Footage of Huang Xinying and Xu Zhi'an kissing in a taxi was caught on camera, making private-sector lust become a public-sector voyeurism. We peep into criticism, while hiding lust, Buddha everything has nothing to do with us.

In April, hong Kong, the community suddenly lively, not why, for Huang Xinying and Xu Zhi'an's taxi kiss fragments. A short film of men and women in taxis, which is a "semi-private space" in the law, has become a public issue, and the nerves of the family-headed, single, and quietly junior are all being pounded. (Extended Reading: The Last Fairy Tale Busted? Please give the parties time to deal with, and give ourselves time to think about it)

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This entertainment news was originally published in the online version of Apple Daily, the phone immediately came to friends and people's retweets, not enough than half an hour, a variety of spoofed pictures have also appeared, including Huang Xinying as "the Screenshot of The Mind-mind Edmitri", apparently, netizens turned over her social media account shards to investigate the derailment timeline, as well as sympathetic to Huang Xinying's other half Ma Guoming's "taxi" map and do not know where to flow out of the line artist on Huang Xinying's "man-husband harvester" evaluation of the recording.

The incident in Hong Kong this hot pot cooked into a plate of hot soup, until about 7 pm, Xu Zhi'an opened a press conference to publicly apologize, described himself as a "bad person" and said that he would temporarily withdraw from the entertainment business, officially personally put the private sector of the desire into the public domain, but also reminiscent of the 2008 Chen Guanxi computer nude photos of the incident, when, Mr Chung also held a press conference to apologize to the hong Kong audience for his erotic life.

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As a result, everyday life becomes a battleground.

The erotic events of two entertainers, more than entertaining the media rendering, spread to the daily you, me, him (her) between, become the seeds of confrontation, debate. After the incident, the author of a deep friendship, long-term did not meet the primary school students on Facebook came to the friend invitation, in accepting the invitation, I understand her motivation - originally she rushed to me a maintenance of Huang Xinying's post, on her Facebook has a recent post, originally she is responding to me in the air, "" If you say Huang Xinying hook scoundrel husband is not a matter for everyone, then you do not care others criticize her ah, shut up it. I carefully turned over her profile and found that she had experienced similar injuries, that she was the "big mother", her ex-boyfriend had betrayed her, and an older post revealed her disgust with "Little Three": "When women still don't cheap, please close your feet." This "fox hunting " emotion does not necessarily appear in everyone, perhaps I and the other side's emotional experience is different, in receiving the Huang Xinying incident will have a different perspective, no one is right, who is wrong.

However, the Huang Xinying incident as a topic after tea, in fact, to a certain extent to consolidate the so-called "oppression" and "stereotype" - the extramarital affairs as a woman's unilateral mistake, incontinence, "fox hunting" is also "witch hunt", Huang Xinying became a bad woman, people can not wait to put her into hell, murder her personality, Falling down the rock.

For example, on the first day after the incident, I was dining in a large row on the side of the road, a woman in the same age 40 began to meet, said is the criticism of Huang Xinying, "Huang Xinying ah, she is dedicated to the husband, a lot of previous." "She used to play sports with Zheng Xiuwen, this kind of woman is terrible! More interesting, and more interesting, it's a sympathy for "good women (wives, no publicly examined lust, opposite bad women)" and "Zheng Xiuwen is obsessed with it!" And for Xu Zhi'an's ink, and the media as little, the target is Huang Xinying.

"Please raise your hand in support of Huang Xinying"

On April 27th, the "Brew Note Cultural Salon", hosted by Hong Kong scholar Zhou Baosong, was visited by women fans and the leading protester of the "METOO incident" discussed the injusticeof of the Hong Kong system under the title "The Democratic Practice of Two Hong Kong Women in a New Street". During the period, He will be Huang Xinying incident again on the table, said: "I think Huang Xinying and Xu Zhi'an are two love, two love, I support." There are a lot of people who are happy, but because of the worldly vision, can not be together. Then she asked the live audience, "Is there anyone who supports Huang Xinying?" Raise your hand, please. The hands that came out of the small coffee shop , including the author's -- were few and far between, and the hands-raised people instantly became niches, even though the audience was mostly yellow- and pro-democracy.

A middle-aged man raised his hand and said, "He, I began to appreciate your courage to come out in support of democracy from the Umbrella Movement, but when you mentioned that Huang Xinying deserves support, I think I misread you." In other words, it is justice for a person to support the true universal suffrage, but when she supports the cheating woman, the third, she has done the good energies - this is no real weariness of women and lust feudalism. (Extended Reading: Relationship Book to Urban Women: I Hate How the World Interprets Women)

At that moment, it was a surprise that democracy and progress, for many people, did not include women's lust towards autonomy - yes, Huang Xinying was an unmarried, young, beautiful woman, she had a lot of gossip, so the "normal person" thought she was a "indulgent" family system destroyer, supporting her is like supporting the disorderly.

But why are the protesters who vandalised the police order heroes and the women who break the order of the family witches? Do we have some blind spots?

As the speaker has described, in fact, Xu Zhi'an's family and marriage are a system set up by the upper echelons, we often ignore the "sex" part of the democratic movement, we want to social progress, want to have a universal suffrage system, but forget to oppress people, perhaps not only authoritarian politics, but also the established standards of sexual desire for men and women.

For the cheating man and cheating woman's differential treatment, but also derived from the phenomenon, Xu Zhi'an public apology, return to the family, do a good husband, we let him go. Leaving Huang Xinying to "punish" the public is also a form of "gender inequality".

Chen Guanxi's computer, the taxi on the CCTV

Who would have thought that there would be more spectators than taxi drivers when they were hissing and tangled with their lovers? Who would have thought that in a non-public setting, what you've done, especially when it comes to emotion, sex, and feelings, will be made public and tried? How would you feel if you could be your sore foot in a blink of an eye when you could have taken photos and clips that were originally recorded on your camera and computer, those words written in their diaries, and the lists of private music that had been broadcast?

In the Huang Xinying incident, there is one point that entertainment news and public opinion are less mentioned. When we are all eyeing the derailment, forget that the taxi is in fact a semi-private space, which means that Huang Xinying and Xu Zhi'an are secretly filmed to a certain extent, and the footage without their consent to flow out, contrary to the original intention of CCTV as a preservation purpose, is also a violation of privacy. However, when it comes to feelings, cheating, sex, data is too delicious, too incoming, and too many ethical standards to be applied, thus creating a phenomenon of "criticizing the legitimacy of cheaters, which is higher than defending the legitimacy of personal privacy". (Extended reading: My body your desires, "sneaking" really can't manage it?) ) )

Huang Xinying and Xu Zhi'an were able to kiss under the consensus, but the driver sent the video to the media for this action, which was not agreed by the two men. Similarly, in the 2008 chen Guanxi nude photo incident, Chen Guanxi was "with the consent of the women to take the picture, there is a consensus, but the maintenance of the computer party has not obtained the consent of any person in the photo, upload the photos to the Internet to share, infringement of personal privacy."

Huang Xinying, Xu Zhi'an, Chen Guanxi, Zhong Xinxuan and others have never been allowed to watch their private lives, why do we think we will be qualified to point fingers and give evaluation? Even they need to apologize for their private lives, but it's not their fault. The fault of those who violate privacy and dishonestly use data, we have not pursued the sexual and emotional lives of public figures, criticized their moral depravity, and turned a blind eye to the moral depravity of dishonest data users, and Hong Kong's society from 2008 to 2019. There seems to be no reflection on the culture of such living public figures, and the same historical models are repeated in different forms and degrees.

Summary: Zhong Xinhui, Zhu Huimin, Yu Xiangjing and Huang Xinying

Before Huang Xinying, there had long been a trend of personality murder, bullying and abuse in Hong Kong society in response to the private lives of female artists. Whether it's fox hunting or witch hunting, it's about women's lust.

After becoming the Miss Hong Kong runner-up in 2005, Zhu Huimin was filmed by paparazzi kissing in the car with entertainer Leung Rongzhong, because the man had another half, Zhu Huimin was constantly chased by the Hong Kong media, described as a car shock girl, as if to describe her sex and love is casual, human flesh. Wireless television arranged a large number of female image of the role to her, and these roles in Hong Kong society is evil card, bad woman, she is not hidden by snow, but the third party, "Fox" has become synonymous with her. This incident is the same as the Huang Xinying incident on cheating, filming (infringement of privacy) and female desire.

Twins member Zhong Xinhui was deeply affected by the 2008 nude photo incident with Chen Guanxi, and she publicly apologized for taking the nude photos (uploaded without consent) and tearfully:

"Hello everyone, happy New Year." This incident has caused a great deal of distress and hurt to me and the people around me. I admit that I used to be naive and stupid, but now I've grown up. Many thanks to the company, thank the family, and friends to my favor and support. I am deeply sorry for the impact on the public. In the days to come, I will continue to work hard, and actively face my life, thanks for the media's concern, and a group of Fans (fans) who have not abandoned me. Thanks a lot. 」

She was criticized as a disputing and hypocrite in her watch that she had been accused of cheating, because her lust was revealed before the photo appeared, and the broker packaged her as a saint, and when the public thought she had been cheated and found out she was not a "holy girl", she became furious, even complaining to the Authority and the wireless television station after her return to work. Perhaps as viewers, we have the right to decide who we want or don't want to see, but as human beings, we are not qualified to criticize a person's erotic life and say that she is immoral unless she wants to discuss it with you. Why can't she, as a woman, live with lust? Why can't Zhong Xinxuan have the courage to kiss the object in front of the camera?

Yu Xiangjing, who has been nominated for Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards, was secretly photographed by paparazzi for a night at a man's house in 2018 when she had an in-circle boyfriend, Chen Jiale, who was chased by netizens and filled her Instagram account with '" Skunk" and other negative words, the entertainment version also relentlessly continueto to write her as a pedal two boats, too much sexual desire (big food), ungrateful woman. In addition to the incident, which included a sneak peek (invasion of privacy), a derailment, it also highlighted society's restrictions on female lust, as well as direct cyberbullying, which has become popular because of the rise of social media.

Huang Xinying's Instagram account was hit by the same bullying, with netizens launching a joint campaign to "require wireless and Huang Xinying to terminate manager's contracts in real time." Her sister Huang Xinmiao once responded after the incident came to light: "We live in an era of verbal violence, and many people think they can do this kind of mental and psychological aggression against others, and we all turn into judges, choose to be violent, and our world is really sick." 」

Entertainment news will infringe on privacy become a natural, the hot line becomead a rich gadget, and then full of sexist, misogynistic content continues to spread in society, reporters use dirty words to promote, the public continues to think that female artists must be moral women, next-door girls, we are a peeping and criticism, while hiding their own lust, hidden their passions, I feel like i feel, I have a little bad side.