, and from a small detail, he made a special look on the make-up look, with a red lip on the left half of the suit and a full beard in the right half. (Recommended reading: When Sex Cool son on Playboy cover: Is the magazine really free of patriarchy)

Pictures :@michaelurielikesit

Photo:@The Met Gala Official

Every year, Met Gala has successfully brought the conversation to the community, and this year, it's great to see the integration of gender and fashion, with different gender identities, orientations, temperaments, and even different ethnic groups. Dare to expose, it is to break through the gender restrictions, refuse to be labeled any roll, 2019 Met Gala let the queer culture come to life. What themes and innovations will be at Met Gala next year? Let's look forward to it together!