Sweden's Volvo Cars announced on its official website to expand the scope of paid parental leave, from Sweden to Europe, the Middle East, Africa sales companies, in particular, this policy also applies to same-sex families and adoptive families!

Sweden, as one of the most social welfare countries, has been improving its welfare policies. On May 6th Volvo Motor announced on its website that it would expand the implementation of the paid parental leave policy from Sweden to all sales companies in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) to give parents six months of parental leave and 80% of their salary. In particular, this policy also applies to same-sex families and adoptive families.

In its official statement, Volvo said the policy's push was a move for the automotive industry and more in line with Volvo's people-centred corporate culture.

Because they found that in Europe, although most countries offer paid parental leave, there is still a huge gap between men's and women's pay, and equal paid parental leave is expected to reduce the pay gap and improve the female labour market.

"This policy improves work-life balance and increases family time," said Hanna Fager, head of human resources. Reflects Volvo's human-centric corporate culture. 」

Volvo, on Facebook to promote the new policy, especially put on the gay family illustration, to show support for the gay family! (Recommended reading:Inter-Strategy between D and I, D-And-I Change: Scotland's Full Integration of LGBT In School)

Despite a fan message under the post that said "detracking," "You're focused on getting a car" and "This is a sales strategy, not an employee policy," Volvo also responded explicitly and directly:

"This is also part of our employee policy. As a "people-centric" company, our corporate culture is based on caring for people, which is our company has always adhered to the norms. 」

"No, it's not a sales strategy, it's an employee policy, and we guarantee equal paid childcare, which will improve work-life balance, increase family time, and be more adaptable to our company." 」

Directly reflect the policy of comrade-friendly, and emphasize the determination of enterprises to create a multi-cultural multi-cultural. Looking forward to Volvo's action, can serve as a shot in the back of the automotive industry, so that more companies will take a stand!