Single diary, writing in 500 words about a single body and mind. When we are together, never say forever, knowing that love you will hurt, or willing to walk with you. Break-up came suddenly, we are not a pity, love is also.

A few days after you left, I saw on the news that Chen was breaking up with her partner of 18 years. No matter how long you love, will you break up? I can't help thinking.

They have been dating for eighteen years; Together for a long time, break up, will not feel more difficult? Or is it because they love so long anyway, and i don't regret it? I thought in my mind.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, less than two years of communication we, said not to be stable, break up is not a pity. "Since the wrong person, it's good to leave early" "It doesn't matter, at least you didn't continue to be delayed by him, " my friend comforted me.

We've had a solid love after all. Whether it's 1 year 8 months, 20 months, 80 weeks, 600 days. Numbers to me, it doesnot make sense;

Pictures . . . . . . . . .

Occasionally, still think of the break-up. "We can't seem to walk long. You said, "I don't want to delay you." Gaze, hug, cry, hug again. Then, Bye-bye .

In fact, you know, I never to define what is walking for a long time, do not know what kind of feelings, only really qualified to become a family member. After a few relationships, I found that "forever" is the most gentle but hurtful word. So when we're together, we never say forever. When you decide to love you, you decide to get hurt.

"Ever being my favorite person / Do you feel glorious / This is a love that will end anyway / You are the kind of person who should love you anyway" - Lin Wanyu, "Ten Years"

From now on, we will be in love before the word, plus once. From the conduct to the past style, we have been so in love, also so hurt, we are not a pity.

I understand, may you do too. The light we appear on each other's timeline of life is short, but love is long.

With the memory of loving you, I move on. We have not lived up to the time, time has not lost us.

"The vast sea of people, back around, your chest, from then on there is my mark." 」