5/17 No longer the same day, but also the same marriage law debate boiling, we are suitable to calm down to see the Japanese drama "Where's my skirt?". It's an LGBTQ-themed campus drama that begins with a gay teacher who loves negative dress and takes his students to know black and white, and the existence of a rainbow.

On 17 May 1990, the World Health Organization removed homosexuality from the disease classification, and on 17 May it was designated by the United Nations as the international no longer homophobic. Twenty-nine years later, while we have seen gay rights slowly but improving step by step, there are still many people who have a stereotype of the LGBT community and even believe that homosexuality and transsexuality are curable diseases. (Extended reading: Gender Watch no longer fear the same day: This day is the day whengays are removed from "mental illness")

Starting in 2018, Japanese dramas have been breaking through in an attempt to blend LGBT issues into TV dramas, evoking public re-opinion, such as "Uncle's Love" in 2018, "Yesterday's Food" in 2019, and the recent campus drama "Where's My Skirt?" starring 53-year-old actor Shintai Oda.

Photo A photo of "Where's My Skirt?"

Beyond black and white, there's a rainbow.

In Where's My Skirt, Shin-Tai Gowata plays a negative-dressed male teacher, Shin-Sin, who is also gay. In the first episode, he appeared in high heels, a goose-yellow dress and silk shirt, and was hired to teach at a school that was promoting "diversity", where he was initially snubbed by students:

"Why are you dressed so disgustingly?" 」

"Disgusting?" 」

"Because it's gay, it's like this." 」

"Is it that homosexuality has nothing to do with wearing women's clothes, don't you know?" "When you grow up, you will suffer by the point of looking at people, " he said. 」

In the class's laughter, the letter man, who decided to give a sex lesson to his classmates, explained the meaning of each word in the LGBT community and analyzed the differences between biological sex and gender characteristics: "I belong to G, gay, and I wear women's clothing." Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, wearing women's clothes is an external form, you guy understand? 」

And the appearance of the letter man, not only let students feel the clue, but also let other teachers feel a headache, such as running in the corridor, do not want to arrive at school five minutes early, ran to the infirmary to take a nap his unruly, in fact, is building new rules for campus education.

As i have seen in the past, the campus youth drama, the existence of the letter man is for students to solve the problem. But what's interesting is that no matter how the story lines of each episode change, it's not going to be a way to get away from the core discussion of "diversity."

Photo A photo of "Where's My Skirt?"

Don't say fusion, have you ever heard of diversity?

Remember that at the opening ceremony of the first episode, the headmaster said to the whole school:

"Diversity refers to diversity, diversity, living your own way, and focusing on your own future. 」

For harmony, integration and unity of campus education, can not make everyone's development. In the first episode, the headmaster told Xin man that he hoped he would become the creation of diversity.

When did our schooling become single? Looking back at the childhood class, the teacher asked the children to abide by the rules, and even listed the behavior that good students should have, bad students will have behavior, and strive to classify, define, because of fear of uncontrollable. So school education allows everyone to live in a box of the same size, thinking that it can create a harmonious, integrated and stable campus environment. But if someone fails to follow the dogma, they are excluded from the group and are considered "abnormal" or even "sick".

Each episode of Where's My Skirt Is Like Pushing The Ethnic Boundaries A Little More, and Then Pushing A Little, Whether it's people who feel inferior to their appearance, people whocan can't meet social standards, people whose gender traits are outside of duality, like the spectrum, human traits are not absolute dot-to-do, but continuous, will move over time. No matter gender identity, gender identity, sexual orientation can be put on the concept of the spectrum. (Recommended reading:"Physiological Sex" and "Gender Identity", have you ever heard of the gender spectrum?) ) )

Photo A photo of "Where's My Skirt?"

When everyone loves who they are at the moment and respects others and their state, there is no difference between "abnormal" and "normal" and it allows everyone to be included in the world and proud of their state. We can all live our lives in our own way, focusing on our own future, as the principal says.

May 17 is no longer the same day, is also Taiwan's marriage law debate boiling, it is a good time to see the play, to feel the ambiguity outside of duality, do not have to rush to define anyone. When faced with strange things, people often hold fear first, and then reject. Fear doesn't matter, it's that after fear, we're willing to take the time to listen and understand the other side. (Extended reading:517 International no longer fear the same day!) Love is gender-neutral, I love your soul)

The ex-boyfriend of the daughter of the letter once said to the letter man, "You taught me that there is a gray existence in the world besides black and white." 」

In fact, in addition to black and white, in addition to gray, there is a broader rainbow existence!