"We are willing to be brave for them once, twice, many times, so that we may not lose anyone." When anti-trump forces do not allow sex education to enter the campus, students have been self-proclaimed to blow the wind of gender equality, holding the board men's skirt week, Taiwan University men's skirt day, hoping to promote change, create a gender-friendly campus.

Have you ever wondered why schoolgirls' summer uniforms are wearing skirts, not trousers? Can male students also have the opportunity to choose to wear short skirts or shorts?

On May 13, the Taiwan University Political Department Society held "Taiwan University Men's Skirt Day" to "Dress what you want!" For the call, invite everyone to put on their skirts to celebrate, for a more equal campus efforts.

"Recently, a Chinese student in Taichung was bullied and attempted to jump from the building, it can be seen that the bullying incident against the multi-sex temperament on campus has not disappeared, and it also shows that our society is still hostile and discriminatory towards people who are "different" from themselves, unwilling to reach out to embrace and accept." In the face of this situation, we deeply regret that we hope to bring about change that will allow the public to be more respectful and inclusive of each unique individual. Academic Department of the Political Department of Taiwan University

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Recently, the Students' Union of Panqiao High School in New Taipei City, in conjunction with the school, will hold a week-long "Men's Skirt Week" from May 06 to 11 to promote gender equality and respect for diversity. In the released propaganda film, we can see that not only the students, even teachers have responded positively.

"Wearing a men's dress is just a sign that our goal is to make gender issues really happen in life, and students can use this activity to be brave and to practice your kindness and respect." Whether you wear a skirt or not, you can express your support or opinion of the event in different forms without hurting others, if you want to. Finally, ask your classmates not to force people around you or treat the event with a smile, but to think deeply about the meaning behind it. Cricket Students' Association

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Sex education, urgent

"Hello everyone, I am the principal of Panqiao High School Lai Chunjin, we board bridge high school in this school celebration held a "men's skirt in the board" activities, break the gender stereotypes, respect the temperament differences. Just join us in a dress- 」

As soon as the event came out, it caused a warm response. However, on May 08, Lin Guochun, a new North City Councillor, questioned the idea that the event was inappropriate. "Does our parents think it's appropriate for his child to wear a skirt?" "If it's a performance, everyone laughs, three or five minutes, no problem. He went on to threaten that future parents might not let their children be on the board because of it.

In fact, from Lin Guochun's question content, we can see the end of gender inequality. Male students wear skirts, why should be used as a laughing stock, to "laugh a smile"? Moreover, why is it "inappropriate" to wear a skirt? As Lin's speech caused a public backlash, he then responded on his personal Facebook fan page: "We are anti-gay, but we respect each other, each has its own position, and no one is right or wrong." 」

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Has Taiwan's process of gender equality, from the legalization of the most high-profile same-sex marriage, to sex education in the school system, moved to a place where people are reassuring? Despite the upcoming may of 24th, Taiwan's social goodwill towards the gay community is still inadequate.

From the content of pre-school education, national compulsory education, high school, university curriculum, whether formal courses, potential courses, operating courses spread the unique legitimacy of a man and a woman, a father and a mother of two families, not only heterosexual students can not correctly understand the reality of gender-rich differences, LGBT Students are also unable to get a positive experience course from school, so schooling becomes a tool for re-regulation of heterosexual norms.
Xiao Zhaojun, "Gender-towards And Taiwan Society"

If gender equality education on campus is delayed, the tragedy of the failure of sex education will continue to occur. Looking back on the actual cases, as far away as the Ye Yongyu incident, nearly male students because of the gender temperament of the bullying, although the relevant cases continue to play out, Taiwan society still has one side of the force to adhere to the traditional heterosexual value, firmly opposed to "gay education", become a resistance to promote gender equality education. (Same-room screening: There is no gender education on campus, who will catch the "Ye Yong-yu"? ) )

When students become the wind, society dances with it.

"If our classmates can be treated with the same reason and respect, we are willing to be brave for them once, twice, many times, so that perhaps we will not lose anyone." Cricket Students' Association

From the board of men's skirts to Taiwan University men's skirt day, are the activities of students, perhaps than the school or system, a step earlier to see the importance of gender equality and gender friendliness, so they no longer wait, no longer passively receive the receptor of knowledge, but with their own strength, from the start, trying to improve this sploned society.

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"We want to break the traditional gender stereotype, for the dualization of the gender division has challenges, so that everyone can have the opportunity to show the most true self, at the same time, learn to respect the multi-gender temperament, so that our campus can become a warm, inclusive field, there will be no next Ye Yonghui." Academic Department of the Political Department of Taiwan University

When a group of students starts blowing the wind on campus, society should move forward, not stand still. In addition to education in the school system, social education is also an important field that cannot be ignored.

"Don't let anyone change you / You are you or you are / Someone will love you with all your heart / Rose Boy in my heart / Blossom bright legend / We've never forgotten / Your complaint has no voice / But you have more truths / But awakens countless hearts" - "Rose Boy, Cai Yilin"

In fact, it doesn't matter if we don't wear a dress; most importantly, we must strive to create a future of respect and friendliness so that everyone with any gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity can live a comfortable life.