Faced with an anti-LGBT, anti-abortion politician, two 19-year-old girls in Italy threw the gentlest shock bomb at the world with "one kiss."

Two Italian women took the opportunity to kiss when they took a photo with Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and posted it on social media, setting off a viral retweet. This trend has been likened to "selfie guerrillas" by the local media in Italy, precisely expressing the impact that this move creates in a simple and powerful way.

An age of reluctance to sit back and wait

Matteo Salvini, Italy's deputy prime minister, is a politician for the right-wing Northern League party, which CNN describes as homophobic. He attended a gathering of anti-LGBT and anti-abortion organizations in Verona. 反墮胎組織聚堅守「保護正常家庭」的信念,定義一個正常家庭是由一名男人、一名女人、小孩組成。

In addition to his anti-condescension and abortion rhetoric, Salvini's speeches included prejudice against feminists. "Feminists are a bunch of people who pretend they don't see what really matters," he says. At the time, more than 30,000 feminists gathered outside the venue to protest, dressed in fuchsia costumes, holding up colorful placards and chanting Romeo and Juliet from a feminist perspective, hoping to end criticism of feminism and gain equal rights and respect.

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Gaia Parisi and Matilde Rizzo, 19,19-year-old girls living in Caltanissetta, Sicily, southern Italy, are friends. On April 26th, when he learned that Salvini was going to visit their city, he was determined to visit the venue in person and respond to Salvini's anti-gay views in the form of photobombs.

"We protest against Salvini and his dangerous anti-abortion rhetoric," Mathilde said. At the end of the meeting, Salvini invited the support crowd on stage to take a photo with him, and I looked to Guya and decided to do it without thinking much.

"Salvini's attendance at anti-feminist, anti-gay, anti-abortion conferences is unacceptable," Gaia said. There is no way we can sit back and watch Salvini and his supporters drag Italy back to the Middle Ages. "The only way to counter the constant spread of "hate" by politicians like Salvini is to "love and tolerance," " she added.

The strongest struggle: our voice, can not be buried

Gaia and Mathilde's kiss is not just a kiss between friends and gender, they represent a diverse family, feminists speak out in the gentlest way, but also a strong declaration of anti-cons before human rights and free speech.

As of today, the photo has been liked by nearly 40,000 people, and Salvini posted a post on his official Instagram account, writing, "Greetings to good sisters and peace. " Throughout May, communities in Italy and around the world responded to the incident with similar photobombs or humorous images every day, with selfies from all corners of the country taking pictures of themselves fighting Salvini like guerrillas.




"We are very honored and proud that we have achieved our original goal," Mathilde said of the impact of the photos on the community. Getting your voice heard is always the most important thing.

Cross-gender kiss: Even if it's small, start acting

We are not alone in the long road of darkness on the road to counter-terrorism. Back in 2003, pop divas Madonna and Britney Spears kissed each other at the MTV Video Music Awards, drawing attention and public opinion from all media. Another cross-era, transgender kiss, which took place at the 2012 French gay legalization march, was a classic and thus named "Le Baiser de Marseille" after photographs of Julia Pistolesi and Aurelie Wirtz-Susini kissing each other in human rights pushed the issue to a peak.

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These events have proved time and again that we can carve footprints for gender parity and the power of action. We do not have to be public figures, in order to let their voices be seen, as long as the heart, a kiss can gently shake the world.