Cai Ming ming shot "Your Face" and thought of her mother's death three hours before the first time to see her face so thoroughly. He said that we would not only stare at the intimate when we were born and died; the first was joy, but the last time, it was only the last.

"Your Face" is a movie without drama, as you and your family, you are in love, do not need to explain. When you can stare, he says, don't talk.


How long did you not seriously look around a face around the years long and how long did not look carefully at the mirror of their own

In the cinema, we stared at the beautiful faces of the big screen and almost forgot to remember the close-up face.

Mother's dying side-to-side staring at her face for never that long, I think when I was a baby.

She's staring at me like that, too.

--Cai Bright

This year, Cai made a gaze plan, "Your Face" will be the cinema into an art gallery, he said can not see a film, not tell a story, just gaze. Gaze at life, with time. And we also from this plan, why is it to shoot "face"? Chatted back to his home. (Interview: Interview with Cai Ming: "I am very clear that I am close to home, but this has not reduced the love between us"

How long have you not been staring at the family's face?

He said of the year when he was at his mother's funeral, several children around his mother, heard that she was going to die, the soul was alive, they felt that the mother, to lose the mother, for her chanting: "I confess to them, mother to go, we are here to look at her." Sad in the heart, don't let her give up. He said that life had reached the end, and that it was solemn; you felt quietly, feeling that her breath was gradually dying and fragile, and finally still. Goodbye mother.

For the last time, I finally looked carefully at you, your face.

"I also thought back at that time, my mother must have been holding me when I was just born and looking at me all the time. 」

"Mom, she will always see you. You watch carefully, you come home, sometimes you feel very upset, will say " don't look at me all the time", but my mother loves you very much, so always look at you. 」

When do we look at each other's faces gently? Found that he has some changes, black spots, wrinkles, he is old, but still very beautiful.

You know you love him, but you seldom look at him. Regrets drift in the air of time, what to undertake, intimate people, between gaze and being gazed, each other remember and confirm.

So this time, he put a close-up of a face, hanging in the black pressure of the space on the big screen; sometimes still, sometimes talk, say what is not important, sometimes quivering facial expression, like a moving painting, the theme is the years.

Close-up is a huge fine-cut, zooming in on all the facial details of a person, all the secrets to tell, age, mood, vicissitudes. In such a gaze, you will feel the power of the film. 'It's not because he looks good, it's because it's a close-up, because those people have a luster on their faces, and those faces, like they were chosen by God, ' Mr. Cai said.

And we sat down, locked up in a black box, did nothing but look at these faces in silence. It was also watched by these faces. Between gazing and being gazed at, returning to the film at the very beginning, there was no drama, only viewing, discussing the power of the image: "I used to say that the first time there was a movie, it consumed that power and it was done, and that movie was called "Train In." More than a hundred years ago, when the first group saw the movie, they saw the train coming into the station, even if there was no sound, they were scared away. And today's movies, how beautiful special effects music, people will be ambushed in the sound and light stimulation of the plot, talking about the first one, we all consume the world together.

"When can we look at a face seriously and unbridledly when I look back at the film?" When we look at that face without shying down, there is some connection between us and the image, very subtle. 'Looking at these faces, I don't know what you're going to get, everyone will feel something different, ' he said.

"It doesn't matter if you see you're asleep. Cai said, I secretly laughed, think of people talking about Cai bright film, no music, no dialogue, no scene scheduling, only a lens in that place does not move, said alas is not after the finish to get on the film? Or is the machine broken and the screen is stuck? Later, his film even slowly no drama, the cinema quietly, the audience to complain, in the end to see what? I can't read it.

But what's the movie? You go into the theater, hope to experience a little bit of life, want a little touched the plot is also good, listen to the story is also good;

In retrospect, your relationship with those close to you, when you look at each other, may be all that is left. What is your relationship? You say clearly is close people, is family, to be close but very difficult, to say that love is very awkward. Then let's all stop talking, just watch at this moment; love between you is something you knew, and perhaps without words.

Only in the gaze, you will know each other.

From home to theatre, from theatre to home

So he said that in the film, a group of people sat together staring at a big screen;

Now the cinema may be more like a shopping mall, but in the past, it is a common public place, a bit like a bathhouse, a bit like a temple, a family, gathered here: "When I was a child, my grandmother took me, and then moved back to live with my parents, every holiday, my father will take us to the movies, watching martial arts films, The whole family drove a car and went. 」

"We were all afraid to sit with my mother because she loved to talk and when no one came into the theater, she would talk to herself. Tsai said and laughed, talking about his mother came to Taiwan when his first film, "Teenage Who", was released, and he confessed to her in front of the theater, "I said, Mom, remember, watch my movies, not to talk." 」

"I was arranging for her to sit down with Li Kangsheng's mother, who was more talkative. I said you will affect others, you two to look at each other, no one is allowed to talk. Later, Cai's mother out of the theater, ran to tell Cai, I just did not speak, is Li Kangsheng mother has been speaking. I can imagine that at that time Cai was helpless to laugh, but the heart felt that it was their old people.

We talked about old people going to the cinema, and they weren't really looking at anything, they were just filling their time. Imagine a black box under pressure, everyone is thrown into it, walking is not, standing is not, then sit and watch, see what do not know, want to speak, break a little anxiety and silence; And you always complain about the talking mother, every time interfere with their feelings of watching movies.

But next time, the weekend is here, and you'll drive a car and walk into the theater.

Or in that era, this is the case, from home to the theater is good, from the theater home is also good, the important thing is not what the film played; those martial arts classics, because in that dark space, you and your parents, a family, sitting there, run also can not run away, how can not be taken away, It belongs to your family memory.

"I used to go back to an old theatre in Malaysia to make a short film. It's closed, it's broken, the ceiling is leaking a big hole, and the chairs are rotting. 」

"As soon as we entered the theater, we were scared because we saw a picture of a picture of Ao being placed on one of the chairs. 'You can imagine that this aimay may have loved watching movies before, and after her death her children and grandchildren put her picture here so that she could watch it every day, ' he said.

Speaking of which, my hands are goose bumps up, Cai continued, he threw a cup at Ao, said, "You let me pat you hello?" 」

Holy Grail.

Home and theater, in the end such a treacherous, and let people dream, from one generation to another, tightly tied together.

Next time you walk into the cinema, whether it's yourself, with friends, with your partner, or with your family; you sit there together, you look at the screen, and at that moment, you don't talk, you just stare, the images are projected on your face, as if you're not being shown, but you're being shown.

Watched, close-up of a face, face and home, home and memory, layer by layer, from the once lost to find the scattered love.

How thorough that moment was. No wonder he said, don't talk when he can stare.

Tsai's Bright Gaze Program" "Your Face" and "Light" Show Fundraising Program

From 17 May, the short film "Light" will also be shown in cinemas, in addition to the film "Your Face" and the face of The Building's Zhongshan Hall.

The 13 characters in the film will be removed from the screen, transformed into large-scale visual art works, plus Cai Ming's personal paintings and video works, a total of 20 large-scale works of art will be displayed and surrounded by the Taipei Light Point Huashan Film Museum, Outdoor open-air displays, combined with the light and shadow of the theatre light box and the flow of natural light from the scene, the different mixing media provides another "gaze" experience in the Huashan Prairie of Taipei.

The film "Your Face and Light" is currently in the exclusive hot film of The Huashan Film Museum in Taipei.