Do you go home on Mother's Day? We asked you in the community a few days ago, far away from home, when most homesick, some people say, is back after work back to the rental house no one to talk; Whether this year you do not go home, to return home, do not return to you, hang up headphones, a person does not feel lonely, because we are all on the way home.

If there is a moment that will make you most homesick, what would it be?

Earlier, women fans in the community asked readers, far from home, when you would most want to go home. Some people say, is back after work to rent the house, found that can only face four walls, no one can speak; A person goes to the convenience store to find if there are any moon cakes to buy.

This Year's Mother's Day, perhaps you are on your way home, a long way, a close heart to home, perhaps you are working overtime in the company, watching the group of family photos, sent a happy Mother's Day.

Six songs accompanying you home song list, hang up headphones, one person does not feel lonely, because we are all on the way home.

Fire extinguishers - long-distance night trains

The time is six-thirty, to the station of the long-distance bus, the horse dropped, I am the person who came.

You can't remember what my mother said to you the first time you were away from home. Just remember in the crowded station, her small back, buy a good ticket for you, while flipping over your luggage, afraid of leaking a thick coat, Taipei wet cold, frozen how to do?

When you drag your luggage into the platform, rush them home, don't look, look again, afraid that you can't leave home.

Zheng Xing - South Of the City

Fly a kite to see a blow sugar, bet on the moment. Will the south of the city be the old one?

In a foreign country the day is very hard, but also very happy. Just into the new company, working overtime to eight or nine o'clock every day, in the evening bought 7-11 microwave casual, hastily solved. On weekends to play with friends until two or three o'clock in the middle of the night, back to the rental house, no nagging sound. In your first year away, you said you weren't so homesick.

One afternoon, you saw the corner of the alley people's saffron red floweropened, suddenly remembered, the old home outside the wall, is not climbing full of new buds?

Kimberley Chen Fang e. Miss Ko Ge-San - Where's home

I found my own home, not necessarily belong to which, perhaps just hidden, has been in my heart.

Five or six years away from home, you can slowly adapt to the life of home. Sometimes friends come to visit, you can count the food here at will, such as two streets away without the name of the beef noodle shop, corner a friend of a friend opened a dessert shop. You are used to people walking fast, the city is big, loneliness has long been degraded.

This Mother's Day, you and your family say you can't go home, in the dormitory to report, a bowl of bubble noodles around. Looking at the family on the video, they asked if they had eaten? Is it raining? Did you go out and play? You nod and say yes, just went to a new restaurant with your friends, and the next day you come, I'll take you to eat.

Hang up the phone, you wear headphones, smile and bury your head to continue to work, heart has a home, is enough. (Recommended reading:"Five years have not come home for the New Year" overseas tourists miss the season)

Marshmallow - A Good Day

Good or bad you, to cherish, every happy day.

In the crowded passenger transport, you look out of the window, today the weather is very good, the sun warm, the mood on the way home can not stop jumping. Remember yesterday when dad called, you asked, can you come to the station to meet me? I'm going home this time to be my parents.

Think of home, some wonderful, clear a person free, but still like to be remembered the day.

Perhaps, as long as there is love around, it is a good day.

Chen Yuzhen - Home

Gently let go of your hand, long road to continue to walk, their own home, think of here, how I cried again? Why am I crying again? Where is my home?

What is home? Can I not have a home?

Talk ingress, your heart always has difficult to say the injury, can not be like other people, whenever the New Year's Day, there is a hope. Think of home, the air is dirty, the temperature is sultry, the sound is sharp and harsh. Sometimes you'd rather wander around than go home.

Family hurt, you do not want to return, it doesn't matter, you can be your own home. (Recommended reading: Give the world a gentler gesture!) Chen Yuzhen: "My song wants to convey a kind of goodwill "

Photo: Chen's home and MV screenshot

Lu Guangzhong - Fish (Happy Edition)

Watch the fish swim around there, swim around. I want to go to you, want to go. These years my struggle with serious, are because of you.

We, who leave home, are all working towards our goals. Over time, sometimes always feel that they do not know why and insist, such as when pushing open the door of the rental house, only four walls in vain;

Remember the previous days, there was an earthquake, usually do not like to talk to the mother, but broadcast the phone.

"How are you there?" 」

"Well, no, it's not much. 」

Well, she said, go home free and cook what you love. You respond, hang up the phone, know why these years are working hard.

Many people say that the most want to go home is when they are most vulnerable, like a big illness, in the company gas, natural disaster. Others will say that they don't want to go home at all, and that home is when everyone is not at home.

What we want to say is that the look of home, not only one, this Year's Mother's Day, whether you go home, if you are a little lonely, let these six songs accompany you.