On May 17, 2019, the Legislative Yuan finally passed Section 4 of the Taiwan Marriage Act, Comrades, we can finally get married! You want to live at home, in a room you like, living in the people you love, you brush your teeth together every morning, cook a table of rice, count life. A home, because of love is expected, how good.

In 1986, Mr. Zou went to the Notary Office of the Taipei District Court and his application for marriage to his same-sex partner was refused. Beginning in 2015, he applied for a constitutional interpretation of same-sex marriage, and in May 2017, the Court of Justice issued Justice's Interpretation No. 748, declaring that the civil law did not allow same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional.

After this, after two years of constant obstruction and interference for the conservative opposition, but finally on 17 May today, the Legislative Council voted article by article on the marriage law and passed section 4 of the fine-tuning version of the Taiwan Marriage Act. The long road of marriage equal rights to today, comrades can finally become a family!

In the past you dare not think, do not want to think, or have not had the opportunity to imagine that you can and the person you love together in the family;

Home scenes, from dining-room dining tables and living-room backyards to intimate sleepers, spaces with loved ones, how do you want to fill it? Belonging to your home, perhaps these are:

Table: Eat people happy, we do not cook together, eat every meal together?

"I'll do anything to see you happy." " Because I Love You"

It has been said that eating is very similar to love, and when we eat, we have a similar satisfaction to our loved ones. And I thought, for your first time cooking, although I can't cook very well, will make the kitchen mess, but I know you won't give up. We will eat a mouthful of love, chew only belong to each other's days, ordinary but good luck.

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Living room: nestled on the sofa to play with the cat, lazy for an afternoon

"My happiness is you, and being by you is the way I am happy." - "Blue is the warmest color"

Keep a cat in our nest. We will be in the suny afternoon, nest together in the living room sofa, you see the novel, I write a diary, the cat nest beside us, three life bodies snuggled up to each other, close to each other. Even if it is only so quietly spent an afternoon, is good happiness, good luxury happiness.

Small family supplement: Mao children as family, love to let life close to each other

Bathroom: We also have to hand in hand every day, go brushing our teeth and washing our faces.

"With you, I'm transparent. " - Love Endless"

In our bathroom, two people's toothbrushes will be placed, that is proof that we live together. And then it's okay? We get up early every day to go to bed, walk together to the mirror, brush our teeth and wash our faces, as if to say that every day begins and ends, and that we are all awake, or deeply sleepy, life is tired, but we have each other.

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Bedroom: The night is deep, I'm safe, counting your snoring to sleep

"If you steal a man's kiss, how are you going to give it back to him?" " - "What Love Looks Like"

Finally came to our bed. We must go to pick a good soft bed, choose the color and material we love, to create a most comfortable sleeper. Because in bed, is our most vulnerable, with naked moments. We'll be there, hug each other, I can feel you, your body temperature, your smell, one night to another, no longer afraid of how deep the night is, I'll just count your nose snorts.

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Backyard: Water flowers and vegetables together to see the world

"It's a lifetime, it's a lifetime. A year, a month, a day, a time, are not a lifetime. - "Berge"

It would be great if we could have one that belongs to our backyard. We plant some green plants there, and my favorite sunflower. Flowers and grasses, and the smell of earth, can feel life is very real. And the most real thing is that you're really by my side. Say a good life, is a lifetime, the world is very beautiful, life is beautiful, must be because of your relationship.

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After reading this article, you think of who, as well as move, the family imagination to pass on to him. Tell him, let's love each other and make a family.