Short visits a few meters, real family, adults and children, usually what dialogue scene? He said he was probably powerless to do anything about these power-unequal, mutually damaging relationships, so he created them through graphics to heal every home, and the injured children.

Good at healing the style of painting a few meters, often in the works mention edgtosis of all kinds of home, especially the child's inner world, child-like language, but are the inner children of the grown-up, tell their own needs for being forgotten. From "I am not the perfect child" depicts a growing child, found that they do not fully meet the social expectations and frustrated children, to "my mistakes are the fault of the old man" from the eyes of children, see the old truth of the great man, there is no reason.

And before the summer this year, his new book, "Hopefully One Day You'll Understand," is a more detailed picture of how children are disappointed and hurt to adults in the family field, and the difficulties and emotional barriers between parents and children emerge.

This time with a few meters of short visit to answer, want to talk to him about his modern family observation. A few meters in the past rarely disclose their private life, and we talk about the topic, around home, I said you start from the work, chat about your parents and family ideas. Can feel, he has some difficult to say the place, but know the problem is very painful, want to use a pen, draw those pictures, tell the world, I know you are injured, I can do not do much, but want to give you a little comfort, ok?

Image Source: Big Block Culture

Q 1. Chat about this work "hopefully one day you will understand" choose the subject of "parent-child estrangement".

I have in recent years, almost all of the works to children as the main character, do not know what reason, feel that with children as the main character can be the story you want to tell all draw out. After taking the child as the main character, nature will be brought into the imagination of the child's life, life will encounter problems. Of course, the theme of this tug-of-war between parents can easily jump out.

Since the publication of "My mistakes are the faults of the big people" talk about parent-child issues, there have been repeated references to the book over the years, especially parents and teachers who reflect that "children will take the content son to fight against it". But because there is "my fault is the fault of the big man", also have to wait until so many years, think can have a new, different performance, will have "hopefully one day you will understand" was born.

Q 2. Is there a difference between "Hopefully One Day You'll Understand" and what I wanted to convey 12 years ago, "My mistakes are the faults of the big people"?

"My fault is the adult's fault" in the title point out two generations of disputes, but a closer look at the content is still a lot easier than "hopefully one day you will understand"; At that time, the short works of the painting still retain a more loose and soothing tone.

Later I slowly changed the way i wrote in short works, and compared with the previous kind of single-style, prose-style writing, the development of a continuous plot; "Hopefully one day you will understand" there are also continuous plot and the same set of roles, all the graphics are for this subject to dialectical, may also dig more topics out. If "My mistakes are the faults of the big people" is a little more lyrical, "hopefully one day you will understand" has entered the point of trying to solve the problem argument (but certainly not as a parenting to teach know-how).

From this point of view, it also reflects the fact that I may be increasingly anxious about this issue.

"Hopefully one day you'll understand" book excerpts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Hopefully one day you'll understand" book excerpts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Q 3. What do you think of the widespread verbal violence in the family?

Probably I can't solve these, will want to use creation to vent, comfort it.

The violence between humans and men does not seem to have diminished, and now we see more cases because of the development of communication. These conditions are not only in the family, the workplace is also a lot, as long as there is class relations, power relations, high and low places, you will see.

I think that's why creativity is needed to appease our wounded souls.

Q 4. What's the difference between parent-child and communication mode in this era, and the time you grew up with?

Parents today are more likely than ever to believe in authoritarianism, and I think parent-child relationships are more intimate. It's good to be intimate, but intimacy can be a relative setback, and the more intimate you are, the more you get hurt by small things.

But also because of the development of digital technology, children these numbers of indigenous people in the current environment of a high degree of integration, elders in turn to learn from young people, authoritarianism will be relatively reduced. However, it may be possible to bring generations closer and wider, and communication may accelerate.

"Hopefully one day you'll understand" shows that there may be two generations of interleaving, parents and elders still learning - or under all the pressures of life to choose the fastest way - to respond to children with reproach or admonition. But the book's conversation with Little Bear may be my idea for the younger generation. The dialogue in the book is tit-for-tat, but you can also see the default two generations of different family concepts behind it.

"Hopefully one day you will understand" book excerpts , meteor bears are falling from the sky, in place of small light growing angel , large pieces of culture provided

Q 5. What do you think children's trauma usually comes from in a modern family?

As I say in my book, many adults have no intention of saying things that can cause trauma to children. Or unclear, perfunctory, indifferent attitude, may also let children most need support when hurt, but perhaps these in the eyes of adults do not feel important, or do not feel anygood of injury.

Social factors are certainly possible. Change is faster and more stressful society, perhaps let parents and children get along less and less time, although attitude may be more open, but less time to get along, also cause problems.

Q 6. The book arranges for an angelic "shooting bear" to come to Earth instead of an injured child to grow up. What was the inspiration and idea of this character?

Most of my works are from the imagination of the image, think a picture in my mind is very interesting, very cute, quickly draw down. After drawing a picture will imagine what happened before that picture, or there is a similar form of graphics, I would be happy to draw a few, and then think about what these images have to do with each other, what stories behind, slowly develop the plot out.

"Hopefully one day you'll understand" is based on the book's cross-page pictures of children and animals meeting, and then I imagine why a child would do it. Is there anything that is difficult to tell others, only to talk to animals? Slowly develop the child's story theme to parents.

Because of this way of creation, "hopefully one day you will understand" is not an observation, investigation of the book, I also failed to investigate the family style to come to a conclusion. The words that adults in the book say to children are probably heard by many people from small to cosmopolitan, and are not necessary to observe the information they receive. It's just that our children are taught to have ears, so I arrange the dialogue between the boy and the bear in the book to heal, through their dialogue and the heart of the little light, to highlight how much these daily words spoken by many adults can hurt the child's heart.

In the creation of all kinds, it is difficult to simply clearly say what source, often a variety of ideas and stimulus after the addition of gradual change.

"Hopefully one day you will understand" at the beginning there is no meteor bear this role, is small light and a variety of animals talk about the story, the story gradually developed, think Xiaoguang such a lonely child should have a companion, so created a bear doll, slowly developed a meteor bear. Later even the meteor bear can't stand the nagging of the Earth's parents, there is a kind of Earth parents jump needle to conquer the universe feeling.

"Hopefully one day you will understand" book excerpts No one knows which child is real and which child is replaced by a large piece of culture provided

At the end of a few meters of this creation, the parents seem to still rule the universe. They represent the authority and identity, single-knife straight into the word group, fell in every corner of the home, the children a little war, perhaps still grow up.

I asked a few meters, how do you think your family can face these wounds together if given the chance? He said the question was profound, "That's not something I can answer." 」

Turned around, he added that he had anxiety about such issues, and because they could nuns, he wanted to vent through creation. I imagined him holding his pen and continuing to paint the real home he saw. Through every color block, every character, every word, want to heal the family, because of love and pain of the family.

And the one he said could not answer, the deep and difficult question about home, was the reason for "go home" here today. Home should be able to give people strength and comfort, although from a few meters of creation, we look away at home, or their own home, as if not so warm; Find your loving home.

Perhaps, like a few meters under the pen of the meteor bear, become each other from the heavens of happiness.