Tyra Banks, known as the "mother of supermodels" who appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimwear Special in May, says she is proud of her figure despite gaining 11kg on the cover of the magazine 23 years ago. In the face of social criticism of her figure, she was never afraid to shout: "Hey, Kiss My Fat ASS!! 」

You should be no stranger to her name and confidence.

She's Tyra Banks, known as the "mother of supermodels," the host of the American talent show Supermodel's Life and Death, and one of the high-end lingerie brand Victoria's Secret angels. And her African-American identity has brought a diverse dimension to the fashion industry.

In May, she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, a US sports weekly, as she donned a bright yellow bikini and embraced her curves, a photo that meant a lot to the fashion world and Tyla - because of the comparison On the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1996, Tyla gained a full 25 pounds (about 11 kilograms), and 23 years later, the 45-year-old was on the cover of sports magazine to promote embracing diversity, female perceme and body positivity.

Photo:Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special

"Since Tyla first appeared on the cover of the magazine in 1996, she has transformed herself into a big man, a cultural force, an inspiring, nurturing supernova," MJ Day, editor of Sports Illustrated's Swimwear Special, said in a statement. She embodies the spirit of swimwear and lets us know that everything is possible! 」

To the malicious critic of the woman's figure: kiss my fat ass

Tyla's move is a big boost to change in the fashion world, where there are strict requirements for her figure.

Twelve years ago, Tyla was filmed by a reporter wearing a swimsuit with a bulging belly in an attempt to attack her figure as "deformed." "You know what? If I had a low self-esteem, I might starve myself to death now. All women in the world have been criticized for their bodies, whether it's women like me who want to exercise, women who occasionally like me (with small belly bumps), women and girls around the world, and I'm going to say to those who maliciously criticize women's bodies: Kiss My Fat ASS!!

Tyra has long promoted women's body awareness and promoted body diversity, but confidently and darefully she has also had body anxiety. With the publication of Tyla's 2018memoir, Perfect Is Boring,she mentions that she was at a very anxious stage, and that even when she was told to love her body, she was influenced by the "model figure" defined by the fashion world: "I often feel that my body is not my own. Whether it's too thin or too fat. If I lose weight, I feel betrayed by everyone. 」

After filming the cover photo of sports illustrated swimwear, Tyla gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight, and when the host asked her what spirit she wanted to convey from the cover photo, Tyla first talked about her thoughts on the cover, and now she thought, since she wanted to remake the film. Sports Illustrated Swimwear Specials have to exercise your figure as it did 23 years ago. But then she returned home, naturally eating snacks and ice cream, and even during the magazine shoot, she said she wasn't shy about eating.

"I'm not out of control, " Tyla said, adding that at that moment she suddenly found that herself, whether she was trying to lose weight or who wanted to enjoy food, was the most real mood at the moment, and that she wanted to present her physical state to everyone at the moment: "I keep telling everyone that all the bodies are beautiful, What age is beautiful, but now I want to make my body 23 years ago? Nah, let everyone know the real me. 」

"I have so much experience training as models, I know how to pose, I know how to show beautiful ass and my best looks. (Recommended reading: Put aside physical anxiety!) A girl you want to love: "Focus on my mind, not my body")

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There's no standard beauty in the world, I came back to knock down the high walls.

Tyra retired from modelling 13 years ago and has multiple roles, teaching fashion classes and hosting talk shows, but appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in May is a declaration that Tyla will return to modelling.

When everyone was surprised by Tyla's return, she threw a shock shot: her model name changed from Tyra Banks to Tyra Banx: "X stands for rejection, to the standard beauty no, we're creating new rules." I want to make me stronger than ever and stand up for all women. Tell the world: We've got enough of those standard beauty, and beauty needs to be redefined, even though there's still a long way to go before real change. 」

In Tyla, we see people's struggle, anxiety, low self-esteem, these are good real reactions, she said it does n'up, we are all human, or will want to cover up the body of fat, wrinkles, may rise the idea of weight loss, have these ideas are okay, the most important thing do not indulge in self-blame too long, find a way to celebrate the beauty of the body, You'll know how beautiful you are.