If girls shouldn't have the so-called "girl's look", then the mother should not be limited by such a framework. On the eve of Mother's Day, share with you the five independent mother's quote special search, see how The angs face the arrival of new life with their own attitude, see how Wei Rujuan see their relationship with others, now the five independent women who say their mother's voice to their mother, let the mother jump out of the expectations given by others, focus on being herown!

Independent woman, has her unique vision of the world, but also her unique charm, even into marriage, raising children, you can still clearly see her body of the "independence" logo. She's not willing to be a worldly "model mother", she's going to raise her children in his own way, take them to know the world in her eyes, and re-turn the definition of "mother".

This Mother's Day, with five to do their own mother's quotation, dedicated to the mother. Let's take Mom and look back at ourselves, taking our eyes off us. It's still great to see the world you can explore, it's still fun to see what you have, see yourself, find ways to make yourself happy. (Recommended reading: Being a mom, you can be yourself: Be brave and be a single mother)

Xie Yiyi: Life is to have this sweet annoyance is fun

In 2011, Xie Yixuan, who won "Hold's Sister", rose in popularity after the film "Little Times." Also announcing marriage in 2018 and having a daughter, Xie yi-yi was cheerful about the "stretch marks" that appeared during her pregnancy, writing on Facebook: "I was scared when I started squirting one, but many of my predecessors said that the stretch marks were physical." All of these are not the focus, life is to have this sweet boring fun, this scar writes my story with this little thing. Despite the changes in the pregnancy, Xie Yixuan still uses a cheerful, humorous way to face the changes in her body, and sees the stretch marks that plague many women as a testimony to her child's feelings.

Dear mother, if you feel that life is boring, I hope you know that life is to have this sweet annoyance is fun.

Joao: After i'm pregnant, I can still be myself

After saying goodbye to "Zhang Hang", after three years of closing, He returned to the fans under his name and announced his pregnancy in March 2019. "I think I was most moved by my brother, sister and good friends in life every time they knew, they first care about my feelings, these make me feel that I am still blessed, I can be myself, Instead of suddenly only thinking about the turning point of life as a woman or a public figure, this moment I hope, more, can be all, the girls in this world can be so respected, treated and cared for by those around them. 」

With the usual "Zhang Hang" style, through the electronic newspaper to share the pregnancy message with the vast number of fans, but also feel that they are still blessed, still feel like themselves, not because of pregnancy is considered to use "women" rather than "Jiao Anyu" status to face the arrival of a new life, but also wish all pregnant women can be as respected as they are. (Recommended reading: Who says old can only travel with the group!) The second half of life is going to be great)

Dear mother, if you feel in the way to become a mother gradually lose yourself, I hope you know, you will always be yourself, but also should be yourself.

Lin Chenxuan: Marriage is not a guarantee of feelings

Lin Chenxuan, the actor who has attracted the attention of the locomotive advertisement "The Corner Lover", has more than once revealed that his sexuality is not important, and who is in love is important. The straight personality, giving a cool image of Lin Chenxuan even after pregnancy and children are still loyal to themselves. After giving birth, although her boyfriend wanted to get married, she did not think that marriage was the "good ending" of the relationship, in the face of the wedding, she only shrugged and said: "As far as My idea is concerned, will leave is to leave, with that piece of paper actually has nothing to do, marriage is not a guarantee of feelings." 」

From the variety show, filming, drama, Lin Chenxuan has never followed the expectations given by outsiders to live, he only do what he wants to do, pregnancy and marriage is the same, marriage is not the guarantee of our feelings, children are not the bridge to maintain marriage, we are all the soul of their own freedom.

Dear mother, if you are not happy in marriage, I hope you know, do not for me to support, marriage is not a guarantee of feelings, we are free individuals.

Wei Ruyi: As long as you are happy, the people around you will be happy

Doll Wei Rujuan, the ancient spirit of the strange, the female singer representative. She organized orchestras, sang commercials, made movies, performed concerts, worked as radio DJing, and wrote books, and she was never restricted by anyone and was willing to do it wherever she could, including singing a full concert with her pregnant body. Dolls have also given many young people who are still on the road the power to keep moving forward through quotations, songs, and dramatic works. More fans set up a "like fairy" fan page, the collection of dolls have shared the golden sentence: "As long as you are happy, the people around you will follow happiness, you around the people happy, how do you mean sad and sad?" 」

Dear mother, my only wish is to hope that you are happy, so that I can really feel happy.

Jia Jingxuan: People will not always live in the sun, so learn to be strong

Recently, the performance of the popular tv drama "Our Distance from Evil" Jia Jingxuan, real life is also as dramatic changes. At the age of 20, he took on his family's debts and worked hard to pay them off, and at the age of 30 he married a wealthy Shanghai businessman and had children, but was unable to get his head together. At the age of 40, meet the fellow actor, Shu Jie, and make her willing to re-believe in love and move on to marriage again. Recalling the days he had walked through, Jia Jingxuan said, "People don't live in the sun all the time, so learn to be strong." This sentence says that Jia Jingxuan walked through many people's ups and downs after the understanding, but also inspired many people at a low tide. There is a shadow of sunshine, you must be strong, ready for the shadow son that may come at any time.

Dear mother, thank you have been so strong to face the unknown challenges in life, you let me also learn to be strong.

The independent woman went to the next stage and became a mother and remained independent. She will not allow her free soul to be limited by anything, he will take the children with him to become the same free person. Five independent mother quotes, dedicated to all mothers, may we feel all the joys and unhappiness in life together, together in each other's lives to leave some memories of feeling good, together become independent and mutually supportive individuals.