Han Xing- Victory, suspected of providing sexual entertainment and participating in the sex trade, appeared in pre-detention today (5/14). According to the police investigation, Victory had at least three sex transactions in 2015, but he denied any involvement in the sex trade and said he had a "relationship with each other" and that police had obtained testimony proving that Victory had paid the other party. Earlier 5/10, Zheng Junying also confessed to the crime of filming, is seeking to reach a settlement with the victims.

In March, South Korea's performing arts industry sex scandal occurred, Han Xing victory because of the holding of nightclub Burning Sun hit people, and revealed suspected drug abuse, drug trafficking, sexual entertainment, sex trade (extended reading:"Gender Watch" BIGBANG victory event: "old driver group" and condoned rape culture ) )

Two months later , according to The Korea Time , Victory appeared in seoul Central District Court today (5/14 ) for a pre-detention hearing . At about 1 p.m. on 14 May, Victory left the courthouse in handcuffs and tied hands, without saying a word in the face of a reporter's question. The court has until Wednesday to decide whether to arrest him.

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According to South Korean police investigations, Victory had at least three sex transactions back in 2015, including calling an adult entertainment venue to find a woman at his home, and although Victory said the two sides knew each other, police had obtained the woman's testimony and found evidence of victory in the woman's account. South Korean media MBN News 8 also said that the police have confirmed that Victory has provided sexual entertainment services to Japanese investors.

As the victory broke out, South Korea's performing arts community gradually exposed the stars' alleged sex trafficking, the theft of sex films, including singer Zheng Junying, former FT Island member Choi Jong-sung's old driver group, which was filled with secretly filmed sex films, and derogatory and materialized remarks about women. (Extended reading: Gender Newsletter, South Korea #Metoo Event Book: Zhang Zixuan Incident, Never Really Ended)

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The victim, who contacted South Korean media SBS Fun E, said he had been drinking with Zheng Junying and members of the group after attending a fan signing session in early 2016, but lost consciousness in the process and woke up to find himself in a room with Choi Chung-chun lying next to him and verbally implying that the two had had sex.

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In connection with illegal sex videos in the old driver's group , according to the Korea Herald , Zheng Junying , who attended a pre-trial hearing on 5/10 , confessed to his crimes , including making sex films without consent and illegally distributing sex films , while he was seeking a settlement with the victims .

In response to Zheng Junying's response, the community said it could not accept the settlement, and the victims have not yet responded. But in the wake of the victory and The Zheng Junying incident, South Korea's #MeToo movement and female awareness have grown, with one interviewee saying the secret filming scandal in the entertainment industry has caused panic: "The K-Pop scandal has had a huge impact on people, especially women." I think women are starting to be afraid now: 'Will boyfriends shoot me when they have sex with me?' 』」

A 23-year-old college student, Jin Zhixuan, also said that her boyfriend once said to her and a friend, "My girlfriend can't have sex with me because of menstruation. And it scares her: "I feel insulted, and people Who Think They Can Trust do this behind my back make me feel like an object." (Extended reading: Sex Newsletter , Hora boyfriend threatens to release sex video, 270,000 netizens in solidarity with the wrong is not her )

In the face of the sex scandal in South Korea's entertainment industry, the next step is to focus on the news, show solidarity with the victims, and condemn the dissemination of sex videos. I hope that this sex scandal can be an opportunity to change society.