If you also think that "having a baby" is so painful and terrible, it is recommended that you come and see these 6 gentle production pictures. What is gentle production? Has anyone ever done gentle production? Where can I see if I want to know more? You can find out here!

Do you think "having a baby" is terrible? Are you always upset and afraid of the imagination of production?

In fact, there is a production concept in the world, called "gentle production". It means that the production process reduces medical intervention and returns to nature. For example, by adjusting breathing, music, yoga, etc., so that the mother can give birth, self-empowerment. The general medical profession recommends that low-risk pregnancy mothers, more suitable for gentle delivery. (Extended Reading: Gentle Production's First Letter: If Most Production Stories Are Not Too Warm)

Let's take you one step closer to "gentle production" with 6 charts!

If you want to know more

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