Two men and seven cats, Zhiming and Beaver Cats are often mistaken for lovers, which seems to be more in line with the public's intimate vision of the cat family. But they say that the most important thing with a cat to be a family is the determination to love the cat. Daily meals, fun, nail cutting, to move, sick, hospital, for each other's time countless, hard but very happy.

Huang Ama and his back house are arguably the seven most popular cats in Taiwan today.

Starting on Facebook six years ago and keeping up with youtube's popularity, the owner's cat-life video with Beaver Cat has generated millions of followers. In the period when everyone is not so familiar with pet powder, youtuber, how can these seven cats lead a wave of cats, so that regardless of the original love of cats do not love cats viewers, look forward to the weekly film on the shelves, want to see what happened in the palace interesting daily?

Zhiming told me, probably because these seven cats are ordinary enough.

In the past, we seemed to think that cat youtuber would be a shiny breed of cat on the screen, but they were all mixed cats that we would normally see on the road.

We usually guard each other, do not know how to get close to the cat, now the audience through these films of rice, play, cut nails, to move, sick, hospital, count life, like smuggling a human and cat can have a happy daily imagination.


Don't ask again, we're not lovers!

Came to the Yellow Ama studio, but also the residence of seven cats, two owners of the video workshop, I like small fans into the reality show scene, first feel not accustomed to, but the unique smell of the house is very real, may be cat feed, cat grass or cat sand dust, cat language, in short, this is not a complete human space.

This is an unexpected cat family combination.

Zhiming and beaver cat beckonme to greet me to the living room sofa seat, a few relatives of the cat came forward to pet, the sun from the balcony, is a gentle picture: "Should many people ask you are not a couple?" I couldn't help asking at first.

Together with seven cats, we imagine that the relationship between the owners should be very intimate, very loving, preferably a partner, inseparable, so that more in line with the public for the cat family happiness of the full imagination. Just "falling through everyone's glasses" is that they are two big boys, the beginning of the story is college students, because the idea is similar to create a studio, because the first cat so began to have a second, three, four ...

That's how the day began.

Originally they were only in the studio to pick up external commercial spending cases, usually bored to shoot the cats. Don't think the cat is attracting more viewers, from 2013 to the present, accumulated millions of fans, they say they are not overnight, but gradually, let everyone slowly into their hairy life.

From the college students began the fate, to later became colleagues, semi-roommates (beaver cats live in the studio), to the cats co-owners, only to think that they are not lovers, but also have so many role relationships, should the feelings be good? But turn around and they quickly tell me, "We're like enemies at work," and then they don't look at each other, one of them complaining to me:

"There are some foreign language, I feel very ugly, should change, but Zhiming will not feel." 」

"But like the film subtitles of "he" and "she", I think it must be clear, beaver cat feel that it is okay, anyway, we can understand. 」

Chinese,' zhi, who is of Chinese family, is primarily responsible for copywriting in the work team, while Beaver Cat focuses on visual design. Care about things are different, quarrels almost every day the play code staged, and because is a familiar friend, the quarrel is particularly fierce, "you will be very angry, think why he is not listening?" Unlike outside company colleagues who don't agree with each other, they know they'll have to go on after the quarrel, so they're going straight. Because of mutual understanding, so love and hate.

"But I still think it's okay to tell her, "she' is not good at it or not." The beaver cat whispered on the side. Also as a text worker, I smiled and patted Zhiming said, WELL, your persistence I understand.

If the cat is like a child, the cat owner is the parent, put the urine, take care of the living outside also take care of the mood, commonly known as slave talent.

Already can be said to be the representative of Taiwan's cat slave community Zhiming and beaver cat, hand will be seven completely different spleen cats to take care of white fat, I asked about the cat, there is no disagreement when? Is actually secretly curious about two big boys, how will they assign each other's cat care roles?

But when it comes to the problem, it turns out that this hypothetical scenario is too "complex" for them. Our imagination of "parents" may be mutually reinforcing, perhaps a black face and a white face, co-ordinating in the face of a quarrel with a hairy child, and mutual comfort and support in dealing with the low tide of serious illness. But Zhiming and the beaver cat just dagger told me, "When You get sick, go to the doctor. . . 」

They talked about a surgery that Amal underwent last year. At that time, his gland was inflamed and the doctor recommended cutting it off directly. We have been discussing for a long time, on the one hand, considering that it is an old cat, anaesthetic risks, on the other hand, fear that the removal of glands will affect its position in the hind palace. glands are the self-smelling glands of cats that can consolidate their position, and they think of The Armaway, how can they lower them in this way?

But in the end because of repeated inflammation, in order to make the cat comfortable, or surgery.

It can be imagined that the two big boys together raised seven cats, want to real things, and occasionally suspect each other to abet. They don't call themselves the cats' dads, they don't say who each other is, but they accommodate so many of each other's life roles, noisy.

I finally asked, like this more difficult time, there is a person can discuss with themselves, always good; There was laughter at the scene.

How to get along with the Cat Star? First to be a "slave"

Back on the seven cats, I asked, cats are very different from people, they have no common language, they are not usually good at expressing physical discomfort, as human beings, how to be a competent "family"?

Talk about this, one of the relatives of the cat crawled to Zhiming's leg to pet, as if to say "talk too long, slaves to accompany me to play!" Zhiming touched the cat's body and told me that the cat really needed to be carefully cared for. What they like, what they hate, whether they are satisfied with the current state of life, whether the body is slightly inthe harm's way, need to be actively explored: "Every day like this to touch them, look at their physical condition, emotional response, so that real-time to find out that there is no problem." 」

And keepmoremore two cats, in addition to individual observation, cat group life is also the main people need to pay attention to things. We talked about the year when the fifth cat joined the Back House, there was a cat bullying incident: "When he first came, he had serious social problems." He hasn't been with cats in the past, and is the standard "socialization" of cats. So at first the other cats thought he was too impolite, and they collectively bullied him: "They seem to have an unwritten rule, and as soon as they run downstairs, they will be very angry to catch them up." 」

But the relatives, in the second floor non-stop howling, Zhiming beaver cat can not bear, and try to help him solve the problem.

"We try to hold him down, so that he can be reassured that there is no danger going downstairs, and we will give other cats snacks on the other side, so that they will benefit from it. It took months for colleagues in the studio to help with the work.

"It wasn't until one day that we saw that We had the courage to rush down, and we were really moved. 」

They say that being a family member with a cat is like having a long marathon, where their minds are hidden, how they can understand help, and you have to find a way to find it. The more you raise, the more you'll find, every cat is really different. Before no one taught, will feel that the cat is to check how to raise, give them feed, good cans, so very good. So from one to seven, it's almost unbridled adoption.

"But it's wrong to keep every cat as the same cat. This is very similar to the idea of raising a child, each child's personality is different, you will have different ways and practices to get along with.

I think there are owners who have had cats around me, after having the first one, they will want to raise a second, third, and be asked why, and they say, "I'm afraid there's only one, he's going to be too lonely." But perhaps a lot of times, it is us human beings themselves not lonely bar. Zhiming and beaver cat film after the palace cat, recorded the cat trouble, quarrel, grab food, sick, take medicine, live in the hospital;

"Like a lot of people who encounter a cat like a cat, don't kiss the cat, they fight with other cats, and they give up and want to keep it." But they knew that if the cat was sent to the family again, he would have to adjust again. "You should adapt to his personality, and then you'll see where it's cute." But this process of understanding often takes a lot of mind time.

So, seven cats are really enough, the home has been too busy.

And although talk ingested, from the first to the seventh, are the various cats are very trivial details, but from Zhiming and the words of the beaver cat can be heard is that, in fact, the hairy children have always been so, not in daily life, can not establish a relationship.

If one day Ama leaves,

The back-court cats have been with the audience for 6 years, jumping from the beginning, and now they are slowly getting older. Just last year, three old cats reported to the pet hospital. I thought about building interdependencies with cats, and I always imagined that in case they were gone? Talking about the death of a pet's family is often a difficult issue for owners.

Two years ago, he had a big illness, was hospitalized for a month or two and had two tubes inserted. "At that time the doctor told us more than once, there may be psychological preparation. In that case, even now listen to all the heart.

"I said to the beaver cat at the time, "We must hurry home to help him put the cat on the platform, or it may be too late." Zhiming said, this house is rented, before will think, anyway installed a cat platform, to move and take it withus, or wait to move to a bigger place to say it?

Cat lovers, hear the issue of life and death will feel sad. But they said, don't worry, "What if they die?" It's time to treat each other well now. Since that incident, Zhiming and the beaver cat have a concept is that grasping the present is so important. What you want to do for them, don't wait, just do it. "Don't give up the possibility of giving them a better life for any reason." 」

The palace is happy at the moment, and even knowing that it will not always be so, you can face the present moment and try to manage each other's small days. This is the timely fun of cat owners.

So, last spring, the palace also underwent a major transformation.

The original space, which accommodated the studio, living room, and the beaver cat's room, was then because there was no consideration of how to accommodate, cat activities to choose between, resulting in later access became very narrow difficult, the whole room crowded, we all do not have their own location.

Back to the small inconvenience of space that was constantly present when i moved into the studio eight years ago, with a small budget and no long-term residency. But as more cats and work partners become more and more, people find it inconvenient to move, cats start to fight for territory, occasionally protest, they think it's time to make a good change.

The focus of this re-decoration is to increase more storage space. For example, the mezzanine cat platform, which was previously nailed to the wall, is not considered as a storage cabinet at the same time, although the cats like it. In addition, such as the hidden cabinet to remove, increase the space for cats to hide, from the needs of the whole family thinking, so that the space energy has a possibility of conversion.

Changes in the environment can cause stress for some of the more sensitive cats. I asked if the cats were used to it after the decoration.

Zhiming told me that the always feel environment is not the most important thing for them. Instead of relying on space, they each have their own good partners: "For example, the younger brother loves to follow Armagh, imitate each other; As for the relatives, it would be nice to see us. I think of this family, one to lead one, one can not be less, snuggled up in this space, next to each other's smell sleep.

Of course, as space becomes more comfortable and cats hide and play more places, they can also feel the relationship between human and cat, cat and cat become more intimate.

During the chat, from time to time there are cats jumping around us, want to pet, or just want to make a noise; the cat pointed to my sitting position, said that before the grapefruit love to pee on the sofa, snorting over to ask for help, Zhiming while nervously saying his loved ones, but will not control the road, to touch the right place Oh.

I feel like I've become more and more able to adapt to the energy of the whole space.

From the end of the screen to the scene, see very real, there are wounds have love there is new and aging, some people with seven cats, living everyday.

Why do so many people love watching this family's films? I think that regardless of whether the audience love cats do not love cats, can not afford to raise, the audience themselves may not know, such a viewing is actually to meet a kind of, the relationship of projection.

Through these films, like smuggling a human and cat can live, we find an illusion close to family relations. We project, long for such a link, sincere, lovely, a cry, squealing, am, a grapefruit, recruit, cats squealing response, you can talk to each other, you think of the so-called home, is to call each other it.

Editor's note: Cohabiting with a cat

After leaving the back palace cat's house, do not know whether it is a psychological role, always feel that their smell is not the same; I think of the cat I had had in my life. A person living, rented in Taipei small suite, put on the cat sand basin, water dispenser, feed bowl, cat hammock, and scattered cat supplies, almost full. Six Ping space, also can not divide your mine, when the ground every day is cat sand, occasionally walk will kick to cat toys, clothes and beds, is sticky cat hair, mixed with my hair.

The cat stick to me, nothing to each other, I want to hold him he refused, do not hold and lean up, bath to eat and sleep are followed. I often think we are conjoined babies, breathing the damp air in that suite, with our respective scattered hairs in the corner, and quietly tied together. There were a few sleepless nights, the room is very dark and quiet, I heard his nose, thought maybe this life, and then not so close to a life.

Cohabiting with the cat, life was so quiet, he walked without sound, I spoke without an echo. He came close to my arms, my chest, close to the heart, we have no way of talking, one person, one cat, two hearts are beating, is it a kind of love?

Love a cat, it smells like it's in my skin. Where I go, where to move, around Taipei most circles, he will follow me, lost, do not know how to return, as my forever home.